Indonesia to charge $1,000 to see Komodo dragons

The Indonesian government is aiming to charge tourists a $1,000 fee to access the islands native to the Komodo dragon.
2:39 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Indonesia to charge $1,000 to see Komodo dragons
Well we also. Ask about what's going on in Indonesia the government wants to charge tourists thousand dollars because the islands have Komodo dragons what's going on there. Yes guys this is really funny and not to make this. Story all about me but mighty little brother actually did go to become Mayo Ireland and a couple months again today that exact thing here's offensive that he'd tech. All of a committed dragon he got this scary it's very terrifying increase. Two days huge loses he and I a couple of friends left traveling to its two lap one Biogen Flores. Reds islands. These islands which came two days huge beasts. President Jack it would day dose. Is considering. Raising fees for tourist to go and see these can mayday dragons he's talking with the regional authorities that. Possessed thinking about charging tourists a thousand dollars each to see these visits now it's sentencing because. Oh when when my brother was our couple months ago he saw that he might be one of the one of the lost tourists it to go for yeah because I backed band. The told was at the Indonesians would clues the whole of komando island and some of the other islands. To tourism completely for at least a yet to help the island bring back some is adjusted to gates again by some its conservation. It's been very very devout let's says tour of those tourism. Causing things like they've alleged ring and and it's causing a lot of problems led the for the UK system that so. This new development is that thinking about charging a lot of money for tourists which would impact a lot of people from seeing these things but this is a very remain part of Indonesia very very. The useful pots of the country. But it has suffered from you is of mismanagement and the medical authorities not quite. Putting in with him via amount of investment for the foot four from the tourism and comes. It's really interesting because they feel like Inkster Graham also has an impact on tourism and a lot of these areas people's wanna get that answer Graham shot ensor traveling to some of these destinations that are now becoming so overwhelm Jeter tourists and is having an act like that. Much about completely right and I have gotten myself. When I went back to Indonesia this summer I went to their as a base very famous temple way you can see one of the biggest I let volcanoes and body. It's something that people love taking instant on pages out but what you Deng's seanez and Saddam very days. Is key line of hundreds of people literally hundreds of people and you can be expected to spend hours and here. Just forgot and stick around shops I had that same experience and volley I know exactly what you're talking about.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The Indonesian government is aiming to charge tourists a $1,000 fee to access the islands native to the Komodo dragon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67487013","title":"Indonesia to charge $1,000 to see Komodo dragons","url":"/International/video/indonesia-charge-1000-komodo-dragons-67487013"}