Italy begins to reopen

ABC News’ James Longman reports from Italy as people head outside after months of lockdown.
6:12 | 05/05/20

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Transcript for Italy begins to reopen
Talk now about the road to recovery after months of suffering the partake of unimaginable loss stings in Italy are. Starting gradually to come back to life or James long and is in Italy with a closer look at their new normal. It's been a long time coming from an emotional moment for these Italian grand parents and that grand old time. Just a few weeks ago they would have been normal for now it's a celebration of freedom and a family. Today after months of being a part Dominica and merry Antonia finally reunited today find hero grounder to secede. These. An accident but are they up if a centerpiece that eventually had to get back up automatic sorting books. But up in the can happen. Believes they won't let me doubt. Absolutely you'll get the battle unit of State's. Top place in the face. For many Italy seems to be finally turning the tide. The once desolate streets of Italy's major cities a starting to. Show signs of coming back to life. I am that you didn't see on any kind ES NB Didier Levy is being infuriated. I think you need scheme EPA led yet hidden critical that it happened. Tape as have their bank yeah. Restrictions eased to an hour returned to work for some four point five million people construction and manufacturing back talks opened. New life for a country where death seemed to have no end. One of the first and most deadly outbreaks outside China the told Paul breaking them. With more than 200000 cases and nearly 30000. Dead this was a true moment that will take time to heal. Town of commode was one of the holidays it. This is the road on which admitted she Nichols were pictured carrying the bodies of the dead from the cemetery. Out of town it was a key moment Brady that what this country out to the true scale of the crisis that the man here says. The death tolls may be as much as five times what's been reported. Fabulous hospital the focus of global economy fourth almost and a forthcoming. And and dozens of patients and a doctorate verticals and TD runs the emergency unit the world so overwhelmed me. When the women that you really. Realized. Something serious is happening. When I so with my eyes. Sandra patients all over the marriages to with the with the hound Madson with oxygen. All we'll learn and and me and raised every room Wallace who. Officials with the if you complete self conducting that moment I realized that. He did could've been terrible. And because I think that some key news talk to the brain that. Images talked to parks. In that moment I realized that prevent us lost everything. For so long if he's dead were buried without ceremony now small funerals are now one small some dignity restored. This is a cautious first step documentation is still needed to go outside. Mosques and gloves were quiet on public transport in some areas the danger of the virus returning is very real. Second he could face always said was he DDT and this is why we haven't Phyllis ever think about called needs departments. Because we want to be a great deep. Backed I seen that's not seen that many friends that did his time will would be more prevent. And at least else to come out of its crisis people announce something to work out just how they could have gotten so nobody in this part of the country. And one theory is to look for moments when thousands of people congregated at the same time like for example at a soccer match for one took place here. And Iran about the same time it leak discovered its first case. And who are they playing a team in Spain Valencia and cases from here in Italy and not part of Spain. We're linked. And Italy now has time to understand the long term impact can be patience. But he'd get them probably depression live be major challenges we are afraid of seeing yet even neurological costs aggressively disease. Which have not well understood that the moments that we know that the virus. Penetrates into the nervous system. Despite the challenges this who now how was it like fear now finally getting time to breathe yeah he's. It thanked him but it's not yet for example if I'm about says thank him someday all just the rats because. He was immediately me. Caddy for acting pollution. Now in this edition is that there. Yes said they would still is our intensive care department Smith was financing for its axis. Sylvia like so many others. Taking the time to appreciate the small victories by Paramount announced that yeah. A and James long and joins us now in Italy with more James certainly a lot of good signs as we just saw that it still faces player challenges over the next few months including reopening schools. And also a drop in tourism. Yeah it's funny isn't it in these countries says that they kind of you know Google assigns tobacco they're approaching each country seems to want to go their NY housing. As Sweden Denmark just a couple of weeks ago in the Danes the Danish minister that was saying this this science is telling us that we need to look down again just over the border in Sweden Swedish Health Minister was saying. While we don't need a lot down and is kind of the same here in Italy I think one area that hasn't moved a muscle is tourism on a low people. Have been messaging me today people I know people like that now asking me just when they can come and take their vacations in Italy. Deals that person is not any time soon Mike has said if he wants to make sure that there is no chance of a second wave before it moves forward it wants to get that. This is being very very careful. That is good news for Italy I guess is that there is a desire for people to return James long and our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"ABC News’ James Longman reports from Italy as people head outside after months of lockdown. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70501443","title":"Italy begins to reopen","url":"/International/video/italy-begins-reopen-70501443"}