Israel Calls 16,000 Additional Reservists

Israel says it will continue fighting until Hamas tunnel network is destroyed.
10:46 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Israel Calls 16,000 Additional Reservists
24 days into the Gaza offensive and neither side showing any sign of stopping. -- Israel today -- again. Not to accept any ceasefire Hamas -- tunnel network is destroyed calling up. Another 161000. Reservists today. The level I'm -- Cutler in New York Israel's call today means that nearly 60000 army reserves have been mobilized for the incursion into Gaza. The death total. Now past thirteen hundred and an Israel 59 people have to Israel. As received criticism from the US and the UN about the massive number of civilian casualties. But it says it cannot stop the incursion into a mosque network is destroyed the BC's -- -- has more now from Israeli Gaza border. This is -- Israel is keen to share an airstrike in Gaza being aborted because children are spotted. But the UN says most of those killed by Israel are innocent civilians. -- from the outside to look like -- regular child today we met one of the air force pilots who flies over Gaza every day identifying targets. We cannot show his face. The aircraft used for these missions -- cameras mounted underneath and fly at -- to party 5000 feet. God guard them opening -- optional -- shows us in the simulator on his part signed view of the terrain. This is a crowded areas people have -- -- ago in many cases they have no transport they have no means of escape. I'm -- attacking hospitals where the wounded are being -- it. Ball at the moment -- -- doing everything possible. To ensure the security and safety of both. -- civilians. And as much as possible. The Palestinian civilians. We have offered medical aid we have offered. Field hospital wouldn't it be better if you stop bombing the civilians rather than offering -- -- -- -- legislature. Well Israel as always -- for a diplomatic solution I think some people might say. Well. I actually true well it's not because -- no -- what we're doing. It is saving lives the way -- see -- because whenever -- Israeli -- -- -- -- I know how many attacks I've already called off I'm talking about numerous attacks flying no. The fact that I've saved dozens of lives. -- the lives lost in Gaza are causing growing international pressure on Israel. The message from the prime minister today the offensive will continue. -- So far we've utilize dozens of terror tunnels. And we're determined to complete this mission with or without the cease -- is an issue that is why I will not accept any proposal -- will not enable the IDF to complete this important task. For the safety of the people of Israel. Near the Gaza border toast to the front line soldiers rest and -- at an extra sixteen times and reservists have been called up. This teacher has two sons fighting in Gaza that is going to join them this is our life. And nobody Q -- it. You have to do it because there's a -- -- -- help with its. We believe the end of the started. As soon. When the army says it will finish destroying the attack tunnels within days. But a senior Israeli official has told the BBC has -- -- watch for this operation. -- the international community is pleading for a cease fire Israel isn't ruling out a much broader offensive. If Hamas attacks don't stop. The choice ahead now for Israel is with stroll or hit much harder. Or to -- and BBC news -- the Israel Gaza border. The UN is calling the situation in Gaza humanitarian crisis. Saying its staff cannot cope. 425000. Palestinians a quarter of Gaza's population. Has now been displaced. Sees as more on the plight of those who -- their homes. Since -- rescue mission to a small town on the southern fringes of Gaza. A front line between Israelis and militants. Every time the Red Cross has tried to get in they've been -- us. But this week both sides agreed to a brief ceasefire. We we just -- here at school. Some ambulances from the Palestinian red crescent society. And -- you had good excuse -- and we ended. -- -- -- -- isolated incident fighting would have lost in this -- situation in matters aren't sure what. We don't know it speeds on the board. It's very many tens. The Israelis refused to let us and but the team was given the all clear. The town of -- has been console by Israeli troops. Many have died and the few who couldn't escape attract. The -- was brief. Unable to stay any longer the Red Cross -- They recovered a handful of bodies and three elderly residents hiking in the town. Brusca is 95. Apparently didn't know she was a -- until two hours ago. Date fled the fighting the -- -- was too old to run out at night -- she spent five days living with a neighbor. 84 year old Jeff I don't see in this fairly able to stand he also couldn't sustain. I mean. I cannot describe my feelings. It's horrible. Andrew who were living in fear for five days. We couldn't do we couldn't contact him -- five -- knowing that didn't there's an audit is it bad you can't walk along to blighted or. The potent -- and -- themselves. All I wasn't the night -- -- now. We found shift again today. Laying on the floor of the classroom. With a chance with seventy others. Didn't tell me life here is precedent he sent -- to go home I was born in the sun god willing I'll -- -- He was supposed to stay in hospital longer but they didn't have space because so many wounded. -- this conflict started there were 171000 people being housed by the UN. Today I think is going up to 220000. You'll realize nation says it's overwhelmed I'm reaching breaking points. In fiscal alone there are now 5000 people living and taking Celtics. But FTS today's attack on another school the UN says no less safe anymore. And with so many people now on the move Gaza starting to feel near breaking points. Be impaneled BBC news in Gaza. Earlier today. White house Press Secretary Josh artist was asked what situation in Gaza and Israel's offensive. This was his response. -- we have steadfastly defended the right the Israeli government in Israel military leaders to take the actions that they feel are necessary. To. Protect. Their people and to defend their country. The steps that they have taken. Have also been taken with -- the standards that they put in place. To protect the lives of innocent civilians. That -- in pretty stark contrast the approach that's adopted by Hamas that is actually using their military might to target innocent Israelis billions. -- what we have said is that. Israel clearly based on published reports about the significant tragic. Loss of life experienced by innocent Palestinian. Civilians. Is that the Israeli military can and should do more to protect the lives of those this incident. So there is a difference in approach between what Hamas is perpetrating on the Israeli people. And what Israel is doing to defend their country. But the shelling of a UN facility. That is housing. Innocent civilians. Who are fleeing violence. Is totally unacceptable. And totally indefensible. And it is clear that we need. Our allies and Israel to do more to live up to the high standards that they have set for themselves. Apparently. Attacks not as precise as an entity many believe going -- on and the US. Continuing to news fight with more ammunition. On does that raise concerns -- and I do agree that it. The weaponry is is not for sex. Well I think the excuse that concerns that we have expressed our with the specific military decisions. Made by. The Israeli military. That they have put in place high standards. That. Insure that they are taking steps to protect innocent civilians who may be caught in the crossfire. And the observation that I think many across the globe have made is that there are despite those standards. That there are innocent Palestinian lives that are being lost. The loss of those lives. The lives of innocent Palestinians is tragic. The thoughts and prayers the American people are with the lives. -- the -- of those have been lost in this terrible conflict. And what we are simply asking the Israelis to do in -- urging the Israelis to do. Is to do more to live up to the standards that they have set for their own military operations to protect the lives of -- -- -- Situation growing more intense and you can't keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- Starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down -- learning more.

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