French protesters take to streets against femicide

Hundreds took to the streets of France to protest against domestic violence.
2:58 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for French protesters take to streets against femicide
If convicted same getting food in Paris at ABC news live. Their namesake event that set piece gas thing you know they died under the blows of their husband or killed by an ex boyfriend. A collective of women is making sure that everyone in Paris remembers their names. A division case if you read this thing to do next a group of women indeed as twins she maximum. And ads in its thin to mixed against its attitudes. And who wound more than one hundreds in Paris and says I think more than two candidates in the whole friends she had his. Idea of fact going on in the streets and so to send messages two. To seek papers on the wall. More than hundred women have been covering Paris streets at night with names of women who were killed by their spouse in France. More than hundred women have died a feminine sides since the beginning of the year women who with killed because there were women. Bite jealous husband for an ex boyfriend this happens nearly every today. This week more than 250. Clashes have already been plastered on commission walls with shocking messages in big black letters describing the killings and naming. The victims so we have messages from families that's and have we min says that he and nurture it. That's our step asking us. To two. Too painful of them and so so that's very touching because we read see that's our action but he has any impacts on this society. Nothing it start a young woman and feminist activists. Launched this operation on social media. About two weeks ago the goal of this bolt street dot project. Bringing awareness of the extreme violence these women faced and pushed the political action in France. I think the goldmans. Strong to mean make us. Settlements. The French prime minister it left you cold a four and around the domestic violence early this month. And announce that five million US would go to a commendation for women who are fleeing violent homes but for many these matches are not enough. That they generations. Ridiculous. Scenes that I consult it quite eighteen and older as suspicions plus fission that used in. Domestic violence. Say that we need when billion. I followed some of these women as they prepare to acknowledge mourned victims of feminist side on the streets of Paris so we're gonna go through cop. That is thank you consume. And they're gonna seek missing tooth that's he heads. Because it's been two weeks that's why I think that's and the government is so nets moving and I think so if we need to group want legal. You've been seen since smarts and political bases if need to talk to that in Penn national. Today it's the stats to something with an ad states. The artistic protest is gaining traction now and expending to other French cities and crossing borders to Belgium and Switzerland. He descend and could ABC news live Harry.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Hundreds took to the streets of France to protest against domestic violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65656529","title":"French protesters take to streets against femicide","url":"/International/video/french-protesters-streets-femicide-65656529"}