Shot Down Helicopter Puts Ukrainian Cease Fire in Jeopardy

The U.S. and NATO ask Russia to stop interfering as Ukraine looks to sign new trade deal with European union.
7:35 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Shot Down Helicopter Puts Ukrainian Cease Fire in Jeopardy
A cease fire it seems in name only pro Russian rebels firing on the Ukrainian military and today. Authorization for the army to fire back right now international hot spot Ukraine. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York pro Russian militia and Ukraine have shot down an army helicopter killing nine people on board. All while a cease fire was put in place and today the US and NATO asking Russia. Not interference stopped anymore fighting as Ukraine looks to join the European Union. Secretary of state John Kerry was in Europe this morning meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart. In just a few moments ago he spoke on what he thinks. Russia needs to do -- and the crisis. -- and the United States commands. Ukrainian government for reaching out to separatists. And to the Russian government and now. We believe it is critical for President Putin. To -- by his actions not just as words. That he is indeed fully committed to peace. It is critical for him to stop the flow of weapons and fighters across the border. To call publicly for the separatists to lay down their arms. To pull Russian forces and equipment back and to help get OSE hostages released. -- Find out of president Vladimir Putin will be doing any of that we're joined now by ABC's -- rowdy and Moscow -- thanks for joining us let's start with that cease fire in the most basic question is there's still one. I -- a cease fire on Monday. The question is is it really following it right now we're still seeing reports. Clashes in the east we saw again like you said that helicopter that got shut down yesterday. The big question is are these isolated incidents or this is something that's really -- -- spiral -- -- control again. The good news for now is that the parties are still talking -- -- -- plans for negotiations they are having prisoners -- So the process is moving. The question is will they get it done by Friday when the cease fire ends. In order to continue that process or will the violence that we've been seeing over the last 2448 hours continue. -- possible. -- and that's talk about things along the border a little bit some rebels acting on their own because NATO says there is still a large Russian president on the border. What -- you hurt. Right the Russians say that -- just defending their border that they had are responding to a Ukrainian incursion across the border here call about a month ago. You Russians actually had tens of thousands of troops along that border there everybody was very nervous worried that they were going to date Ukraine they eventually pull those troops back. And adjusted a -- said President -- asked love the legislature in Russia to remove the authorization to use force in -- Ukraine so. On the surface it would appear. That the Russians are trying to. Ratchet down the -- -- -- but. The United States and NATO they -- that they have not seen any real tangible evidence that the Russians are planning to do anything of the sort. They say that there is evidence. All weapons people out of storage and move towards the Ukrainian border with perhaps the intent of giving those heavy weapons. To the rebel forces. This is the type thing that we're we're hearing about right now. Very difficult to tell exactly what's going on to really determine what -- intentions. A black boots and in the Russian government are right now but I will say that there was a meeting later this week with the your keys to determine whether they -- Go -- with the US some tough new sanctions and when he talked to some analysts they say that this meet is beautiful little life. President Putin to try to -- the -- saw and convince enough to go along with the sanctions by telling them look doing everything I can't. Something's and of course vice president Joseph Biden and Ukraine president Petro four -- who have also been talking. To each other pretty much daily this week do we know those conversations are all about. Well as we've been talking about there is this process going on right now since person who came -- -- is a couple weeks ago he's been trying to. Define the way out of this crisis to try to find a way to end the fighting and address the core concerns. These people these -- -- -- happening in with the fact that they feel that the government and -- after this revolution over over the winter is really -- game that so what the vice president remodel US officials really been trying to do is to try to to make sure that they -- that this the to shepherd this process along in some way Vice President Biden has been from the beginning to go to guy for the Obama administration. On Ukraine he -- to be to the ousted president before he was ousted he's continued student -- now. And Ukraine is also moving ahead with the deal with the European Union that sparked the entire -- revolution and -- counter revolution in eastern Ukraine. Why was this deal so important to Ukraine and what does this deal include now. Right. It is not to join the European Union to what is this is an association agreement it would allow. Facilities of trade between Ukraine and European and why it was so important for Ukraine. Was because the creative economy is in shambles and has been for a long time they have massive debt they have been able to -- caskets to Russia. And and they have massive structural debt problems and so what is the hope for this deal was that they would increase trading increase economic development to Ukraine. The -- is the former president did sign it was me. About pressure from Russia not to do so because that -- -- be a first step towards joining the European Union. But also because is -- people that utilities addressed some of the immediate economic needs that Russia that -- -- -- -- Ukraine hat. -- -- -- in the meantime we've had sudden movement from behind -- from the EU from the US it's 82. Europe's of the emergency aid needed to pay their bills before. Going to defaults and so with us now. This deal makes little bit more sense for the year for Ukraine's because he gives an axis of -- -- -- -- And as the diplomatic efforts play out -- so we still have some skirmishes. Are you seen any of the violence sort of subside in these last few weeks. Well I mean this is the big question is what's coming up right to me we've seen some really really heavy fighting over the last couple weeks easy air strikes from the Ukrainian military received counterattacks -- -- relieved of the attacks from the from the separatists in one instance Downey. A plane that killed 49 Ukrainian troops and so the question is. It they have this process going on right now but all. The animosity that built up over the past couple months if people -- -- -- to -- government before. With old Schilling that's going on in some of the city's. You can bet now BR quite -- words quite distrustful towards this new government. And that's going to be the big question going forward that of course and whether or not Russia continues. As the US alleges two two to support the fighters to arm them to investigate. Fight ABC's cure right -- in Moscow thank you for joining. Thank you. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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{"id":24299011,"title":"Shot Down Helicopter Puts Ukrainian Cease Fire in Jeopardy","duration":"7:35","description":"The U.S. and NATO ask Russia to stop interfering as Ukraine looks to sign new trade deal with European union.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-shot-helicopter-puts-ukrainian-cease-24299011","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}