Clashes Break Out in East Jerusalem

A partly burned body of a Palestinian teenager is believed to be retaliation for the murder of the three Israeli kidnapped teens.
12:46 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Clashes Break Out in East Jerusalem
Can. Rocks vs rubber bullets clashes breaking out today in Israel as there are fears that Palestinian. Teenager -- Palestinian teenager was killed in revenge for the murder. Of the three Israeli kidnapped teens right now the international hot spot East Jerusalem. Everyone -- Michelle Franzen in New York in a wooded area and East Jerusalem today. People discovered -- partly burned body of a seventeen year old teen prompting clashes between Palestinians. And Israeli security forces is thought to be -- revenge attack for the killing of the three Israeli teens one of whom was also an American citizen. The BBC's -- London now has more on the violence and the death of the Palestinian teen. Well there's a real need of on these gains in east -- and plenty maxim is still going on behind me. As you can see this is the Arab cause of the city -- people came up this morning. Finding out that's local teenager and had disappeared from outsized he's families stole. It's clueless he was abducted and killed. It was in this woodlands -- thoughts that the body was found its. Israeli police think he was a young Palestinian who'd been -- -- and say this may have been a revenge attacks. It's believed he was Mohammed -- the day at age seventy. And in -- reason that is already being an angry response. Palestinians began ripping up -- -- ammunition. Heavily armed security forces trying to find him back. It's not squads will -- to make the rent. Prime minister Netanyahu has instructed the police to conduct this investigation. Expeditiously. To get to the truth of the matter as soon as possible he's also called upon everyone. Two. Not take the -- to their own hands and not to interfere. In the police say investigation. That being -- of class is between young Palestinians. An Israeli special -- says police on these strains in the pasta few how is the Palestinians -- Stein's. The police responding by firing tank hands and run a -- ends. -- also -- attempts to destroy these south says the -- timeline that runs along the riots. Yes today it was a somber mood at the funerals of three Israeli teenagers who have sons dead in the West Bank the in the week. But that quickly gave way to cools from right wing Israelis and retribution punitive -- government says it holds the Palestinian militant group Hamas responsible. -- it will pay. Hamas hasn't said it was behind the attacks. -- tensions and rising again. With consent that this could lead to a new cycle of violence. Well the Israeli police still investigating. -- happens. All of the mother of Mohamed -- that has told the BBC but if as suspected it is can and that 'cause son. Is the one he was killed and see once the Israeli government's response. To be as serious as it -- for those three Israeli teenager is Jewish Israeli teenagers who were killed. That was the BBC -- London -- in East Jerusalem. We're joined now by ABC's Alex mark barred from the Gaza Strip which was heavily bombed yesterday Alex thanks for joining us. Gaza is under the control of Hamas. The organization Israel blames for the teen's murder what is these the scene like there today. -- for now it's relatively call home their words any rockets fired from Gaza overnight in Israel the main reason that work here is because that home could very quickly. Turning to conflicts. Over the course the past few weeks as this indirect Israeli investigation. Has been going on into the disappearance the kidnapping -- and rediscovered the murder. Of these boys there has been increased. In the numbers of rockets fired by Palestinian militants. Not by Hamas they claim. But by various. Smaller Palestinian militant group -- his rockets. In Israel we've seen Israeli responses. Just two nights ago -- Israeli Air Force fired but they -- 34 precision strikes on -- Mosque compound. And so. Did the question now is how will Israel how -- prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu respond to the kidnappings and murders of those three Israeli teens. That has very much yet to be seen and been one of the decisions that that may come out of the prime minister's office is to launch -- much harsher crackdown. A bigger attack. On the Gaza Strip which as you mentioned. Is controlled by it by the militant group Hamas which Israel holds fully responsible for the murder of the streets unit. Alex Hamas has not taken responsibility what have we heard from this organization about. -- -- -- -- -- get -- since. -- is that the boys disappeared on June 12 Hamas has denied. Being involved. In it at all -- when the boys were found dead. Just a few days ago Hamas again has denied. Being behind its estimated its Israel playing games it is Israel trying to trump up charges to to justify it the crackdown and indeed. Israel has used this to go into the West Bank to round up hundreds. Of members of Hamas. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday. Net one. One in the -- arms did the murder -- three boys will be to weaken Hamas in the West Bank. To respond to rockets fire. From here in Gaza and if necessary expand the operation against. Hamas here from the beginning speaking to Israeli and Palestinian officials. No one really believed that this is this is an order given from the head of Hamas a man in politics dollar from. You know from the senior most levels of the organization. People both Palestinian and Israelis did allow that they were probably Hamas members who carried this out. But this that this wasn't an organization. Sanctioned attack. Of course many critics of the organization. Will will tell you that that's not the way that they operated operate certain -- -- a little lower levels. As cells on a more independent basis and that Hamas encourages this sort of activity so. It's it's that the mandate -- -- looking for. -- -- and their members of Hamas Israel certainly holds Hamas responsible for the murders of these boys and is now. Acting on that cracking down. On Hamas. Even though the continued to -- he's been denied any sort of involvement. And the Palestinian teen killed in East Jerusalem many are calling that -- revenge killing for the three Israeli teens what are we learning about that. As a long setting her keys -- this -- the Israelis have not made the connection to directs connection between. The deaths of the three Israelis and the death of this young Palestinian boy but of course. That's the immediate assumption aid comes just days after the Israeli teens were sound becomes the day after. Believe -- funerals for a -- for -- Those three boys and last night in Jerusalem there is a large rally. Held by Israeli Jews and which would be to chanting death to Arabs was chanted one Israeli on. Newspaper called it a lynch mob -- exactly set to go wouldn't -- and rescue several. Arabs and in East Jerusalem. From this mob so it's really the timing -- mean that tension here is incredibly. Hot. This is not something that's all that common -- so there's so much anger. Over the deaths of those three Israeli teenagers. That as soon as as as the sun out early this morning -- that there had been an abduction. Palestinian boy that he was violently murdered and according to police needed assumption. Is of course that it's -- revenge killing. It must be noted there there is cctv video of the abduction. The kidnapping that took place East Jerusalem and -- the police still haven't made the connection between a kidnapping that happens. Sides on this morning around dawn prayers and the boy that they've found and entered the woods in in the forest and westerners. But the but that the he really didn't do that this family does believe. That that the will -- perpetrators of this kidnapping the killers of their son were attacked Israeli. Jews and along with those tensions that you mention we saw the clashes of course breaking out between. Palestinians and Israeli defense forces rocks and rubber bullets -- -- has has obviously seen many conflicts play out. And killings in the region how does this latest outbreak -- -- the tensions that you mention. Affect talks. Well -- for all intents and purposes. Are dead dated there it was there is a drives by secretary of state John Kerry as soon as he took. Position. Last year to -- to get talks back on track. That over the course of nine months -- he conducted. It is very intense. Level of shuttle diplomacy coming here to the region to Israel to the West Bank. To Jordan. Many many times. And those talks fell apart in April so that this that you saw play out today. -- the clashes between the Israeli security forces and young Palestinians throwing rocks tear gas stun grenades. That's something that unfortunately we're all -- useful two used to. If you -- the region if you live in the region as I have -- for quite some time what's different now. Is that these types of abductions of young boys Israelis and Palestinians young children should say. Are not comment. There -- there aren't there is this this sense sometimes that are acts of senseless violence on there are deaths on on both sides. Generally it's it's it's. In Indian broader conflict there or when -- the military's involved but. When you're talking about the -- toppings and then the murders. Of young children. That takes it to a whole new level that's a lot more cynical it's a lot more sinister. And so that's what it has really. Initially shocked Israeli society when the three teens were taken. And now is infuriating. The Palestinian an and an Arab communities. After the death -- this young Palestinian boy today. Down prime minister Benjamin -- -- Netanyahu said yesterday that Hamas will pay and that Israel could scale up the attack. To get all of those responsible. So where. Do they go from here. Well that's always the million dollar question it could -- simmering we could continue to see classes. We could continues to see. Revenge attacks and if that is indeed what this morning's. Murder wise but as is always the case in this area it's it's a tinderbox that's something that could explode at any time. And and so a large part of the reason that I am here in Gaza right now is that we don't know what Israel. Is going to decide to do. We don't know what -- -- is going to decide to do in the weeks. In the wake of BB these murders just last night Israel it's Israel's cabinet held its third meeting. To determine how to respond to these kidnappings of course a prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a whole range all menu of options -- At his disposal one of them could me to comment. And bomb installations bomb officials. In Gaza Hamas and and other Palestinian militant groups -- would respond with massive volleys. Of rockets into Israel and then you're talking about. What could be a very wide scale prolonged and violent conflict we we simply don't know but the detention is extremely high. And and there's a big fear now the biggest -- quite possibly spiral out of control. ABC's -- mark court in Gaza thank you for joining us. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and -- in this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24398558,"title":"Clashes Break Out in East Jerusalem","duration":"12:46","description":"A partly burned body of a Palestinian teenager is believed to be retaliation for the murder of the three Israeli kidnapped teens.","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-clashes-break-east-jerusalem-24398558","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}