Future of U.S. Troop Presence in Afghanistan in Doubt After Election Dispute

Bilateral Security Agreement in jeopardy after both presidential candidates declaring victory.
7:04 | 09/08/14

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Transcript for Future of U.S. Troop Presence in Afghanistan in Doubt After Election Dispute
-- We need is -- -- election results in Afghans. And -- now the future of US troops in the country and space. Right now the international hot -- Kabul Afghan. -- when I'm Carol Costello in New York presidential candidate Abdul loved listening today he rejects the results of the election. That would make his opponent Ashraf Ghani the next president of Afghanistan now the future of the role the United States -- -- in the country in jeopardy. ABC's -- -- -- joins us now from Islamabad in neighboring Pakistan for the very latest afternoon here. By good evening to you Mohammed. Yeah yeah. Some wanna tell us what's going on here why isn't -- loved to look contesting the vote. -- this goes back to you know in Afghanistan actually pass several rounds of voting in a similar to -- -- -- to wait -- the Olympics -- voted -- from its fields Olympics city at a number of candidates. They all run for the first round of elections the candidates get whittled down until eventually there's a final round between just two people. In -- first round of the elections. Until a little while he he didn't get. More than 50% the vote which would have avoided a runoff election but he scored you know into the 40%. Somewhere in -- 40% range which was a very strong showing an issue that he's clearly -- In the second round it was a complete reversal he actually wound up losing -- second round to somebody in Ashraf Ghani who you mentioned earlier. Police say United States educated professor used to teach at John Hopkins university has a very strong track record -- working and living in an educating America. So -- -- 20 loss the second round Christ now he said no there was there must have been reading that went on she calls it industrial scale fraud. And he demanded essentially a recount and that's exactly what happened there's a recount of the vote every single vote 8000 ballots were recounted. Under this revision of the United Nations. I do not listen -- recount process was flawed there were errors there weren't that wasn't -- observation. It came -- today basically the final -- he said you know what I will not accept the results of this election. I believe regardless of what anybody tells me I believe that I'm the winner so that's how we've got to where we are right now quite frankly. It's a dangerous place to be because right now in Afghanistan two people who both claim to be president of the country. Wow okay President Obama called -- -- leaders this weekend secretary Kerry has made multiple trips to make sure things go smoothly. What went wrong here it's. Why -- to -- -- -- the aftermath of the united cities has been putting a lot of pressure both of these candidates. She is found some kind of national unity government. And it seemed for a long time as -- and principled candidates had agreed to form that unity government. But there was a lot of bickering and a lot of disagreement over what form that government would take -- do until it felt -- strongly that there should be sort of second. Opposition created which is pretty unique I've ever heard this before -- you're creating positions called CEO. Would be the CEO of the country. -- would have some sort of executive. Decision making authority. In parallel to the parts of the president's office. So this is a major sticking point between the two candidates President Obama called depression and secretary of state John Kerry visited two -- three times. -- basically every major western leader has told both candidates that they need to get along in order to have stability in Afghanistan. But it's clear today what happened -- -- is basically saying well. That's finding good unity is fine but he's not -- to accept these results. Well what's the next step toward resolving this -- he can say he's president but it. If you know the count and then the recount say he isn't what what why is that such -- -- Well this is where it gets very dangerous -- we're in uncharted waters you have a country that's -- young democracy democracy surrounded decade old. And suddenly you have what a country where two people -- claiming to be present. In the past and do what had threatened to form his own parallel government. Yeah in other words take over government buildings -- take over government ministries. That he was able to. And essentially. Try to govern the country. There have been other times percent of supporters have threatened violence that threatened that they were gonna come out onto the streets and it would effectively shut down the country. Until their rights -- -- so at this point. We don't really know what's gonna happen next I don't think anyone can predict what's gonna happen next other than an -- there's no you know -- indication is that this is probably it'll last for some time. And there's an important holiday coming up in Afghanistan to -- think that there could be some violence as early as tomorrow. As a result -- -- You know violence is always a very fun game Afghanistan simply because the leaders always stated that never encouraged violence. But somehow their supporters get the message that they should take out onto the streets and start firing weapons. So Abdul are basically told his supporters today he said -- there's -- holiday coming up. Don't use the holidays excuse to go out into the streets and you know create mayhem. But this is a country where politicians are also former warlords. And some politicians have their own private militias -- -- -- as many as twenty or 30000. People who are part of them so you know Ottawa and the leaders say we don't want violence on the other -- There's no way -- either of these leaders can control their followers to that extent to tell them listen don't come out onto the streets. OK and so what does this mean for the bilateral. Security agreement and for US troops in the country. -- this is I think the most important question -- all you know there's an agreement in place to allow you know around 101000 US troops to stay in Afghanistan after the end of this year. The problem is that according to international law. That -- that agreement has to be signed by the end of the year it's not signed by the end here United States has no legal legitimacy keep its troops in the country. Here's the problem. You have to people who were claiming to be president so which one of them is going to sign this contract. That's a big problem I don't think you know and international legal experts actually figured away around us. Now what we do know is that the longer this drags out the more likelihood. That the United States will simply wash its hands of all this and say you know what. This is an internal Afghan issue if not -- there going to be able to sign his BSE is long term security deal. That America's -- have no choice but -- all of its troops in the country. Of course that would create security vacuum that would allow the Taliban to regain a foothold in a lot of the provinces where they're currently fighting. -- -- would be a worst case scenario -- worst case scenario because of this electoral ski. Isn't that far from reality. -- so a lot to watch in the coming days. ABC's -- -- in Islamabad thank you so much for joining us. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading -- ABC news out and storing this story for exclusive updates on the go you have been watching international hot -- For now I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Bilateral Security Agreement in jeopardy after both presidential candidates declaring victory.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25353199","title":"Future of U.S. Troop Presence in Afghanistan in Doubt After Election Dispute","url":"/International/video/future-us-troop-presence-afghanistan-doubt-election-dispute-25353199"}