Israel Launches 'Ground Phase' in Gaza Battle

Israeli military confirms campaign to halt rockets being fired at Israel.
4:06 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Israel Launches 'Ground Phase' in Gaza Battle
Looking at live picture of Gaza right now and I do want to go to him -- McDonald. -- will leave you got that condemnation from the Israeli military that the ground operation has begun. Yet George really this just can sons. What the people in Gaza have been seeing for themselves for the -- -- certain. Lots land sea and dad bombardment of the Gaza Strip we going to be speaking about -- -- the -- -- David the last week earlier tonight we understand that the Israeli Cabinet next. Authorization was given. The short time ago Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the ground operation. I use of operation protect the -- is now under way. And and Steve again here's Martha was saying you know didn't -- maybe the only way to get these rockets as we're seeing that. Fire in the distance these are live pictures as we said of Gaza right now this -- the rocket fire and the air strikes by the Israelis and more. Flares going off right now have been going on for ten days did not eliminate the threat to attempts at a cease fire did not work. One of the things that that it helps Israel hold off. Any further ground operation was the remarkable success of their iron dome missile defense which was knocking down just about. Every. Hamas rocket that was coming in Israel. That that's right and in we have been talking about how how the iron dome is actually prevented a wider conflict but apparently the Israelis are at the point. Where the where the -- where the Hamas continues to fire. Into his -- Israel and they just are saying enough was enough but this is the point that Israel did not want to get too. Urban combat is the most nasty dirty it's the worst kind of fighting there is it's -- it takes a long time they're heavy casualties in those casualties are both. Combatants and civilians alike in so this is. This is a a big big step and it's a new chapter in an old story. He makes -- doubt if you're still there as Steve Gainer was saying. Prime minister Netanyahu was reluctant to go in early. But also under tremendous pressure even from from people inside his own government to go day to go in there on the ground. And come up was a more permanent solution to this rocket fire. -- going in George presents enormous risks. On the ground three Israeli. Minute pretty clearly that he would be dead some members of the -- Israeli armed forces might be thank you for example. They'll -- don't want to find themselves in the situation whether again. -- -- -- -- -- but clearly there are divisions within the government of Benjamin Netanyahu period -- -- back Hughes deputy foreign minister because he was sorry outspoken. There are many -- It disparate coalition that is running Israel right now that believe. That Netanyahu here has not been strong enough some said that just in the last few days that this operation. Should not -- Until Israel has been -- control of the Gaza Strip. Now we don't know way to that is the -- -- until now remember this stated objective. All of the Israelis in terms of this operation. Is to bring calm and quiet these -- -- based bank today. So going eagle on the ground leases questioning. Whether that pain has changed or whether it would mind that this -- like getting quickly and then get out. They the other points that night to achieve that in 2012 will at this very -- Spike in violence between Israel and Hamas. They want it. -- a -- increase in activity. Exchanges. In the -- leading up to a cease fire. So I think many people are looking out to see whether that means that one could be imminent we don't know that we know that the talks had been ongoing today. I should also tell you -- celebrated within the last hour -- -- there was quite a series of rockets that. Reach this we will evacuated and put downstairs in the basement and we heard I'm done in action again tonight so what. It's not not a -- white street in terms of the fire. It's going into Gaza and.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Israeli military confirms campaign to halt rockets being fired at Israel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24607195","title":"Israel Launches 'Ground Phase' in Gaza Battle","url":"/International/video/israel-launches-ground-phase-gaza-battle-24607195"}