John Kerry Outlines Steps to Achieve Ceasefire in Syria

The Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hold news conference discussing the current progress of the Syrian peace talks in Vienna.
5:41 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for John Kerry Outlines Steps to Achieve Ceasefire in Syria
Today we. Believe we moved the ball forward and some winds. And I'll say specifically first. We pledged our support for transforming. The cessation of hostilities. In 28 comprehensive cease fire. And we committed to use our influence to use the parties to the the cessation. In order to ensure compliance. Second. We agreed that if a party to the cessation of hostilities engages in a pattern of persistent noncompliance. The task force can refer that behavior to the IS SG eight ministers. Or those designated by the ministers to determine appropriate action. Including the exclusion. Of such parties. From the arrangements of the cessation. Interpreted directly that means that if they continue to do it in their pretending to be part of the cessation and they're not. They could be subject to no longer being part of the cessation. Immediately. In addition to that we underscored the failure. The cessation of hostilities are granting access to the delivery of humanitarian relief that we've already seen in some instances. And if that continues. That will increase international pressure. And potentially other actions and those who do not do not live up to those commitments third. We will intensify efforts to get the parties to stop all indiscriminate. Use of force. We welcome Russia's commitment to work with the Syrian authorities to halt aerial bombardments over area's predominantly inhabited by civilians. Or parties to the cessation. And the US commitment to intensify support for regional partners. To help prevent the flow of foreign fighters. Weapons. And financial support to terrorist organizations. Fourth. We call on all parties to the cessation of hostilities. To disassociate. Themselves physically. And politically. From dash and I'll know struck. And to endorse the intensified efforts by the United States and Russia to develop shared understandings of the threat posed. And the delineation. Of the territory that is controlled by dash and I'll know struck and to consider ways to deal decisively. With terrorist groups. Fifth. We agree that the delivery of humanitarian assistance must. Begin. Or resume depending on the case in Duma. East harassed. Are being. Bizarre Monica. De right now for law. Kip Frey out Monday there's a body in. Mood on the end Yarmouth. Was up but dining. And cop for a but. And these deliveries will continue. As long as the need persists. And starting on June 1. If the UN has denied humanitarian access to any of these designated areas. The IS SG calls on the World Food Program. To immediately carry out a program for air bridges. And airdrops. For all of those areas in need. The ISS do you pledges to support such a program. And also calls on all parties to provide a secure environment for that program. The World Food Program will of course. Determine where it is operationally feasible to conduct this program. And the world through program will accelerate air drops and Peres allure. Where it is already provided some 460. Metric tons of food to more than a 100000 people. Aid to these areas must be a step towards a full sustained. And unimpeded access. Throughout the country. And the UN will report weekly on aid deliveries to members. Of the support group to these numbers so that members and support group can allow the parties to have access without delay or denial. And problems arise. The humanitarian task force under the iasis gee who will work to resolve them six. Special envoy the most durable facilitate agreements between the Syrian parties for the release the detainees. And we call on any party holding detainees. To protect the health and safety of those in their custody. Final link. We underscored the need forward substantive discussions. On the objective of meeting the target date established by the UN secretary. A by the UN council. Resolution 2254. Of August 1. To reach agreement on a framework for a genuine political transition. To a transitional governing body. Those talks should address the structure membership operational rules. And the roles and responsibilities. Of a broad inclusive. Non sectarian. Transitional governing body with full executive. A powers. And we agreed to work on that now the darkest days is not a drop date it's a target date. And we all recognize that if we're making significant progress in removing we will respect. That process.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"The Secretary of State and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hold news conference discussing the current progress of the Syrian peace talks in Vienna.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"39170226","title":"John Kerry Outlines Steps to Achieve Ceasefire in Syria","url":"/International/video/john-kerry-outlines-steps-achieve-ceasefire-syria-39170226"}