Israel’s speedy vaccine rollout creates divide

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on Israel’s fast distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to much of its population, while Palestinians wait for doses.
6:25 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for Israel’s speedy vaccine rollout creates divide
By spring Israel believes most of its citizens will been vaccinated against Kobe but that doesn't quite tell the whole story. Virtually no Palestinians in the occupied territories have been vaccinated at all and Israel has no plan to help them any time soon. In panel reports. In the race to inoculate. Israel population of nine million has vaccinated more good citizens per capita than any other country in the world. Mark senior high minutes ago planners. Finish. Racing ahead to its these other countries can indeed three more. It's taken them only three weeks to inoculate 20% of their population. Compared to just 3%. In the United States. By the end of march they planned to vaccinated every citizen cope with sixteen years old. Some health care workers even volunteering their free time to vaccination Elvis. We understand that's a disaster. He's an emergency situation. We have it is crucial time to write and this is luck to you really used to do. Yeah to me. And energy. They want new tool to win the war do really looking forward to give the vaccine to as many as possible Israelis. The war games this virus isn't one gets. Israel still being blasted by conveyed they've had over half a million cases. Just this week. Nearly 101000 new infections were reported him one day alone as staggering number for a country only about the size of New Jersey. About two weeks ago we started spinning their eyes were already on the man that 2530. Face and today. Securing vaccines elite has been key to success but it's full so come at a price. In exchange for ten million doses and Israel clue commercially agreed to give fines from the WHIO. He age gender and other proposal put on identifiable data of those getting the jab as well as reporting side effects and and the efficacy of the vaccine. Its citizens and now parts of the largest mass trial of this vaccine in the world. But for all of Israel's success there's another side to this story bestowed tale of the haves and the have no. About falling million Palestinians in the Israeli occupied territories of the west bank and Gaza. Have been completely left out of the Israel's vaccination Roland. And we need that action that's who has missed the because the well finishing. The constitution and bill look around the neck for soldiers. We are those he's. So I think there's. As do what the point is responsive to that we've achieved through Palestinians. Doctor Mahmoud el Sheikh Ali is a doctrine the Gaza Strip. Like so many of the front line workers he's seen what the disease is capable of. Salute them mod cases we don't cognitive cases we just told officials with the hallways of the few large cities and mrs. Could because illnesses. I do have seen too many cases the host but that was sort of patients who didn't have at me. You could convention. The chemistry walls of more than 100%. Do 22. Put some bishops nearby screwed. Palestinians and the WHIO say the responsibility. Is only Israelis the occupying force under the Geneva conventions to vaccinated but his readily sank the sound of the old slow accords. The Palestinians are responsible for their own health cat. And Gaza hospitalizations. For now at least but the fear is this a second wave he's just around the corner. When the U out of Asia has doubled it wouldn't become whose. So without having to deal with the school of how markets. Mosques shall we think that upcoming few weeks that Kevin couldn't fees. Just this week the Palestinian Authority reached a deal with all companies to distribute vaccines in the next two months while an unbeaten. But his real Angolan prime minister Mohamed stale accusing Israel of racism over vaccine distribution. Israel's Health Minister rejecting that saying its citizens regardless of creed. Come full list. He's there wouldn't be any shortage in this side and they will be no shortage no shortage on the Israeli side. We would definitely be able to discuss it didn't cooperate with the Palestinians but. We do have to understand that our. First and foremost responsibility. Is to vaccinated to citizens of the state of his. But in the end it's two governments fighting the same disease that books need immunity to protect their populations. Both must battle a virus that rages on just like doctor Mahmoud duking Garza who is important to Delhi seltzer pretends to. Hope patients are intently. Both share in the anguish of caring for those who may not going his. I have to explain to a nation that he's getting into bases. Performing my. Comment mine might not survive. It's very difficult for me far out. They do that and to explain for the family. Despite the success of its vaccination program so far are still taste when he can feel like a losing battle. Afterward 26 counts shift doctor seltzer tells us she just lost another patient. So my nineteen years old the rules say it is commonly seen day treatment center home. India right in Mosul McCain and creamy and pitiful state news. And despite those all my aunt Ernestine fast lane in the morning. It's always hide. Today. It's always hard when you lose a patient's name. Diet doing you are at career as a stop there though are those patients heal we will remember them all your life. Take home we do you think about them all time Wednesday night. You feel some kind of lost. He impaneled but ABC news line.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on Israel’s fast distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to much of its population, while Palestinians wait for doses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75286338","title":"Israel’s speedy vaccine rollout creates divide","url":"/International/video/israels-speedy-vaccine-rollout-creates-divide-75286338"}