NATO Leaders Discuss Ukraine Crisis at Wales Summit

President Obama to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
14:50 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for NATO Leaders Discuss Ukraine Crisis at Wales Summit
You can. President Obama and secretary of state John Kerry at the NATO summit in Wales western world leaders. Trying to figure out how they can curb Russia's influence in eastern Ukraine and fights. Devices. Right now the international hot spot Newport Wales hello everyone I'm shells landed in New York. Ukraine and -- -- on the agenda and we are joined now by ABC's Devin Dwyer from Cardiff Wales for the latest step -- Eight hey good afternoon Michelle it's an ambitious agenda here at the NATO summit is fully under way at at this hour just thirty minutes ago. All those leaders meeting behind closed doors to begin to discuss the issue that's front center here the crisis. In Ukraine president for Shiancoe is here he's the special guest and he called on Russia just before that meeting to take the path of peace. The first ever visit by an American president to whales began with a trip to school eager students learning when more than sixty world leaders. -- in their town print compounding. -- -- Means. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization -- Western European defense alliance holding when its leader calls the most important summit ever. We. Got -- Here and -- it's. At a pivotal moment for our secure it. Russian aggression in Ukraine tops the agenda here that takeover of Crimea an invasion of more than 1000 Russian soldiers into the country's east. Russian president Vladimir Putin has proposed -- cease fire violence continues. Ukraine is not a member of NATO but president portion -- today at a seat at the table meeting privately with President Obama in western leaders to seek financial and military aid. Russian officials say Ukraine's flirtation with NATO could compromise peace I think we need to be -- -- clear. That what is happening here is unacceptable. The White House is tougher sanctions against Russia on its people its NATO launches new rapid response military forces. -- countries of Russia's western border. -- President Obama won't. President Obama will rub elbows with Prince Charles at a reception here this afternoon. Then it's off to a banquet a working banquet here at the historic heart of castle Michelle. -- we saw from your piece one person getting all the attention at the summit Ukrainian prime minister -- -- -- what's the likelihood. That -- that also is on the agenda. -- obviously the Ukraine crisis is is one of two big issues here that that the leaders are discussing as you say. Ice this is another one of those this crisis militants running rampant in Iraq and Syria. We're hearing a lot of tough talk about that this was not on the agenda this is in addition these leaders. Scrambling to come up with some sort of a plan a strategy there international strategy President Obama. British prime minister Cameron today pending a joint op Ed in the newspaper here the times of London talking tough condemning. Crisis is barbaric killers and that as saying that they allies the NATO allies will not our. But it's still unclear Michelle what their strategy is going to be. And -- coordinated how tough it will be if there will be a military component to that we may hear some more details. We hear from President Obama tomorrow at the conclusion. It seems that NATO says it would also consider a request from the -- and from the Iraqi Government. Seriously what can you tell us about that. -- NATO Secretary General Rasmussen this morning at the outset it was -- about the crisis. A situation in and -- whether NATO would get involved in Iraq and he said. That NATO what's consider such -- request seriously if the government of Iraq were to come to the NATO allies. Of course he also said that that the international community gathered here has an obligation. To stop crisis those are his words so a lot of rhetoric flying around here part of going to be interesting to see. Once these leaders come out of their -- -- meetings what is actually agree to an F they can be on the same page. And -- to do something more forcefully if somebody like David Cameron suggested. And out of those closed door meetings and also back to the crisis in Ukraine what are western leaders hoping that they can accomplish to help curb. Russia's influence. Well I guess that there's a lot tough talk here again more rhetoric but what we're looking for is perhaps another round of sanctions against Russia. President Obama said yesterday at a press conference in Estonia that that's one thing they're considering. I sort of that because Ukraine is not a member of NATO there isn't really an expectation that NATO would send forces into Ukraine. The Ukrainian president though here asking for financial -- asking for some military assistance so again we'll wait and see. Small what comes out of these meetings and again their -- right now. Talk about that Ukraine -- Michelle. Devin Dwyer in -- of Wales thank you very much for joining us. And for more on the situation in Ukraine -- want to bring an ABC news international affairs correspondent payments McDonald. In Kiev Ukraine -- first off let's talk about some fighting that's intensified. In the southern eastern city of -- -- what can you tell us about the fighting there. Yeah there's been some pretty significant developments the puck past few hours around Marriott hold leases -- -- GTG equally important. Southeastern. CC. Now it was an expectation that the pro Russian separatist -- -- might try to make -- move on it. Sometime this week the -- -- was -- to create. That seems to happen this afternoon. As -- -- again to stream from the east of the country. In fact pretty close to the Russian border. In that direction. -- Marriott all there was some fairly heavy fighting to win on for a few hours between. These pro Russian separatists. As well as the Ukrainian army forces. We yet have been speaking to -- spokesperson. From the anti terrorism. Operations since it here in Ukraine in the last hour so they say that -- believe. That the Ukrainian forces have we -- herald. The attack. On married all Libya rebels haven't managed to move in -- the city itself. Facts that you say the fire he's still just east of the city we spent a lot of time. Around -- -- permit -- -- all of the last few days. We've seen in building trenches. Dean putting artillery positions in -- most soldiers in. We're certainly expecting news they -- matters -- related while halfway into place that they committed. To prepare for a moment like -- and tonight it in some demonstrations. In -- hope people it seems spontaneously. Taking to the streets to protest about what he's going -- -- these whole region has -- right. By violence for some months now and the distinct feeling we got an article about anything else was that people didn't particularly want the fire. To comment. And even with all the fighting intensify is there actually a possibility. Of a cease fire with all the rhetoric also going on. There's a possibility whether or not Lebanese will -- is is another matter altogether. The etc. exist have put forward a proposal for their honor and cease fire attempt for a cease fire at 3 PM Friday afternoon. That would effectively bring -- stations -- hostilities for a period. That would mean nets out. There be no flights nonmilitary. Flocks over the area. That the ukrainians would hold that position but -- five -- the -- produced would hold their positions. But no fire that the international monitors -- on the ground trying to gather information and evidence. We'll be given a chance to do that get access to -- loans. Those who see things -- -- it. Really do the monitoring work that night struggling to do it reminded and -- Sula the chaos. But -- cease fire happens. We don't -- remember it just yesterday. Ukraine's president. The -- took -- -- that tweeted to announce to the world that it was a permanent cease fire raged between. Himself when the Russian president Vladimir present. Finally for the -- -- -- -- Just a few hours later and say well we couldn't agree cease fire we've really got nothing to reduce conflict of course. Russia says -- it's not really involved it's morally giving support. Parts of the pro Russian separatists. In east that you crime. But of course the evidence does seem to suggest. That their reason more than just moral support from Russia that -- -- military hot where attacks. Ammunition possibly even Russian soldiers. Now -- other kinds -- -- op -- what -- thousand are regular Russian soldiers on the ground. In eastern Ukraine. So couldn't contrast that with your back and he has now and how are people. Are they supportive. Of -- Shiancoe -- what are the differences between Kia of an eastern Ukraine. Certainly must hope peaceful in here tonight at what it was in indicted done -- This morning the -- from -- next. Or even now -- Apollo. Rotate from most of the week. Clearly BC's -- who began in -- this is where the protests happened notre. Is Steve dot Hamas winter. And I wanted to house president Dick Deanna -- -- rich he eventually left. Within the -- -- these whole. -- The east of the country as Russia wanted to use it. Continues. Tonight tanks and influence and also those Russians -- populations -- Ethnically Russian populations in in the southeast of the country. Wanted to at least how -- degree of more autonomy. I've given the political dynamic in the country was shifting. We do C east division in -- now between east and west. At the west's population. Tending 22 -- closer ties -- -- population. Clearly yeah. A little bit more loyal to Russia. But they're a mixture of opinions -- in all of these places it must -- said Serbian married Paul certainly into next. You couldn't say that everybody here unequivocally says -- we wanted to be closer to Russia. While circling back to NATO it seems that Russia's biggest fear could be that there is no buffer between it -- NATO countries is that why it's so keen on exerting its influence in the eastern Ukraine. But isn't a number of reasons there Russia one -- continue having its influence. -- that he's he's he's cynical buffers you describe it between Russia and year. But beyond that it it is just to continue having influence. Beyond -- -- coordinates. -- to get a lot of these countries where pot of the Soviet -- a Soviet satellite states. And when the iron curtain came down. Many of them getting there and independence. But historically some of the inhabit different times when board using your have been different forget that. Over the last century and even beyond. Russia has big -- through war and peace. And at certain times she had for example is being part of Russia. -- some of these out of satellite states. Happy Russia and they continue to have Russian speaking population. Communities that I it's -- Russian they would feel more. In common perhaps. -- people in -- than they would in the rest in Europe. Vladimir Putin has made it -- at the ease Russian Nationalists that is very much. This is an image that he wheels and the way he -- popularity in Russia. He said well we have a moral obligation to protect -- people's. Mike -- -- -- -- -- language make sure that they can. -- -- -- -- And certainly Ukraine is a big topic at the NATO summit but. How -- Ukraine hoping NATO can help but push back the pro Russian rebels -- that it's not a member. What is the -- most complicated matter reality. And the truth phase. -- -- getting I think the spot along the rhetoric would suggest. The cold shoulder but as Ukraine wants to be amended his state -- and -- is not going to happen. Under the times all the alliance in Mexico berries and mutual defense that means that if any investment mistakes and -- If this -- he comes under threat. And I have to act as an alliance to defend those men dissects. So if for example in Ukraine were Amanda -- -- now and it was coming under attack and make imprudent. There -- -- forces from Russia inside Ukraine. In other nice -- in the states would be obliged to response to send their troops -- seats. Now clearly most of the members -- nice I do not want to go to war with Russia. That's the difficulty in this situation. If things that will make a difference though it may effect can be agreed -- -- NATO summit. -- is -- -- had top schools. That has been put forward by and is very Rasmussen Secretary General management. He wants his team about 4000 soldiers that could respond rapidly. Leading NATO member states the troops would be made up all. All -- mansion and estate. Military on a rotating basis it would enable them to keep military hot where. On the periphery of the Russian border in some of these former Soviet satellite states. -- rotate soldiers are going to be. I agreement that exists between -- Asia and Russia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- American troops or foreign troops on the ground in those countries on a permanent basis. By rotating them through. Regularly that get my -- -- around it. But in terms directly helping you crime in this situation it probably won't what it might do you don't send it fairly strong signals that let me -- -- That -- is serious. And if you wanted to look at this ominous -- taste and each other in must ultimately each other. If he's willing and able to stand up to Russia. And we'll wait to see what comes out of those closed door meetings ABC news international affairs correspondent payments McDonald and Kia thanks for joining us. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching. International hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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