Hong Kong unrest continues as civilians hold public rally

Student protesters and civilians held a demonstration Friday night and chanted "power to the people" in their push for democracy.
3:22 | 08/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong unrest continues as civilians hold public rally
And guys have been keeping you updated on the massive and sometimes violated. Protest in Hong Kong and now a student demonstration of flooding the streets in our team was on the ground and spoke to some of them so take a listen. I'm willing to give we've you will know what your life and all my family's. A news Superfund alive fall dias movement because reported from different countries. Different people. On the well. It will king what the Chinese Government. It's. So it lectures her sacrifice my life chasing. Democracy and freedom nature of human. And I own your area about five turns can meet their safety. Wow so no one knows the in game but many. Are hoping for peas like this 57 year old Frenchman known as Spider-Man who scaled. A 62 story building in unveiled a banner that showed both the Chinese. And Hong Kong flags. Kind of asking for peace so what happens next claims and L is there with the latest Clayton. Hey Kimberly we are right here in central Hong Kong this as the column for the people rallied. Thousands of people showed up through park here in central Hong Kong there were so many people they have now spill. And here into the street. The street. The protesters they are expanding. The power to the people spin from Hong Kong. And chanting. It is now. And you midnight here and they were packed elbow to elbow to call on the international community. Especially the Yucatan in the United States. Chris Stanley Hong Kong and they're actually. Anyone who they say so. Anyone hearing what was once a British colony could look first. Several planned protest this weekend. Many of the protests are happening. Sunday. What is expected to draw 300000. People head out but. Maybe they march that was supposed. Pat that rally. Disallowed by police police say organizers. Simply can't keep people safe but. It's expected that protesters will ignore the police and march anyway in defiance of authorities the question now of course it is. How the government's books here in Hong Kong. And in Communist regime. Communist China will respond with talking. Or more force we have the course of the last few days seem. Forces massing on the other side of the border here. No no telling yet whether that is just Beijing bluster or. Whether the army may actually be called in sick while. Some disturbances. Actually spoke with the several university students today all of them said. They would die for the cause of protecting the rights and freedoms here in Hong Kong. They say are being a loaded. Quiet Beijing of course everybody here is hoping that it does not come to that Kimberly. All right Clayton we hope everyone stays safe out there.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Student protesters and civilians held a demonstration Friday night and chanted \"power to the people\" in their push for democracy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65018563","title":"Hong Kong unrest continues as civilians hold public rally","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-unrest-continues-civilians-hold-public-rally-65018563"}