Indonesia quake victims speak out

Aid begins reaching isolated areas of the Indonesian island struggling after a powerful earthquake that killed at least 131 people.
2:47 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Indonesia quake victims speak out
Hey guys I'm Molly hunter you're watching ABC news' live were actually in our London bureau but we're speaking with kinds Specter who's in lombok. It's been a couple of Bruno weeks earthquakes and aftershocks in Indonesia four days since the strongest six point nine kinda tell me where you are right now. I'm currently. Here on the left foundation. Horry who compiled here it earmarked columnist with cents. Mobile see you Rent A Center half foundation called to do the and that houses nine each other and found I believe age eighteen months to eighteen years at art. Tell me about the moment that the quake hit last Sunday. Across optionally or biting and that gave tours we're at that moment in the fray over and it broke yet saved lives because. All the building exits. Especially did it builds Asselta I'll meet or beat the collapse. But it does it go felt there discredit kills me. It beats you should solid down slept before. And there is they reaffirmed their child care. All the walls are wrecked the and his wisdom doubt it's too dangerous to be scenic and on the move in doubt. That's some steps state we are so so stacked and their stated them we don't know what to learn more live now outside we don't have the money what kind of. Eight are you getting were reading that. Big government aid an Ngo latest just starting to reach some of the remote villages last night and today predict what Humana and. It today to us the current data government gave us so it's great that's the case today in middle or parts Aum sect volatilities. So help support of the art with diced funeral because this that the brunt still shaking all the time. You feel that breaks all the time it's it's it doesn't stop an epic family says that Sheikh that you get scared it's gotten it right again. So they're really really dramatize its cheapest super scary if you look at this like chrome. If you are on the ship beasts that 00 lands that that old ground movement all the aren't that you. It's it's it we create something beard he's going on here. When he it's how to tell her how do you explain what's happening it's super difficult to explain what is happening he did though in your safe now you're up in the building is nothing to follow your. What do you need most right now when the children need us now a short term being pizza Linder Moore who hunger and what they're. We need Marty it's as possible so we can start billions of storm out at a vote against do you think he'll try to move the children to someplace safer on lombok and it's. At that we're continued their brakes are everywhere at these centers are everywhere everyday different place north global west on books out. Humbled to think you so much for joining us. I think you guys for joining us we'll have lots more on Across an additional platforms. On this on going story I'm Molly hunter in London and you're watching ABC news flat.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Aid begins reaching isolated areas of the Indonesian island struggling after a powerful earthquake that killed at least 131 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57116462","title":"Indonesia quake victims speak out","url":"/International/video/indonesia-quake-victims-speak-57116462"}