Inside Tel Aviv's 'Situation Room'

Hamish Macdonald spends a day inside Israel's Municipal Operations Room as the crisis continues.
1:56 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Tel Aviv's 'Situation Room'
-- -- weary arm what happens again. So we are in the municipal operations room. On our daily life displaces MP. As it should be. The for the last week all of our top managers sit here all -- and -- night. And deal with issues regarding. The special status of the city and last week education. And welfare. Trash. Disposal. Every element of city life bomb shelters opening and closing civilian. Questions. -- all day. About 6000 people call here almost instantly from the city -- different questions as you see behind us. Different maps from the city different cameras. Laid out their other rooms around here where specialists. From the army said and from the police. And this is where we members of the city from. In this kind of situation so what can -- actually -- for me. -- -- You can. Theoretically can see you can see iron dome in action. In -- through part of the cameras you can see every bomb shelter if it's open if it's closed. Every phone call letter arrives the it's a place where -- went together so that the different departments and in this body can talk. One when each other how you explained -- Two people outside that don't necessarily understand. -- you -- to live here to understand yours spent some time to independently basically is the -- -- place in the craziest region. In the world and when you grow up here when you leave here you understand that if you want to maintain normal. -- you have to live as if everything's fine even though we're in this situation for eight days. You can still see people going on when their lives you can still -- people in the beach there's a reason. That the city's on the nonstop city and if it doesn't stop during these -- -- that means -- lives.

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{"id":24569318,"title":"Inside Tel Aviv's 'Situation Room' ","duration":"1:56","description":"Hamish Macdonald spends a day inside Israel's Municipal Operations Room as the crisis continues.","url":"/International/video/israel-palestine-conflict-amid-hamas-rocket-strikes-tel-24569318","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}