Iran slams new U.S. sanctions, says road to diplomacy closed

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the new U.S. sanctions "outrageous and idiotic," and described The White House as "afflicted by mental retardation."
4:10 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Iran slams new U.S. sanctions, says road to diplomacy closed
We turn to Iran president Hasan who were Hani calling new US sanctions album rages an idiotic. And describing the White House as a afflicted by mental retardation so I want to bring in James Von mean on the ground and United Arab Emirates. James we know that president trump were just responded. Two you Ron's comments what do we know about this. Well yeah committee we haven't seen. Any minute reaction yet from the war what this sunny in full swing county say those comments from Hassan Ronnie and now pres. And trump all its wits and a succession of tweets. Saying that those comments what ignorance and insulting. The then not brandished US ministry Powell outlining just Walt. The United States hot in this region in times of its ministry capabilities and then issuing stock threat saying any attack by Iran on anything American. Will be met with great an overwhelming force in some areas overwhelming will mean a blitzer ration. And you know we've hot and they sorts of rat trick before from Donald Trump and from Iran I mean I think we've heard it before from places like North Korea. I'm famously and he and the more of that back and forth between Donald Trump in Kingdome and while that was the North Korea summit and I think that is what the trump would like to see happen here. That's what he says time and time again he wants negotiation he wants Iran to come. Today the table to talk about. That nuclear program but all site to withdrawal. That titans and their support for terrorist organizations that's the time that the US eases across the Middle East. This region is expecting Iran to react in some ways expecting not metric. To time in two minutes reaction because there are so many places left Iran could focus. And its military capabilities just up the right from Ahram their fridge there and there is a US banks. The US 56 in Baja rain there is US base in Cyprus that are in Afghanistan they basically in cycle Iran in many ways. I think probably. In the hope of you know keeping Iran in check and in many ways labels that act on the target for Iran sonatas are very real possibility. I think of course to the possibility that her own could hit and all the time cal in the strait of homeowners and Al Ahram. Right now on how many pit mine on a tank indeed possibly even setting up a blockade of the straits. That would send oil prices. Rocket saying that something that'll trump activity. Does not wants to happen says they're all sorts of ways Iran can react when just there waiting to see. If they actually follow through and and it. Yeah I just have to ask is the diplomacy shut down because president trump he wants to negotiate he's saying that any Iran has said that these new sanctions spell permanent. Closure so what does that mean. Well how. I think we've we've we've seen these things happening time and time again that is often the rent check we have to see whether or not actually comes to fruition toward some percent to eight. Don't even need congress if he wants to go to war that's us now strictly true I mean. Presidents often talk about having to protect the national interest of the United States actually sold along trump. Taking an attraction in Syria without congressional approval or the approval of the united nations Security Council that will say that possibility. That he could use legislation that was brought an often be September 11 attacks. That is colds the all right nation for the use of military force announces he's currently against al-Qaeda and its affiliates in their regional thing to Obey a bit of a stretch if it was to use that. But we always talk about the possibility of war being up to America well in this case it might mean in a wrong. Is pushing for war on the United States has no choice but to act we know that if anything unites congress. Rainy at this stage it's that skepticism about ministry action in the Middle East and and I want not months or in the end. Currently Iran is sending something like 300000 barrels of oil million are at 300000 barrels what are they sorry. Normally one point five million is way down what it should be producing around the wild these sanctions are hunting Iran. And it wasn't it once sit and watch these sanctions for much longer so we'll wait and see if they lash out a lot of people watching the least tonight they think that will happen at some say it's. And all right James Longman right there in the UAE thank you so much for joining us with the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the new U.S. sanctions \"outrageous and idiotic,\" and described The White House as \"afflicted by mental retardation.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63934984","title":"Iran slams new U.S. sanctions, says road to diplomacy closed","url":"/International/video/iran-slams-us-sanctions-road-diplomacy-closed-63934984"}