Hong Kong protesters rally against extradition bill

Protesters in Hong Kong barged into the government's legislative chambers and vandalized it in outrage over the bill.
4:43 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Hong Kong protesters rally against extradition bill
But personal and unending yen in Hong Kong there are massive protest. Protestor you can see here breaking into government buildings. And another massive crowd with marches in the streets there opposing the bill that can extradite criminals. To mainland China so I want to go to James Longman. Who is live in London with more am James we just saw those pictures incredible. That the major escalation. Yet Kimberly it is incredible and I think in the last couple allows we've seen. These protestors make their way into the alleges that which as you say which. I'm I think that certainly is an escalation is very difficult it to CO2 kind of guests what's going to happen next. I mean when I was that. I just a few weeks ago when there were protests on the street much bigger by the way and a little more people on the street then they seems to be off more hard coal group. At any moment it seemed to off that things could ton on PE it was kind of quiet for long periods of time and then suddenly the police admitted in. Hey you've got to think that this is remember this is Hong Kong with yes but it is chilling these off protesters inside eight. Then legislative chamber. Wolf Chinese parts of the Chinese territory is extraordinary and you gotta think that the police. Will move in some stage but lost time they'll heavily criticized for using rubber bullets feasting take gas. Some of the protest as we soul was young this sort of thirteen fourteen and it looks to us paid. What seeing on the monitors here in London that many of them are again very young so what do the police sting I think what we're watching now a stand off. I think along the protest is quite a lot of press if we're on his if you look at now picture now and watching. Quite a lot of journalists inside but it is extraordinary a lots of Hong Kong needs a watching wondering what's going to happen next. Little people I made contact me lie was that a saying to me now look. It's one thing to protest has nothing to and to rebuilding and vandalized in this way say it's unclear whether or not there's going to be. Kind of the public sentiment will turn on the protesters' but I think you'll fart he's been very very careful to not want to crack down too quickly because. Then public sentiment will time against them but it behind all this of course. Beijing it's the mainland Chinese authorities wet day will be watching with some trepidation. And of course I mountain on the phone to the Hong Kong executive Carrie Lam who myself individually personally is coming under. Five by these protestors they have kind of focus their attention on how they want us to step down she is the one had been trying to get this. An extradition bill through. That legislation and buts it's they backed down by the way on mount bill they've said that they don't going to continue to debate over the bill for now they haven't totally suspended it. Or abolished it I should say doctors what. The protestors say they want they want this bill to go away in time in a more carried on to stand down but what kind of message to about sending China if you protest you get what you want. Number one they got rid of the protests they got rid of the exhibition bill they've suspended it will they will say be able to get rid of Carrie Lam. And what a message to send out to the rest of mainland China who by the way up probably not be able the masses to watch these sorts of things and unable to read them. In an east papers but. This this is dangerous for the Chinese and I would imagine now be some kind of reaction and the next few oust. And James obviously a lot going on Tuesday but you are there a few weeks back like he said were you surprised by what's happening right now. You have because back then they seem to lying condemn wall is and that the united is a very peaceful movement. To just to say the least I mean in the first few hours when we arrived and it was certainly counting that was song. People were what kind of trying to keep the whole thing as peaceful as possible with a one million there was as well over a million I'd say in the street and know what lots and lots of people. And but he did time on a dime it was in its very quick and surprising to us how things. Change that would that would be a scuffle and one positive on one pollen that they intersection where we was his right in the center of Hong Kong remember right outside the main government building. And and suddenly all hell would break today's and these protestors with. Carry around a sing the map pushing barricades these metal barricades they carried around the name moved within and they put them in different places when the police see that they put too many. Oh eight inning in his son location they then make the decision to move in those barricades by the way become. Dangerous form of protest is because they basically end up fencing themselves into places and we still protest is being crushed against the barricades that they themselves. I put into place that is a very unpredictable situation things turned. Very very quickly. And I think tonight where all watching to see what it is that they Hong Kong authorities to fight to do next is very much of that move. As the protest this kind of men around inside. That chamber. All right James Longley right there in London with the updates thank you so much for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Protesters in Hong Kong barged into the government's legislative chambers and vandalized it in outrage over the bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64066959","title":"Hong Kong protesters rally against extradition bill","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-protesters-rally-extradition-bill-64066959"}