Iran Nuclear Talks in Overtime After Passing Deadline

Six world powers, including U.S., say progress is being made.
5:07 | 04/01/15

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Transcript for Iran Nuclear Talks in Overtime After Passing Deadline
Nuclear negotiations with Iran are now in overtime talks between Iran and six while powers were supposed to add. At midnight but negotiators are still lat it. Tried to hammer out some kind of agreement. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York there's wanted to national accord is within reach and the talks would be extended into the week's let's go right to ABC's. Cheap foreign correspondent Terry Moran and was on. Switzerland where the toxic taking place. Terry what have you heard. Well right now these talks are in a overtime basically and there in his state of of should should. Internship. Of rumors and rumors of rivers in other words they're in an ordinary diplomatic end game. Right now they blew through that deadline of midnight last night that they had set for themselves last November. To reach what was called a political framework of a deal. Yesterday it was just chaos in the hours leading up to it and we are told that the American team heard directly from the president. Take a break go to sleep. Don't mind about the deadline we'll come back and take a look today and so today they've been in meetings all day today and they'll all bold leader when I see. That at some point tonight the parties will come out with what they're calling a statement so we went from a political framework. To an agreement. To an understanding. And now we're in a statement statement. Okay Phyllis closer causes they can call something score. Terry Wii yet we do know that I went public. Kids are against any deal with Iran would their resistance. Hinder an agreement if there is an agreement. You bet Chad that the Republican resistance to these talks and to any deal with Iran is a crucial piece. Of this puzzle that is why stick their state carries in their right. Trot trot. Something whatever it's going to be a statement an agreement. Something he can bring back to Washington and say look. We've gotten Iran pinned down they are going to bring their nuclear programs under strict international control. The Iran Iranians have. Of these talks in their country. With that agreement that says look we've gotten something from him from the Americans were going to be out of the prison that they've put us in these crippling sanctions are going to be lifted. And and right now they actually can't put those pieced together so. Eight statement of the goals that they have agreed on. Would all the really tough negotiations. Going forward until the next deadline June 3. And Terry what what are. Is it Ron holding out for here has that changed since the talks have started. Well now that the basic concept that this deal has been clear from the beginning. The United States and the west and the international community actually wants Iran's nuclear programs brought under strict controls and let. Credible peaceful civilian purposes and Iran wants. The sanctions lifted those sanctions crippling their economy they want to be integrated back into the world economy at that that's the basic deal there now. As you get into this this. Thing of the sanctions should Iran what kind of nuclear programs that will be for peaceful purposes generating power medical technology. What kind of programs will Iran still be allowed to have going forward. All those the devil is in the details thing. That basic concept that the deal that on the tape. All right and even if we get an agreement which we found still far away from were promised a statement. At some point later today but even if there is some sort of agreement it's still only one step. In ratifying such a thing. Precisely. This is a very complicated pieces diplomatic business because it so highly technical. How many centrifuges should Iran have those centrifuges. Are are useful in making a nuclear weapon. And generating civilian power how advanced should centrifuges be. In the timing of the lifting of the sanctions inspection regimes all those pieces have to fit together. Like a root vick's Q is the way the lead American negotiator spent talking about it and finding that right combination is going to be hard work ahead over the next several months. All right ABC's Terry Moran in these Switzerland. Have to talk to you can keep up with this story thank you Terry in real time bike out letting ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates ago. Anti Hernandez New York.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Six world powers, including U.S., say progress is being made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30045315","title":"Iran Nuclear Talks in Overtime After Passing Deadline","url":"/International/video/iran-nuclear-talks-overtime-passing-deadline-30045315"}