International Media Descends On Ferguson

Worldwide attention focuses on racial tension in the United States.
9:39 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for International Media Descends On Ferguson
You can. Can see Matt Ryan police had gone thinks it won't sell out yet to power again today as cool down he protested there are about seeing the 300 protested daddy in the night. They cooldown T protest is. Teen had these less cool they say that they would arrest them. Say that's why these streets hasn't been cleared away but it's as he conceived a huge police presence can't. An ABC reporter on the ground in Ferguson one of the many international correspondents that had descended into America's heartland. Right. Spotlight for hot spot Ferguson Missouri. Hello everyone I'm. New York foreign correspondents from countries all over the world are covering the Ferguson decision and aftermath. Violent protests there gaining the world's attention for more on why this story has garnered so much international intrigue I'm joined by the BBC's Michelle slurry. In Ferguson hello Michelle. So why do you think Ferguson has gotten so much international. Well I think would be election at the buzz. Black African American president presents Oklahoma people for the this would be a time dissident bring healing together to see race relations improve in this country. And so I think bounce want to we'll decide fascinated with what's happening the events unfolding here inside this and and suddenly last night as outside the city of thugs and police station. And there was definitely a huge contingent of media from all of that well from China. Den mom. And other countries as well as also. Keeping your viewers as surprised when they face civil unrest and violence in the US. Well I think incorrectly on our involvement was of the unrest and often and suddenly this immigrants and back in 2011. Young. Hudson who was killed that by the police sunspot London riots not the time had questions off. About how the police handled the situation but I suspect positive reaction in the UK at least is being. Perhaps a bit of relief. May be that the police that handled things better than they thought they did not seeing this scenes on Monday ladies of the tear gas being fired off into the classified this lesson. Not since last night wasn't long com. But again it and keeps you live in festival. Look at what this tells us about American race relations. But also seeing how this is spreading across America and how this isn't just a story. About right here but. Seven a lot of criticism over the way it's been handled when people say that abroad. I think gave depends country by country for example in jammies and being physically fit for the president Obama's in this I had. He hasn't been strong on this issues he might have been. Other countries to say hey it exposes some of the cracks. Eat in Russia. Not necessarily going to satellite math has some of the coverage coming out of that suggesting that this may become a national problem. 'cause certain mixed reaction. It's of the problems CNN and of course underlying it's all of this issue accident. Trust between many young African Americans manned field barges but also detail about economic. His love didn't give us a bit about personal account your reporter. From the UK on the street Pittsburg than eight billion been treated any differently by law enforcement or protesters of people surprised to see you out there. If I'm have a few people come on police and bomb skiing. What what we'll receive what what is on the action one of my colleagues is is from South Africa. This black south African gentlemen walking through it covering this story again accident interesting comment viewpoints. And the incident. Difficult to come up sold. House segregate the house Everett people off and yet at the same time Rogge told a side by side every game you've been very friendly and until this. It's on times content on this and the death of the issues that exists here in America is not always obviously it. Thanks for joining us. I'm for more on some of the international coverage of Ferguson we're joined now by ABC's Mohammed mile from our bureau in London Mohammad we just heard from a BBC reporter but. Give us your perspective about how Ferguson is being covered you hang. Well Ty I gotta say there are a lot of countries right now that are simply having a field day with what's going on in Ferguson these are countries that have. Very poor human rights records countries that the United States is criticized for those proved poor human rights records. And they're now turning around and saying ha ha ha well guess what you've got this going on in your own backyard first or just take a look at. Some international reaction now it's going Donna Friesen has produced so many iconic moments an iconic photos and a lot of those photos are on front page newspapers. Writer on the world this is the cover of the UK's independent. Take a look at that cover and if you could see it it's a protester. With his hands up in the air and Ferguson front page news here in the UK. Of course there are a lot of countries that I mentioned that are using this to basically stop on the United States' reputation. And part of the reason is there's a lot of shock value in this I mean these are images that you expect to see. In Ukraine in protest in Thailand or somewhere in the Middle East. You would expect tear gas and and you know hundreds and thousands of protesters. Showing up in the heart in the heartland of America and that's exactly was happening so shock value alone is enough for people around the world to say world. You know this is America's brand America's brand is. Not equality for all human rights civil rights and many countries see America as the world's policeman and suddenly when you have these problems in America. The rest of the world says well hey you know what. America's been criticizing us we'll take a look they've got it going on there and I think I think we've got some some some photos. Of some reaction around the world we want to point out there's the global times in China which is an English language newspaper in China. Take a look at their front page a front page get a protestor standing to tear gas showing first and smoldering after racially charged riots. Another country does having a field day with this very predictable is a country of Iran. In fact Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah common day. Has tweeted about Ferguson several times since all of this started going on. That tweet campaign is quite polished he's got a tweet out. Where he says racial discrimination still a die land in the United States with the hash tag Ferguson of course Iran speaks heavily criticized for the way it treats its minorities. And you gotta think that they are just reveling in this civil discord right now in the United States because they can turn around and say. The United States has these same problems one last thing I want to point out Ty is the Russian foreign minister. You know the United States and Russia. About it a serious dispute over what's going on in Ukraine the popular revolution their was called. Euro may Don well Russia's foreign minister refers to what's going on Ferguson as Afro may Don. Basically saying that America has its own problems that are they're trying to show that it's similar to Ukraine although we know from American that it's nowhere in year. That that that scale. But it's not stopping the rest of the world from saying ha ha America you've got these problems going on yourself. Even they UN human rights commissioner spoke out about Ferguson in race relations in the US quote. We deeply concerned about the disproportionate number of young African Americans who die in encounters with police officers. As well as a disproportionate number of African Americans in US prisons and a disproportionate number of African Americans. On death row cell and all around critique. Not only from the UN that many countries that you mentioned that really pointing out the grass isn't always greener. In a country that. At his best is renowned. Shirt. Are. Are. The reference to equality. Was sure and you know this is the whole point about free rescinded what we're seeing Ferguson. A lot of people are saying these are some of the fault lines that exist in America we don't see these fault lines erupt perhaps as often in America as we do in other countries I mean. In other countries these fault lines exist and they're erupting almost every day UC violent protests. In some places of the Middle East and Central Asia Pakistan. In in Thailand. And in so many countries those countries that are used to this. They're used to seeing protests there used to seeing police rob return with a heavy hand. They're used to seeing tear gas I mean who it where have we seen tear gas this year we've seen it in Istanbul in Thailand. In Hong Kong we've seen it all these places where we haven't seen a lot of tie the tear gas. Other then Ferguson is the United States so when this happens in the United States I think there's almost a sense of not relief but I think there's a sense of a lot of other countries. It hey you know what we're not the only ones that are going through this that there are people who see themselves marginalized and oppressed. Even in the United States whose brand is that it's the freest most democratic. Best country in the world so I think there's. A lot of people right now around the world that are sort of saying well you know what. This is going on everywhere. And if people in America are standing up and fighting with they save up for what they say. Are their civil rights for that also adds some fuel to some of these movements that are going on in the rest the world because they can say if Americans are standing up to their government. Then we can stand up to he's. A hotly let's thank you for that insight is how prominently this story is playing around the world. Andy can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates. On the you've been watching international hot spot anti Hernandez in the U.

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