Hong Kong standoff leads to more violent clashes

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong erupt in violence as the months-long campaign continue.
3:44 | 11/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong standoff leads to more violent clashes
This standoff in Hong Kong a university now the front line of the ongoing fight for autonomy from mainland China. Pro democracy protesters you see them they're locked in violent clashes with police at an increasingly escalated over the last few months. Larry and panel is right there on the ground with more Ian. Either candidate just look at the scene here in Hong Kong we're outside the blood attending university where they siege is taking place. 500 students are trapped inside some as young as both name. But look at what's going on over an area. We're not seeing schools and schools and other protestors coming forward and try to help back home right they beat John take. Save the students saved the Polly. That's one camera around the other direction and I bright lights that is the riot police that the flashing blue light is on probable war to cannon truck. I'm living classes already outside yet. That being repeated things like this across Hong Kong today web listing other protest has come out. Trying to show solidarity. But also declined to rule the police a wag. He seated buddy John Parcells left to try and protect against. Check out this get replied and I'm rubber bullets there are dozens and dozens of police all around the street tea. They've been trying to hold back the students in all the ones inside of me trying to escape unsuccessfully anyone who's tried to break out and been arrested. Which seemed desperate scenes inside west students to be making sample phone calls and says parents sometimes have gathered outside. You'd see that using anything that they can to try and defend themselves but also to try and attack. And the police lines allegedly blocked a victory in just seemed to sense of how many are here. Again mainly young students is money if that belong to activate using anything nick had to set up barricades. The reason they have these umbrellas here is because it acts as protection against. Rubber bullets and they've got out they come and but despite police attempts to bring this under control. The name today I'm. Simmer down the situation here it's completely piled it's only provoked more anger. And it isn't just hardcore protestors like if we've seen. Witching regular citizens come out berate the police saying read the students let them go but the police have determined after the violence and devastation holds over the week. They got to make arrests at pocono let him go free while they do they're becoming like a calls the lab so that shouts and bring the students. Bring it up while they. I could tell you it's now just a matter time before the police open fire. I'm predicted. And now applying concealer even if they've Friday and then got his did protested running it Obama does not go to second run down sit. These are succumbing in volcanic gas and probable it. These things have been a pretty thin across Hong Kong this is poisoning noted in the current role in his getting definitely worth. Yeah. Yeah. This LA and we'll know here when borrowed gear. Not severe are hip relax. Uncle protested against saying that. Over regular citizens that the gently fronted bubbles going old office workers regular people book getting close up in this. That's the bolting to students inside that. Timberlake. Completely surreal and no end in sight on thank you be in for the updates.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong erupt in violence as the months-long campaign continue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67108497","title":"Hong Kong standoff leads to more violent clashes","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-standoff-leads-violent-clashes-67108497"}