Hamas Spokesperson on Israel: ‘They have created the escalation’

Hamas spokesperson Basem Naim joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the organization’s response to the escalating conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.
6:36 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Hamas Spokesperson on Israel: ‘They have created the escalation’
Joining us now is doctor Boston knocking the head of international relations for Hamas doctor Nike and appreciate your time thank you so much for talking with us tonight. Health officials in Gaza City critical blood supplies may run out by tomorrow power which is only running three to four hours a day could be down to zero by week's end what will it take at this point for Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel. Think you're a much. Their fists of former house tool since the situation not always associates and you can't you bombardment of bill where no one is C from the one as secure. No we're not done it time. I think we are we hold that we weren't able to storm. This escalation. Polling the deal one. Because we hounds or she did some really don't quote relatively new wood or brokaw's the U on the egyptians undercooked and is. But. Son told him that elbow ordered Dennis to storm. This condition. If this lady is still there are a good mission against ought to be rely on storms there are guns so forceful eviction. Which is against international rules from (%expletive) ZoneAlarm I'm storm. Tool is change this that support an unlocked so who bonds. But to the degree that that Hamas fired first. Do you feel that there's any responsibility for Hamas to. Stop firing at this point. Unfortunately that's emotional need. Usually rituals to read this sort of choked up and I'm there are nine shook doesn't support this sort of stuff that windows so it is. Before the unfortunate started to deal with Toyota by changing the stuff or. Where that came down war and he's former world shovels and and I looked so bong buddy forceful eviction. Open a scene and determine is wind shifts so rock nibble old. The former undisputed a month on long we have the slide tore quintet all eat. There you on the international community. Summit companies or dental into the vehicle storm. The forceful eviction or policy number and to storm that she's done these were Walsh evolves. In the most and despite all of these chords. Then nothing we're done any serious action is coastal these. These does. Therefore our. It was a response and it is the remission. Polaroid's against the Venetian argues that that's a loosely used to what's old B went on to was all on the basis. So are you prepared in all in the possibility of engaging in a in a cease fire. Immediately. If this latest storm their aggression on this'll be reviewed and does funds there are so many little rush among. Bush among the onion blossom none guarantees. From the international community and Doug blows through thick on the scene as forcefully from shows on our. And to change the substance for it and and none also combined will be store immediate. In the US designates Hamas as a terrorist organization with ties to Iran but your organization has also won elections in Gaza so the question is is Hamas in control of its military wing or is Iran. Iran has nothing here to do by the waitress support Hamas is a big blow. Sort of presenting go wrong swore Steve o.'s central Tbilisi going to be when it was elected in the most sales for them. Two on slumped should be elections in 2006 under international community emitted by there are many of them Arabs does have rejected the results of this election. So at this point it looks like at least from our perspective Hamas shoots locally made rockets in Gaza toward Israel Israel then responds innocent Palestinians lives are lost in the process. Which isn't that the bloodshed that we're seeing is worth it from your perspective. By the way we we unlock lending we autumn months though where it came when money is conditions unglued and international minute it'll presented by the arm. More better winning that Hamas or whether it's hardly. I'm group called relatively with the international community to quote to this situation on the golf until would have been done as conditions on this was successful won't be used. We'll win this it is. So I thought. A listing number one it leases in the holiest month which Islamabad. And that acting forcefully to tour two worlds also an additional policy is from their houses. It will only have minutes won't be kids issues of Iraq they have initiated. This condition they have created that I didn't go old school this it signals in. Not what to how well the city it is going to be formed some school kids eat more than 100 Palestinians. Including 59 children and fifty women. Could destroy houses above their heads and their own laws and run won't goofy I'm not want the people honestly didn't. What does that mean it that it ought to get them decent and be spouses. Hey your son was killed by the Israeli army in a previous conflict. The world is watching Palestinians lose their lives in car as you just mentioned more than 200 at 59 of them children 14100. Injured at this point. When do you decided it's time to reevaluate your strategy. We have audited whenever you it is always thought that he and insistent about one to twenty we have our official ruled on policy on functions. It will call them to see we are accepting assistance sixes have been born does. We'll cover all of the jaws and our minds that come with them when presenting the want to pretend for refugees. Look there's also of those from this or is unfold in the international community men who they were less was an Egyptian. Eddie US White House envoy was in Ramallah today meeting with Palestinians to the US administration also reach out to Hamas or have other countries in an effort to stop this crisis. I think they are in quintet. Would defunct brawl caused you on the content is under egyptians and need to be there in that he Obama law. The the we consider are in indicted on -- with us through these brokaw's. I'm do. We insist we we inches sisal or well and that we ought to be. Two world four four come on tool a cease. This condition immediately if this aggression against all people who still. Doctor that came we thank you so much for your time. News.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Hamas spokesperson Basem Naim joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the organization’s response to the escalating conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77746824","title":"Hamas Spokesperson on Israel: ‘They have created the escalation’","url":"/International/video/hamas-spokesperson-israel-created-escalation-77746824"}