Japanese Satellite Spots Objects in Search for Malaysian Jet

Officials are not sure if the debris is from the missing plane or whitecaps in the sea.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Japanese Satellite Spots Objects in Search for Malaysian Jet
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York this is an ABC news digital special report. More debris spotted in the Indian Ocean this time by -- Japanese satellite in the search for the missing Malaysia airliner. Japan said it provided Malaysia with four satellite images taken Wednesday showing about ten objects that might be debris from the plane. Tantalizing sightings -- followed by bad weather seemed to be an ongoing. Hand in hand as international search enters its twentieth day ABC's Devin Dwyer joins us now with the latest -- And Michelle -- right now every day it's now seems to bring a new sighting of debris -- -- including the one you just mentioned but. According to keep in mind not one piece has yet been picked up. Satellites have again spotted hundreds of pieces of something floating in the south Indian Ocean. These images taken Monday are from the government of Thailand could those specs be part of flight 370. Today's surge didn't provide an answer. We're and and unable to locate him fingers doing the weather wasn't very good for the search. And the the -- NC state was rather high areas ground crews still haven't found any hard evidence the plane crashed. With a -- moving -- the Australians had to call off the air search until Friday. It is a little disheartening you know this will be a difficult mission. And you know it will go on for very long time the mission will soon go under water with naval ships towing a wing shaped device. To listen for pings from the plane's black boxes it's -- race against time when the batteries go dead. The pinger signal goes away. The black boxes they'll have data -- could still be recovered and all that flight information can still be obtained but we will not have a way to. Acoustic -- find those boxes meanwhile an FBI review of the pilot's home flight simulator is almost complete. Both men at the controls of the plane remain under scrutiny and investigators have reported no red flags. Now the weather in the search area is expected to improve significantly this weekend wind and waves will call home. Giving those search teams perhaps their best chance yet Michelle to find some wreckage. -- Devin thank you very much joining me now from Washington Tom held her former director of aviation safety for the NTSB. Tom the Pentagon just announced it was pulling a PA aside and any significance to this moves. Alone not really that the PA has a lot more capabilities in the so I think it shows that the US -- of the -- it. And get an idea the US doesn't have any warships in the search -- And would they matter and what about submarines. In terms of warships are not only for this kind of work the navy has better search recovery ships that are equipped with aft exit recovery capability that would be much better suited. -- for submarines. We don't know the US may -- does not provide much information in the submarine force. And let's talk about the latest debris -- spotted by a tie and now Japanese satellite how close is this to the previous debris field scene. Earlier this week by a French satellite. Well it shows at least we're finding debris sellouts are finding about the same period -- -- been moved by -- current. We just need to get you know hands honesty with this stuff is and it may be hopefully -- -- aircraft or may just be more junk floating on the ocean. Until we physically get somebody there that can -- about the look at it we just don't know. Exactly and it seems -- the bad weather is a certainty in the search area give us an idea -- the just. Rugged -- of that area and the volatility of currencies. Well that this is a large -- -- huge body of water it's in the area and called the roaring forties mean because the winds in the waves they're not go into their fall winter season. Things are just be more complex by the minute. Visibility is go down very quickly the wave heights are are terrible times it just makes everything much more -- Complex and Tom let's switch now to another part of the investigation the FBI says it will soon complete the analysis of the data from the flight simulator found in the home. Of the missing pilot what if anything. Might this be expected to reveal what do you think they're looking for. Well we don't know obviously they're looking to -- did the pilot free program if you will what he planned to do if he did it. I'm although I know lots of pilots and -- people -- have similar simulators at home so we can't necessary -- Say the pilot does something just based haven't simulator but. Hopefully the FBI will be able to rule and rule out. Any events using -- tomorrow. And so far they haven't ruled anything. -- -- No they haven't -- I've heard they found nothing on the simulator is suspicious and they're not ruling out anything at all with the why this plane went missing. In the in the initially anyway on March 8 no evidence that the pilots might have deliberately sabotaged the flight. Well we we have not -- don't have enough data do an easy right now. We can match -- the theory your scenario with the data we have and what we need is more data. Was can be critical it is to find those recorders recovery room and see what happened. And the recorders obviously have a limited amount of time what time -- are re looking at now. Well we're almost three weeks have passed recorders can run for thirty days -- that. Guarantee from the manufacturer we've seen them last longer to 45. However we have seen a few cases where they went shorter or were buried by Iraqi chin than we could hear the -- at all. But we have people looking so hopefully they'll keep pushing the search and now we're seeing more floating debris -- out -- find something. Tom powder thank you for keeping us. Up to date on this story you can keep up with the Malaysia airlines story in real time also by downloading the ABC news -- And star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. This is -- ABC news digital special report on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23087904,"title":"Japanese Satellite Spots Objects in Search for Malaysian Jet","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials are not sure if the debris is from the missing plane or whitecaps in the sea.","url":"/International/video/japanese-satellite-spots-objects-search-malaysian-jet-23087904","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}