Ukrainian President Forced to Retract Ceasefire Announcement

Pro-Russian rebels push back government forces in Eastern Ukraine.
9:07 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for Ukrainian President Forced to Retract Ceasefire Announcement
And -- -- was not the government of Jim the destabilize eastern Ukraine. It's been the pro Russian separatists. Who are encouraged by Russia financed by Russian. Trained by Russia supplied by Russia and armed by Russian. President Obama blaming Russia for the crisis in Ukraine and today's hopes for cease fire death. Right now the international hot spot eastern Ukraine -- New York. A cease fire announced and then retracted and the government in -- still no closer to ending the fighting in eastern Ukraine. ABC news international affairs correspondent -- MacDonald is in the city -- done yet. -- first let's start with the situation on the ground some more fighting today and in and around -- yeah that's what can you tell us about it. Certainly we witness the optima that -- summer. There had been reports this morning that there was heavy shelling going on in the New England edges -- -- next. But as we -- in town today for an article in this. We found little Winston agents and -- There was some crimes that itself has some pretty heavy damage judicially. The residents stance that they were confident that it was the Ukrainian army that -- shelling them sitting with dizziness he tries to -- pressure. On the pro Russian separatist -- -- control ordinance now. -- some months. All right let's turn now to the talks of the cease fire first there was talk of one being reached and there wasn't. What happened was this talk of a cease fire plan to water down Obama's visit to Estonia. Yes there really interesting political dynamic that we seeing unfold it earlier today the Ukrainian president had tried -- Khartoum to -- Two out before what you posted a video that his wife. Doing the ice bucket challenge and then suddenly he was announcing on that -- Twitter account. That he had reached a cease fire agreement permanent cease fire agreement. With the Russian president vitamin scrutiny did -- in both Ukrainian and English just to make the point. It was a permanent cease fire and that it greeted to get -- that -- -- it was more in common than I had expected. Statement went -- on his website outlining it. They found that they -- essentially agreed on all the points. And it was time to -- -- cease fire. I think we expected that we -- some kind of response from the Kremlin took quite some time. The Russian president Vladimir -- and is actually emboldened by -- Toyota Mongolian capital today. So there was a bit of difficulty and not journalists reaching him it was still perhaps that was why we were getting. Our nation from outside. And it suddenly these noises started emerging from the crypt from the Kremlin suggesting that maybe -- wasn't. -- Ukrainian president announced. That they were ever -- an agreement. -- they had been in discussion around. What makes his mark be put in place that would enable a cease fire. But it certainly wasn't a real cease buy it looked as though Ted Turner -- shaker is billionaire businessman now the president of Ukraine. Had -- shined on the world stage you don't sit there is a cease fire. Police said it was wade said well hang on no it is not this is an interesting tactical -- because. It -- that might have that conversation and I reach an agreement on key points. But it could and doesn't want you anything away just yet certainly not with the -- Osama -- and what was Russia's official response that. Well effectively it's saying we have had a conversation -- recognize today's point six mutual agreement. There it's a -- is that we -- Both agree on that would enable a cease fire that big put in place and that involves a sixty to net square we -- hands schools and in the region is that true. Major cities that that the pro Russian separatists Holden have held that sometimes. The conditions are effectively get both -- would stop firing that the Ukrainian military it's upsetting and mortars. The the rebels would stop sending them out there won't -- -- -- them -- -- that's what it means. Effectively I would keep the positions that they have -- degrees and leave each other line at least. All that -- hot but. DC he's an interesting. Order dynamic because of course. Our bombers in the region he's wanting to be very clear that Russia will face opposition means national community -- -- -- -- -- The NATO summit is happening towards the end of this week. In the United Kingdom and look at these. The new ratings. That would be expected to put more pressure on Vladimir Putin essentially what he's done today. By selling book about it cease fire we just -- -- yeah. Is -- if you like take the wind out of the sales of dollars Arba west Italy is the rule converging on you're trying to set -- put the pressure on him. And of course President Obama had some strong words today for -- Russian president Vladimir Putin and British prime minister David Cameron. Had even stronger words comparing appeasing Vladimir Putin -- to appeasing Hitler before World War II. What is -- end goal here. Yeah and that the rhetoric. Suddenly from the -- of -- -- he's he's very each hit. These kind of descriptions comparing present. Two the Nazis -- pretty strong. But clearly insane yanked. Is to retire any influence. In the Ukraine and needs -- Soviets sentences all of these countries. In Eastern Europe that will -- -- of the Soviet Union independent states. -- to Russia since the -- of the Soviet Union. It started to retain a degree of influence. Over. What happens in those countries both in -- militarily. And politically. And -- a -- of these countries there are big ethnically Russian populations that speak Russian it. Have quite an infection from Russia and maybe even some allegiance to Polska on the -- But. By the time some of these states have chosen to -- west drug companies that want to join for example the European Union -- not want to join even nation. But it doesn't particularly like that he wants Russia to continue being able to exercise. Some control -- -- that. Credit problems and -- south Soviet Georgia for example because -- these issues have -- their heads at times. And so -- In in in here today Barack Obama has said. Certain we will stand by our allies in this region in east junior has made mistakes -- -- -- will have our support. If you try to do this tightening -- so you might be getting away with it in Ukraine. -- tried anywhere else. And of course with the NATO summit starting tomorrow that will be part of the talk -- topic but how much influence. Or power does NATO have now especially if Ukraine is not part of -- Some say -- -- the real taste and -- this -- is perhaps. They're the real moment that NATO must prove it's what's. There is this. Agreement we could make nation and the states. It's a defense -- and what that means he's that provide mutual defense he admitted mistakes. He's attacked tourists that sovereignty is violated certain. Essentially there is quite a few countries on that. He the western rim of Russia and amid -- it nicer and they guarantee. Three to amend -- of the organization. If there attacked. If it orders. Seized. -- nation and in the states who comes to their rescue clearly what we see at the monument is this country you're currently in which would like to be -- -- -- They -- By Russia in a fairly physical sense. And NATO sang well. Are we serious about defending members statement estates are we serious about protecting the sovereignty of European states when they need. That assistance such as these talk -- -- spearhead -- almost. Military crack unit if you -- at 4000 troops NATO all soldiers from their mistakes and a rotating basis. It could be position being. Eastern European countries that's responds to situations like -- If that happens. That money -- nice has a lot more teeth but to go to its stock in future. ABC news energy international affairs correspondent payments McDonald and done yes thank you for joining us. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news out. And star in this story for those exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25235816,"title":"Ukrainian President Forced to Retract Ceasefire Announcement","duration":"9:07","description":"Pro-Russian rebels push back government forces in Eastern Ukraine.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-ukrainian-president-forced-retract-ceasefire-25235816","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}