A look at the Hurricane Dorian devastation in the Bahamas

ABC News' Marcus Moore takes us on a walk through Abaco Beach Resort, where he and the production team rode out Dorian.
8:13 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for A look at the Hurricane Dorian devastation in the Bahamas
This is the first time some of them back. Since the storm hens is right about write about a week ago. This. This was an office. Where we where we check Dan. On. Over the weekend before the storm hit. And there's really incredible stature in nice people but while to see the building like this again. It's crazy. And looking around like when we first got here I mean there's just imagine I like a lot of trees green. And you can't see very far you kind of like in this. This cove if you will of a home treason and bonuses very beautiful way tropical. And that one of the first things I noticed after the storm had passed and that you can see. Why this is he deceiving you couldn't see before from the vantage point so. And it's this reminds me of that as of the storm was passing through just wouldn't in and there was constant just. Strong wind gusts coming through and then. These heavy downpours as would not stop. Com. This. As Cisco this way to Kirkuk. Immediately after that I passed. All of this was was under water this whole thing these cars were under water. Home. The fence line would really all you could see. Four point but that think that even the water was over this fence at one point. Home blouse Lee this is our this is our rental van which we actually we parked over here. To try to protect it from flying debris would you have thought that okay on the side of the building. At least for timing could be protected. There was a point. Where. You would look out. And it was just be just be white out conditions all out here just just think that the sound of wind. EC the sideways rain. And you couldn't see the that's all you could see spent a lot of time ran up and down these stairs. During the storm. They were so thankful to be up on the third floor but this because you know we knew that. Be highly unlikely. And X impossible for the water to get this high soul. So yeah. Whom and this is where. This is where we rode out the storm. This place right here. Come again this is. Not. Not a lot has changed. Use are spot. Hum wind. We spent the we rode out the first part of the storm in is in this place here and all the windows were intact. But what I really remember is as the winds were gusting by the the door. The pressure from the door won a two. They wanted to he wanted to come open and wanted to break and you could see. You can see the door flexing. And and we knew that if that door came open and we had. A 180 mile an hour winds coming through this space. That would have been. Though have been horrible. So so anyway so that will happen in. We were concerned about it who said you know what we should go upstairs and so we came up here. Well on to the second level of this. Particular Condo. And this is. This is. This is this is where we wrote out again the first part of the storm so before. Before the I came through. We came up here we thought. This would be this closet will be are safe room. Israeli dark in here so. Now we had in apparel and council will all we had was that the flashlights and lanterns. Chris Donato. Our producer one of our producers who was here he. Set up his bed and everything in her Lou after. The storm had passed and this is where we where we slept appeared. But all of the windows. All the windows broke off and is just had just win a constant. Flow of wind through here and look at this there was a door. Right here wooden door. The wind took it off. And the ceiling is gone this is actually our producer Kristen I was going to be back let's will be hard to see but. This was his room and you can see the roof the ceiling is all gone. And you know would take much for the winds take them take the roof off. You can see. All the devastation off in the distance. And it was on this balcony where we first Wu after the but I arrived where we saw the storm surge. Flowing back out and and what was really instinct to me here is this boat. When I first arrived so the first part of the storm hit this bill was not here so you can see in our videos that we that we posted the water. It is rushing back out to see in this vote wasn't here yet that vote. Showed up on the back side of the storm in fact we heard it hit the building. But it was on the backside and it was that we weren't in this apartment in this this Condo at that time because we were afraid of that happening and also the wind. Was coming from a different directions so with the lead this was much more vulnerable to damage. On the backside of the storm so where do we go. Well our friend Andrew. And a friend of his. Said that there was a utility closet. Thing we can go to that was. But safe a whole lot safer than this position. And astle is usually that because I haven't been there since but it's like. Literally a closet next to an elevator shaft we knew we needed to get somewhere. Now be protected. And here it is. It's really dark room to have a CC very much but. This is that this is there. We don't know how why how or why the door to door was open. Good but it let it was. And and I just can't help but remember them the strong winds just that this constant. Constant sound and hearing bits and pieces of debris flying hit in the walls and and then that let boats that got. In the outside wall and weeks we waited a year for. Com. It was a well over four hours that we were inside this closet and and he got us through. Chris know that Chris O'Donnell producer lumber producers he was over on this side Scott showman. Was here. On this side and was editing. While we were the while we're riding out the storm he was he was still work and hoots to get things and it's itself. It was. Quite the ordeal. Oh but yeah this is where we work. So or perhaps just over four hours somewhere in there. We were in that spot been when the winds started to calm down. We thought it was safe enough to. It's come back out. Him. But it was still for hours. Going relays this thing than ever is this thing ever gonna end.

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"ABC News' Marcus Moore takes us on a walk through Abaco Beach Resort, where he and the production team rode out Dorian. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65521934","title":"A look at the Hurricane Dorian devastation in the Bahamas ","url":"/International/video/hurricane-dorian-devastation-bahamas-65521934"}