Hurricane Matthew Aftermath in Haiti

ABC News correspondent David Wright visits with survivors in devastated Jeremie, Haiti.
3:45 | 10/10/16

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Transcript for Hurricane Matthew Aftermath in Haiti
Hi there I'm David Wright and welcome to jam me. Southwest maybe we're gonna give you a little bit of a tour. And it's not went. This is our means of transportation here motorcycle taxi it's the only way to get around because as we can say the entire city. At this. Droid it's up here on the roof that you can really see that scale of destruction the storm clobbering these houses. And now look up the entire neighborhood. Panorama of destruction. The hurricane was a wrecking ball Jeremy is in ruins. And in the meantime and survived quote from bill Roche owns this house is he's got them Latin. So far we haven't received any help no one not one person on the say okay. Use the plan here's what's happening is what we're doing through in the meantime it's really a hand in hand it solidarity. It's want helps the other. Strictly going and an obstacle courses and tires and Germany's main square outside the cathedral we rented the head of the UN mission to Haiti doing it damage assessment. You have a clear sense yet. The extent of the damage jury's still. Getting the report that we. I don't. Understandably Scott went account. As many as 300000. People are now homeless up to 90% of the homes in this region destroyed. The aid effort. Oh clearly take years. This is one of the most famous churches in Haiti the cathedral of San Luis. It stood here for more than a hundred years but last week. Hurricane Matthew. Blew the roof while. I'm in apprehended when added did not make the. And it. In the graveyard we met the league they're friendly as they buried its and I. I am not why did you be watching whales aren't you really gone. Roberto look hair and his child were crushed when part of a church landed on their house. His aunt showed me his picture he was 32. This is just before it. I'm suppose those. And he was in it was a hole in the church next story on. She says he was that of the family breadwinner. They buried him. In his mechanics uniform. Obviously you can see all of the destruction here but there are probably enhances well this weekend. With the red basket maybe so the loss of crops here could cause food shortages in the rest of the country. Also there are cases of cholera one week ago there were no cholera cases reported here as of today at least 37. Problem is people don't have fresh drinking. That we've made for a huge epidemic on the road David Wright ABC news Jeremy.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"ABC News correspondent David Wright visits with survivors in devastated Jeremie, Haiti.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"42693265","title":"Hurricane Matthew Aftermath in Haiti","url":"/International/video/hurricane-matthew-aftermath-haiti-42693265"}