Joe Biden Pledges Millions in Aid to Ukraine

The vice president issues tough warning to Russia and announces intentions to help the people of Ukraine.
11:57 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Joe Biden Pledges Millions in Aid to Ukraine
This is a special room. -- -- Has the right. To simply grab land from another image. No nation. Has that right. And we will never recognized us -- illegal occupation -- yet. And neither. Little world. Vice president Joseph Biden in Ukraine sending a tough message to Russia. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York -- with him a warning and some deep pockets vice president Joseph Biden taking on Russia. And pledging fifty million dollars in -- ABC's Alex Mark Clark has more from Slovenia on -- eastern Ukraine. It is the strongest show yet of American support for Ukraine's new government. Vice president Joseph Biden in Kiev today meeting with Ukraine's acting prime minister announcing a fifty million dollar aid package. Face. Very daunting problems and some might say humiliating threats. But the opportunity. To generate. United currently. Is within your grasp. Biden also accused neighboring Russia fueling the pro Russian violence that has swept eastern Ukraine. Across the region government buildings even towns now under the control of pro Russia militiamen. Highly professional units like these have been accused of being Russian forces. The Ukrainian government has circulated these photos it says are of Russian troops. Alleging that this bearded Russian man is the same as this bearded man in Ukraine and that these men with their faces circled our -- sabotage unit. -- a strong connection between Russia and the armed militants this is more just further photographic evidence. But we've met the same man who told us they're Ukrainian and spoke -- local accents. And today a spokesman for the militia controlling the town of slot beyond denied any Russian president's -- -- -- -- the musical. These are locals and he told us they looked at the photos where do you get that these are Russians. Ukraine's acting president today told mr. Biden that because of the actions of Russia and Melissa -- like this. That the agreement made last week in Geneva that a legal armed groups must put down their weapons. And leave these occupied buildings. Has been dashed. Deepening this crisis. Alex Marquardt ABC news -- -- Eastern Ukraine. And Alex has now made his way back to -- yes -- he joins us now via -- thank you for joining us. Alex give me an idea Biden bringing fifty million dollars with them but some ukrainians thinks that won't be enough to -- likely that the US could also offer some military equipment to Ukraine. There have been some calls -- -- -- -- -- trained for military aid of course the the Ukrainian military far weaker. And the Russian army and its trade. A patent fight against you got tens of thousands of Russian troops just across the -- ordering eastern Ukraine. New governments in yet. Is Frey could -- I should tensions rise between pro and anti. -- -- forces for the time being the US has given no indication that it -- in did any sort of military aid. I should say lethal game. To Ukraine has given nonlethal -- mostly in the form of Oracle -- Easter or meals ready to eat for. -- Ukrainian forces for the time being the Obama administration and it doesn't plan. On switching or or or are operating shall we say to legal age they wanted the escalating. This crisis they don't want to raise tension anymore and he hired and already -- You know it was just last week we -- secretary of state John Kerry and foreign ministers Sergey. -- -- -- struck a deal last week how was that deal working I thought there was a deadline that was going on here. There wasn't -- a deadline but there are some very clear contours -- very clear elements that that we expected. To see from both the -- -- and the anti -- forces. I'm namely they said that the illegal armed groups they called should put down their weapons. And disarmed they should leave these buildings that have been occupied. And the Ukrainian government -- -- to give amnesty to the pro Russian forces that have taken over these buildings. So far we've seen absolutely no change on the ground these buildings that have been occupied all across eastern Ukraine continue. Two BC's they have not put down their weapons and -- -- already hearing from the pro Russian forces out here is that they're not gonna do that Intel based C. The protest encampment on my -- square and in -- on independence square taking down. -- so they see groups there disarm and and so they see that governments and and yet set -- -- at a stalemate here despite the glimmer of hope as President Obama called it. After that agreement was signed in Geneva there really hasn't been any change here on the ground. And there -- words used like they must immediately -- with trawler and show us hard signs and we haven't seen any of that. No not yet in fact I'm -- done yet which is the regional capital. Of Donetsk region are just a few hundred yards away from large regional administration building it has been taken over. -- for the past two weeks every single Flores is occupied by armed protesters who tell us that they're not going anywhere. Because they believe that the government's in in you have -- criminal that's similar scenes are playing out all across the region we just got back as you know from -- beyond that is -- an entire town. That has been taken over that shows no sign. Being cleared out buy it by the military. At any time soon so there really haven't been any changes and in fact quite the contrary another security building was taken over in the building in Indian region last week so. As opposed -- -- And how -- vice president's visit. Affect or impact this deal. Well it would cause both sides to dig in but to -- to choose -- hold. We're seeing evidence here among Ukrainian. Politicians. That this the deal is coming apart -- this seems -- not only. I have we not seen any sort of changes on the grounds. On the ground rather but the acting president's -- Vice President Biden. That dated back because it would be to Russian forces because of what the militia. -- -- have been doing. Completely disrespecting the Geneva agreement he said. They're there really is no evidence of major Geneva agreement has had any sort of impact and and just moments ago. We've learned that Ukraine has announced it is going to re launch further calling their anti terrorist operation other had been a lull over the past few days during. The Easter vacation but we do expects -- Ukraine's military and our ramp up in the coming days to try to clear those areas clear those buildings. -- taken by. Pro Russian forces and how might that change the situation could we see some of those clashes that we were seen before this deal was struck. Well that's really that that's really the concern the Ukrainian militaries and a very tight spot in that they can't allow. And these swaths of land -- that -- -- these buildings these towns to be taken over. By pro Russian forces this same time if they going to -- -- and start fighting start trying to clear them. If there's bloodshed. That really could provoke. Russian anger that could provoke an invasion. By the Russian army is really a big year. And and it really could cause in the eyes of many it and they're afraid it could cause a civil war. And of course Russian troops -- had admitted that they were in fact after the fact in Crimea. He's been accused again of having. Troops inside parts of eastern Ukraine do you think he could make that same admission down the line as a pretty clear that there are some Russian troops on the ground. He certainly could change his tune I mean I was in Crimea for several weeks and and and during that time almost every other day seemingly there was -- Russian official coming out and saying no we don't have any sort of troops in. In -- even though is painfully obvious from the get go to -- work highly trained well armed well equipped uniforms you know all in matching uniforms that these were Russian forces and factory in week -- -- there Russian Marines. And so he changes -- here and eastern Ukraine. -- -- couple weeks couple months down the line -- -- -- to come into his orbit so we're still a long way often that -- yet to keep in mind. We're not seeing the same things here in Crimea at a worse they're sorry near eastern Ukraine Greece on Crimea. Indeed the Russians. Who we believe to be here and the American officials -- Ukrainian officials accuse of being here. Are really lurking in the shadows there we believe the ones are sort of coordinating organizing. Funding and doing Internet communications they're not the ones -- necessarily on the front lines are surrounding Ukrainian military bases. Like Greece on Crimea it's -- much still bureau operation. They're not they're not really on the surface so. It is certain we could easily see an admission by prudent. Of that nature -- a couple weeks a couple months time but -- orally along well. And your back and -- yes -- pro Russian militia also taken over more government buildings who is in control right now. Well it's safe to say the Ukrainian government is still largely in control almost entirely back and so if you take example of dot net and they'd just over they've just taken over. One building as I mentioned I have taken over. Towns like -- in and in other towns are taking over several buildings but. The control of the pro Russian forces. Is extremely localized the stated train is still pretty much in control. Of this part of the country -- Ukrainian military is around here -- -- -- Ukrainian police. Industries. Although not terribly obvious they don't want to make their presence they don't of course their presence too hard because they don't vote any sort of backlash that at -- that we are talking about just a moment ago where. If the military were to be too forceful. It created could create a backlash that would ban a raise tensions in that there -- further awesome bloodshed so they're not pushing it -- -- but Ukrainian state does control. This part of the -- in -- timing. So Alex here we are a week later after this deal was struck it's sort of coming -- -- as we see. Diplomatic efforts in full play what -- those diplomatic efforts don't work we've heard about more sanctions. What else. Now that's and that's exactly right down so -- -- agreement or work to fall apart. They had just today Vice President Biden. Threatened more sanctions -- in the United States has repeatedly threatened more sanctions against Russian officials. If they continue. To metal in the words the Obama administration if they continued to assert exert their force and try to extend. Moscow's orbit -- into eastern Ukraine. Essentially that they're there is a timeline narrative or and Vice President Biden alluded to it today that it. -- -- Time is not infinite her for the third the rushing inside at some point. Should Russia continue on this path Biden said more sanctions will be imposed so far. More than twenty -- and officials. And a bank had been -- by the United States treasury. That number could increase and and American officials there -- are threatening even -- himself. So far even though the US claims that these sanctions are quite harsh we've seen. Are nothing to indicate that they have deterred prudent in the slightest. ABC's Alex McCord and -- yes Ukraine thanks for joining us. You get of course keep up with the story in real time by downloading and the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot for now. I'm Michelle Franzen New York.

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{"id":23429050,"title":"Joe Biden Pledges Millions in Aid to Ukraine","duration":"11:57","description":"The vice president issues tough warning to Russia and announces intentions to help the people of Ukraine.","url":"/International/video/joe-biden-pledges-millions-aid-ukraine-23429050","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}