G-7 Summit Meets With Russians in the Shadows

President Putin was not invited to a kick-off dinner, but says he's willing to meet with President Obama.
1:41 | 06/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for G-7 Summit Meets With Russians in the Shadows
The president's European trip becomes a balancing act today as he -- the leaders of the world's biggest economies take a tough stand against Russia just a day before they see president Vladimir Putin. And -- Molly hunter has the latest. There were only seven seats at the dinner table last night. The G-7 kicked off and for the first time in seventeen years Russian president Vladimir Putin was not invited in Putin's absence. The now smaller group focused on the crisis in Ukraine. And threatened to increase sanctions on Russia are playing nations -- -- -- -- that so that further Russian provocations will only mean more isolationist calls. -- -- In a wide ranging interview Wednesday. The Kremlin chief shrugged off the G-7 years -- -- he's the -- that is lashing out at the US he said America has the most aggressive military -- -- around the world. In Paris could well hold bilateral meetings that the French German and British heads of state and hinted he would be open. Meeting the President Obama this is his choice he said. I am prepared for dialogue that dialogue could happen tomorrow both men will be in Normandy commemorating the seventieth anniversary of I'm -- -- is going to be there. And a -- Normandy comes parents and thin delicate diplomacy for president a line tonight. He will host two back to back from dinner dates one for President Obama and one for president thing. John -- no word yet on what's on each me when athletes -- -- -- -- -- he ran into each other. Report that it Obama will be -- first and witness scheduled two hours later but at least one meal won't likely happen outside the house to avoid that awkward run.

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{"id":24007275,"title":"G-7 Summit Meets With Russians in the Shadows","duration":"1:41","description":"President Putin was not invited to a kick-off dinner, but says he's willing to meet with President Obama.","url":"/International/video/g7-summit-meets-with-russia-in-the-shadows-24007275","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}