Japan's Prime Minister Remarks at Pearl Harbor Ceremony

Prime Minister Abe of Japan visits the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor with President Obama.
16:51 | 12/27/16

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Transcript for Japan's Prime Minister Remarks at Pearl Harbor Ceremony
President Bob. Commander Harris. Ladies and gentlemen. An all American citizens who. I stand here. At Pearl Harbor. As the prime minister. Of Japan and it. If we listened closely. If it we can make out the sound of restless waves. Breaking and then retreating again. Result of the economy. In that brilliant blue easy radiant with the generals by local Alley of the war and that. The sun. Behind me. A strikingly delightful and atop the two. He's the USS Arizona memorial. All together. President Obama. I paid a visit to that memorial the resting place for many souls. It was a place. Which brought. Him after silent. Parents. To me. It. Inscribed at there. Other names of the servicemen. Who lost their lives. Sailors and Marines hailing from California and New York. Michigan and Texas. And various other places serving uphold their noble duty of protecting the homeland they loved my. Lost their lives. And eight. Amidst. Searing flames that Danny. When aerial bombing. Tore the USS Arizona. In twos I. Good enough along happening. Cindy. Do even I 75 years later IP. The USS Arizona. Now at rest atop the scene. -- final resting place. Freight tremendous number of sailors. And Marines. Listening again I ask my focus my senses. But if not. Alongside the song of the breeze coming and the rumble of the ruling when he speaks. If I can almost. Certainly. The voice is so Phyllis crewmen. Oh the voices of lively conversations. Upbeat. And act east on that day. On the Sunday. Morning. Voices of young servicemen and talking to each other but I doubt if futures. And dreams. Voices. Calling up I names of loved ones. Ian taking it very final moments. Police is praying for the happiness but children. Still people in. Each. And is 31 of those servicemen. Had a mother and a father. Anxious about the safety. Yeah. Many. My head wives and girlfriends state love create. And many must've had children. Because you would have loved to. Watch it grow up. I'm. All of it was brought to and that cannons. Who ran IE. It's been content slate dot solemn reality. He. I am rendered to but the blow entirely speechless. Rest in peace. Precious souls of the fraud and without overwhelming sentiment. You know look to me I cast flowers on behalf of Japanese people out. Calm the waters without those savers and batteries sleep. President Obama. I mean the people of the United States of America. I'm and the people around the world a is that prime minister of the Czech and I. I offer. My sincere. And everlasting condolences. To the souls and those who lost their lives here. As we arrested the spirits of are the brave men and women whose lives were taken by a war that commenced in this very place. And also to the souls of the countless innocent people who became the victims how much. Of the war. On all. The poll. And I'm. Who we must live there with. This is a solemn. Oh lead to people of Japan have taken. Since toward me stick around you have created a free and democratic country that values channel and you law. Has resolutely upheld our shallow. Never backed slang to wage war. England and we the people of Japan and a Coke. And will continue to uphold an emphasis on human need for in principle apple what do you kind of an oil harboring. Quiet private capital capital we have block as a police coordination with these seventh audience. Since the war ended. And about it. To the souls of the serviceman on them lie in eternal rest on board the USS Harry's own. I'm it got me to the American people. They're kind of took him and to oral peoples around the rental market night live should act on whimpering back. Hear me as the prime minister of Japan. Candidates. Yesterday I don't mean corps base Hawaii incontinent and pay. I visited the memorial marker and breaking I really old Japanese navy officer to them. Sargent it was a fighter pie. Piloted by the name that would be commandos who south cut each but I'm needless Ely an attack on Pearl Harbor. I keep up on returning to he's aircraft carrier. He went that instead. It and died. It is. Panel. It was knocked Japanese. Erected a knock him wanting emphasized that he despite a plane crashed. Put it it would be it was Hugh lists or at least and. Who has been on the receiving end to peace attack days and all that it. Suddenly it. Applauding diet of bravery of the security pilot day erected these storm markers of moving the on the marker opened up and he's rant at you that's timing seems crying it. K he'll comment lieutenant. Imperial Japanese me I didn't night showing through respectful and worked as servicemen who gave his life Sunday. Trickiest country. Company the Bruins picked respect and they're brewing. You sell out. You sell. We I'm out. I'm growth Sonia wrote Ambrose how I'm years. In a famous poet. Surely respect. Pick isn't an enemy take brought against. He's trying to understand. Even and it means that they hated to. So when he dimming and I lost the spirit of tolerance. And embraced by the ordinary ideological people. It's a hobby when the war in daylight day. Diplomat in Japan was a nation and cannot in good talent who really knows as far as the eye could see. My final suffering and put out today poverty. The CD epic. Have it among all it was the United States. And it's illegal people that I'm staying with sent us to listen to eat and close its stunning here. And in welcoming that agreement. Defend a particular Japanese people managed to surprise you when you look their way toward the future. Thanks to the Swiss tourists and the milk. Sent by the American people. But that it bless the United States. That opened up that for Japan to return to the international community. Gifted and lots more effect after the war. Bit of an off. Under the leadership of the United States you take passion and as a member of the free world that's. Was able to individually peace ideal. And trust pinnacle out. Victims that Good Will Hunting and assistance unit extended to us Japanese. The enemy and I had thought so fiercely enough on all together with the Trenton native spirit of tolerance is she in the pit. The law. Wear X deeply. Into the highlights. In the minds of parts of our grandfathers. Hop number and mother's. That audit payment. I think Louis also remembers them. Children. Without adult grandchildren about it also continue to pass these communities down in Atlantic it never forget what she did for us. A woman I showed up along the Delaware and a staff passed through my mind wasn't on all those who Wear the T desk Friday in the wall at the lean com memorial in Washington DC. Where I don't hesitate to let that president. Obama baloney. But I've. I packed them all we've Mali's toward in the none none with charity. For all. Let us strive on. To do Carl which make it cheese and serious and a lasting peace among ourselves. And with armed nation needs a new mobile. Yeah I put it. It only kind dikes are the words of president Abraham thing con. That's Iraq on behalf of people could be united Japanese people. People I hereby wish to try to express once again. It will be my heartfelt gratitude to the United States and to the world authority when he tolerance external. Two times Japan most. Panel. It has now own 75 years since. Coral how are there days you know what does Japan and the United States which fought a fierce war that will go down and these animals to be human history. Have become allies with duty and storm titles. Really found any living history. We are allied signal that we'll tackle to hear treatment or even greater deeply than ever before. For wanting many shouting sheets covering illegal. How fluid are words is an alliance fuel a whole. That leads us to the future a perfect tool but has bonded us together east at how old manual local conciliation. Made possible. Not pop through well. The spirit that confident confidence. Like I know what's cut. That's not what I want a I'm not appeal to the people want right of the world. Here any kind prototype right. Together we President Obama. These Davis and all color. Currently conciliation. Syphilis on. Even today. The horrors of war have not been eradicated from the surface of the world so that though there is no end in a spiral where he wrote it. Creates hatred. Are you an acquittal the world need a sign with Scotto spirit of tolerance and pollen out of three conciliation now in my postal and especially now in. Zoellick if fatty. Japan and the united state listen approximately champ eradicating Israel and cultivating friendship and trust on the basis of common values. I don't know and especially now currently on active taking responsibility. For a peeping into the world. About the importance of a tolerance. We hand the power because we conciliation. He pumped all. It back east precisely why. That handles US alliance. Cable in the ease and that my illness focal. About Paxil the Internet edition with us. Each time crew as far as the animal can see it is. How to how that girl Hoggard. Sentinel it is precisely this beautiful leaves already simmering right general little. I got he's a symbol of tolerance of stick and agreed to consider mediation. I it is my wish and you know that our Japanese children. So stick and did. Almanac O'Neill President Obama I'm your American children but Democrats NET to affluent children and Graham puts children. So Stan and people Kaiser aren't around the world. Will continue to remember or so ago they harbor Q loose that depicted it as simple. A pass on reconciliation. We'll come and political Wii wheel spin it my whole efforts to continue our endeavors what you got to make that wish we that he. Obama act together when President Obama. When he RI here by its unique my steadfast glitch. If I think cute they're in March.

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