Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Royal Baby Boy

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge celebrate addition to their royal family.
58:26 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Royal Baby Boy
Bogged down Cutler in New York -- -- ABC news digital special report and it is a boy. Kate duchess of Cambridge has safely delivered a baby boy third in line to the throne. Eight pounds six ounces. The news delivered via a press release just moments ago. The royals will continue with the tradition of making the announcement. By signed royal stationery that will be. Taken from the hospital you see there Saint Mary's hospital window wing. An exclusive wing where Princess Diana 31 years ago delivered Prince William. Remember those iconic pictures when she and Prince Charles were on -- steps and everyone got their first glimpse of first prince William and now. It will soon be his turn. To take to those steps and hold his new son just announced to the world eight pounds six ounces. The duchess was admitted early this morning almost under wraps very few photographer is very little entourage was brought to the hospital there. And now as we can see -- car has pulled up presumably. The announcement which we made on -- monarch stationary will then be delivered to Buckingham Palace. There -- the queen will review its and -- ceremony and a protocol dictates. That official announcement will be posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace. Announcing to the world that in fact the third to the alliance -- us a set as a session has now been born. Young boy eight pounds six ounces no name has been made the announcement that's not necessarily uncommon. In fact it was a week that it took for Prince Charles and Princess Diana to name. Prince William so in fact. Really might be a few days yet before we know the name. But we do know now from this delivery nominee read just -- short bit of it -- royal highness the duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a sign. At 4:24. PM the baby weighs eight pounds six ounces the duke of Cambridge was present for the birth to queen the duke of Edinburgh. The prince of Wales -- -- of Cornwall prince area members of both families have been informed. And are delighted with the news -- royal highness and her child are both doing well. And -- -- remain in the hospital overnight certainly. The news that so many in London and around the world. Had been waiting for all to find out when the little royal baby. We've -- -- you can see take a look at a live shot here outside of Buckingham Palace they believe that is Canada gate. We're crowds have been lining up since the duchess was admitted to the hospital early this morning. Catching a lot of people off guard and there's a lot of speculation. Of when her official due date was and there. Is the official announcement. That will be carried from the hospital. Allred of Buckingham Palace. And this is just one of the wonders of the British monarch. Tradition. And the ceremony that goes into making such an announcement and you can hear -- in some of the cheers in the background there. As that jaguar pulled away from Saint Mary's hospital. I want to bring in mark -- Author and journalists and mark certainly a big exciting announcement this afternoon. Absolutely. I'm I'm kind of speechless when it takes on the I feel quite -- -- but I now have a king. To follow on that bit below the moments of my life some little -- Well certainly. This little royal baby will have a good role model and legal residents to be following -- There is a lot of ceremony that goes into the announcement. -- they're not. I think it's fascinates and that William and Kate who was so determined to stick to cards -- the eleventh Alice -- out the little Presley's. What that says to me is that maybe that was someone who has little chapter of the hospital and they have to get them the news out a little -- than they were planning. I ones when we'll hear about the nine and that's what fascinates me how long it will take them to get that counts he had -- it is amazing right and you know it's funny because we've been talking about how the coverage of this will be happening. We were all speculating how are you going to keep an announcement that is there's easily you're seeing right there -- fame is -- -- last year was thirty when years ago when prince William's birth house. But we're all wondering how in fact are you going to keep an announcement like that top secret. As that piece of paper is being transported. From Saint Mary's hospital to Buckingham Palace for a royal review. By the queen and then carried out on the easily and clearly. I think the duke and -- realize. Well. We might have to advance of the times on this announcement. But they did manage to state they -- just keep it quiet for four hours which I think he's still an incredibly impressive achievement this baby was boom quite a while ago. And we have enormous sniff of news they kept it in locked down select press release was announced I think that shows also -- the team around them. Probably have quite a affection for them than not just following parts of -- no one wants to spoil the big news middle and -- is certainly a couple that has certainly. Followed their own hearts and we were talking eleven earlier today have certainly done things. Their way they've been mindful of tradition and history but the same time though have also understood that. So to -- evolution in the monarchy and again if you're just joining us and announcements from London palace -- -- that prince William's wife Catherine Middleton. -- -- -- -- Of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy at -- when he for local time eight pounds six ounces. Of course third in line to the British throne and there was a good deal speculation. That -- It in the event the child were to have been born later on in the afternoon. The announcement may not have been made for hours after that just because the time difference. I think what they were making sure is that the ultimate in parts Paula as you don't upset the queen. I'm the queen -- which is always a good rule to follow. Right and I'm terrified to -- -- -- months -- -- -- thousand miles away at an odd she's got reaches Everglades. I'm I bet the queen as -- -- a lady of right she's not a late late night now she goes to bed at 101030 London time. So I think everyone was racing to see if the baby will warm today but the queen -- -- How do you keep -- use in lockdown I wouldn't want to be in that position on so glad to this site that didn't happen. And there and of course -- -- now it's only people are waiting to find out what the name would be at odds makers. What -- they say what was at the top of the list. They think I think that the betting on the top of the list -- -- George was the big bat which of course would be to host the fifth of of Britain. I would like to -- I hope there's a William and that of course he's going to have about 15100 -- he'll need a credit cards -- twice the size of normal one. To -- all the -- elements an exaggeration but yes you're absolutely right typically. From the research that I've done typically males are given four names correct. I think it's not for aren't quite -- -- so I can never keep track and that whenever you -- the proclamations of the royal princes in London. And all of -- names -- you saw some drifting off because it goes on -- -- So what does he -- be at least four but again maybe they'll be a couple of extra and that title will be here as well. Highness prince of Cambridge and in just a short time that he's -- that you see sitting outside of Buckingham Palace there will be of course. Guard walking out sitting on that -- that birth announcement. That -- include the -- time. For 24 this afternoon eight pounds six ounces and certainly all of London has been waiting. For such a long time really. Essentially since the wedding has -- been talk about -- I think I think it's been fascinating I think -- Kate Middleton if -- -- -- -- chemist -- to buy a pregnancy test that would been -- just following everywhere I now I think the press is all I -- well and though I have to kind of have a -- -- that she would even go into a pharmacy but. You never know they are a modern day of royal couple for certain. Really had some of the pictures here throughout London obviously a lot of folks have been waiting to find out what the big announcement will be. It'll be a boy that would be a girl. And that maker's mark you and -- -- talking about this sometimes that seems to be almost empirical evidence when it comes to news coverage in England it was love how. That in Britain we all used to see you go to the bookmakers and you see what all of us they're offering and you. Says there's I think all of us fall into the trap of assuming that somehow this group think this -- mind of bookmakers. Knows something more than we did this time the bookings were wrong it was one to two -- -- ago. Six to -- all of us on it being a boy. That means there's going to be some very very happy Betts is out -- because they're -- -- over the caps and do you remember not that long ago and I love getting into this discussion I think it was probably about two or three months ago. When -- duchess was in a receiving line and someone had presented her ugly -- -- I think it was a -- Teddy bear. And she was caught on camera saying this will be great from my job and she stopped right there. And that fueled all kinds of speculation that it was going to be a girl that she was about ready to -- daughter. She could have been throwing everyone for a -- you never -- I have I have great respect to William and Kate and I think that really clever and how they handle that public image. I wouldn't put it cost to have played a little bit of a prank on all of us just to try and confuse things I don't think. I'm he died in the that's pushing it to follow that very clever and how to manage the public image and of course everyone is responding now to the great news the prime minister David Cameron tweeting -- I'm delighted for the duke and duchess now -- son has been boy in the whole country will celebrate. They'll make wonderful parents and from the labor leader. Ed Miliband many congratulations to the duke and duchess of Cambridge I wish them and their son. All happiness. And good health and of course you can go on abcnews.com. We have an entire page of baby. Royal greeting book if you will where you can leave well wishes for the happy couple and now the third in line. To the throne it's gonna be a bit of Kuwait's. Before this little one is gonna find out the weight of the crown but certainly. Those. It in line ahead of him. Will be steered him in the right direction and that is something that as we've been covering this royal baby -- the green has made sure in fact that. All of those that will follow her will be able to enjoy their lives as much as they possibly can understanding full well the kind of responsibility. That each of those heirs will have -- in fact they do. Take fifth round I wanna go to ABC's nick Schiffer who is in London and nick. A big announcement big smiles I imagine across the city -- On his debut this singles that that I think is one of the best that there is in this -- and now. There is expected to be three million bottles of champagne. Box and consume tonight so I think it's safe to say this is a very very. Happy country and very pleased with its new heir to the throne and little baby boy that -- let me ask you as well -- -- because we've been hearing the news kind of -- in here we can see the jaguar pulling through the palace gates there. And inside. That official announcement. -- All of it everything that the world's been waiting for and it really is an amazing. Now we'll be believe it's an amazing though and I have to say it was a it's an amazing -- Iraq to sell a lot of people were hoping for a girl having secretly including some lot of people. Who actually put bids on our bets on for this moment but I have to say watching. This -- watching this video it's a historic moment the first time in over a hundred years -- they'll be three. Leaving heirs to the throne and it's the first time that really in social media -- Everybody has been following this via FaceBook. Twitter. The cable networks I mean it's a completely different world from the last time we saw an -- to the -- Foreign 31 years ago and you hear a nation erupting around me and perhaps an entire world erupting as well. And if you -- is joining yes. Kate and William -- now the proud parents of a healthy baby point eight pounds six ounces and was born at 424 this afternoon and the royal announcement. Has just been delivered to Buckingham Palace where the queen will review it and it will then be placed how to make -- -- -- -- in -- right there. Nick talked a little bit about the fact we've been talking about sort of the protocol the announcement and now obviously tweeting out using social media and of course. Also with a press release and public relations. Really in this day and age it's the only way that you can ensure that the delivery of the news is going to be. Balancing an -- in and equally distributed. Yeah I think that's what happened here I -- up and tell I don't know about an hour ago or even last as far as we knew. This announcement was not gonna come out over email it was not going to be treated it was not going to be sent over the act Kensington Palace -- FaceBook page. It would be delivered by hand. To the queen. In that in that video that we just saw and that was going to be the formal announcement and then when the queen reviews it. The piece of paper goes onto an easel that hasn't been used for 31 years -- may -- even gets tied to the palace gates so everyone can review it but instead -- the last minute I have to say they decided to release that email. -- eight pounds six ounces it's a baby boy and -- -- said but what people are saying here is that the palace simply didn't believe. That it would stays secret even for those few minutes between -- time this boy was born and that Carly get to the palace and so instead they released the email. As the car made its way to the house. You have you have got to give William -- -- -- hat tip for this because here inside the studios in New York. We're kind of getting some rumblings that perhaps something -- -- happening. And suddenly we did get that five minute notice from Kevin -- from the public relations and that I think as you say. Speaks very highly to how to organize how well respected they are is a couple. And being able to embrace modern technology and modern. Ways of of delivering these kinds of of announcements. I think as a couple there's no doubt that that they -- the House of Windsor is most modern couple -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's Twitter. They've always used emails to get out. Their message for the same time they have combined that. With the historical precedents they've given the nod to everything that happened with -- 31 years ago and they've given -- -- to the fact that the queen had to know first. They are very aware that they are continuing a long tradition in some of these traditions are amazing not covered them trooping the colors that's the queen's official birthday sign -- -- real -- there were just celebrated separately. The -- of the colors is older than the United States. And we're talking about tradition that goes back. So many years and in fact one of my favorite traditions. The crown that this little boy will Wear one day probably fifty or sixty years from now is actually from ten. 66. And wasn't even taken out. From -- Tower of London for fifty years. Before last week ending coming interrupt -- for one dog because we can see the announcement has been placed on the -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Time. Signed on -- -- doctors. It's -- viewed by the queen. And now it is official. I wanna bring in DC -- -- a royal watcher on the phone let us now and daisy. The entire city of London this must be overjoyed with this announcement that's been waiting for such a long time. I think that well -- All right it's eight. I think -- people signing -- -- about him comment. Leverage if the media. The that it knew they'd have to -- -- away and they don't that was a big thing. But that's. I would say. I don't think -- -- -- in the country. Probably a bit worried about it in name. The movement people who for the country. Cutting government insisting things about it openly is that. I listened to do teenagers that the other day wanted to let me. -- -- -- -- Yeah I didn't -- that the message is calculated Clinton people like. Back it was like it -- Did you let me ask you this. Is -- -- is it is somewhat aggressive that -- News was able to stay under wraps such a long time. -- long debt in the you know in the news business -- can seem like an eternity so clear he kept in such a coordinated release. And I added. And that the fact that they've kept it quiet his fourth yeah I think they've done by wealthy. And I gave them leaky. These. You know how many people that have been about how many people won't -- in the hospital. That demand that on the night that Gupta Bubba vote. I'm school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We need to just put it. -- -- told you know would know about that easily level of the I think I think promise because. -- You know. Attention that I have a -- -- Because. Let's people who are grieving community I think in this country certainly I would pick -- -- -- Phoenix. He was the scene according. The case which is to being a community based -- this country -- units in the continent. Gathered people. He wouldn't have been tied it in the event that the brother. The room right behind you but -- but did get a vehicle hit the WOK. Split -- moment. Will be paying full equipment I think -- -- -- -- that thing. If you just -- Medicaid. And you know it ain't it time limits becomes -- But it became very caught in traffic meant that didn't limited -- Taking -- back day. I I think I guess and if you see anything can elaborate a little bit more on the on the changing of those. Essentially of those. Reliant on the session because it was really Queen Elizabeth just now celebrating last year for Diamond Jubilee. When she was thrust at such a young age into the spotlight as -- an air and with her uncle. King Edward had abdicated. And for being -- throne. For that period of time. We've heard time and time again that she in fact has evolved that she in fact. -- kept tradition but at the same time she's also challenged a lot of tradition with a lot of parents with a lot of grandparents she held in high regard and at the same time she wanted to make sure that the next child boy or girl. When in fact -- -- -- -- Well I -- -- -- I -- hi hi hi managed it. But -- -- -- wide about those days hood but I'm very that -- thank god that it happens. It is quite simple. The rest of the country that actually get a -- -- -- equally by the eighth. I think it did decide if they'll it's no doubt and it would have been irradiate terrific story that. I'm that they that they have other healthy healthy boy. And Internet site I think the whole country will will be -- like his. And if you are just joining us. The two indexes of Cambridge Sharon the proud parents of a little boy eight pounds six ounces. Born at 424 this afternoon and you can see that's the gate. Of Buckingham Palace and just on the other side of that gate is an -- Which one of the symbols that's been used in these historical protocol making an announcement and on that easel. Is -- official announcement that reads his royal highness the duchess. Of Cambridge with safely delivered. A son at 424 today -- royal highness and her child. Are both doing well. Daisy -- what everyone goes crazy for babies everyone is excited. About a newborn. But in particular a new boards that this couple because we've seen since the marriage of William in cape -- has been this. Revitalized energy in the British monarch. Yes I think that that will pay a lot of in China and in hottest. Not so cool seen eight days ago when I look for one moment I want to listen doing announced. -- -- -- -- -- -- What a dichotomy. That is. An official announcement. Being put out by a press office and now. Declared in the -- of things. -- before Iditarod did you. I want it we were talking a little bit about how this couple has really finalize the excitement -- like a youthful spirit. -- -- -- Well let let's let this play -- the paper reports continues the you know they say gates sifting through a little go to -- oh apparently. And -- -- felt the -- Young insect repellent and ankle William K glamorous -- if so how they admit they well he's got. Typical seasonally royal that we do that -- -- like and I couldn't they think what we'll beat you won't mean. Alive if you are confident director youth because commonplace thing. -- -- don't think that it was that they. Needed affiliate Plavix. It's time they need to -- Then you've ever -- because. Distracted. Or other problems in the nation. And that apple the royal family don't think that nickname miles from what they've been -- but then don't. And on abcnews.com. We have an entire page devoted. To the royal baby with an interactive of the royal family. The possibility of choosing the name. -- You can leave a message. For the duchess and the duke and now the future king the third in line to the around. And you can see tweeting at the bottom there from various people wishing their congratulations. And these are what -- -- ask you. Because this is such a momentous occasion. There are also treats for those other babies that are born on this day in London. -- I think pandemic get faith movement calling a building six. Believe. I think every avatar Paloma that this balloon. Then I'd sooner loving parents that baggage fees could see you know why -- thanks man. In anything each unit of Harry like this soon as having a fabulous thing. That the patent. I would say it that it's -- it's the real well. If he managed to -- innovative things the world they -- -- -- double celebration. That's right and then of course that child -- will be able to. Bragg at school who has classmates -- her classmates in fact yes yes yes I sure that I -- I -- everything with the king. You know they will be collected went through that. It's going to be -- Later on. In recognition of the announced that -- will be a 41 gun salutes. And at the Tower of London a 61 rounds will be fired off. In celebration. Of the announcement. I want to bring in mark you know it here in New York. And mark you can see the crowds outside -- -- baby mania transcends. Any kind of monarch is -- not. -- think this is I mean those crowds of remarkable to think those people at the man. Terrible heat in London I really feel for them I'm just waiting for the -- -- the baptism remember we're not done. Bear richer and and -- we're still waiting on -- -- yet so we I mean I suspect they'll still -- people out that still lives of nine I'm I'm sure they'll be. The true royal patriots are once known how many other people are gonna wait to -- that children. And fall of the league's how many babies born today won't be named until they can be named after the royal -- And right now according to bookmakers. Shortage is dual front runner. George as the front -- I suspect I suspect that again I think William and Charles will be -- -- somewhere. But they'll use they'll reach back into the royal playbook this is not a kid who's going to be -- -- this kid is gonna have a mind from the royal playbook. I think it's almost a requirement. I -- at some point daisy. What what next now what will happen the duke and duchess -- -- is still in the hospital and will then they go back to Kensington Palace. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that the losses -- about because. Security that in my hands -- -- Balmoral. Which is kind of decisive play they can they. So -- -- so that want to be somewhere where they can be as it completed its pull pull away from the paparazzi -- candidates every -- canonized. There which -- I'm so that won't speak to my -- making him. -- -- -- -- -- -- And what about those first pictures because on the left there we see Linda wing which is the exclusive wing of Saint Mary's hospital and -- -- shot that we've seen in so many iconic pieces of video where Princess Diana and Prince Charles walked out on those steps she was holding Prince William. And you can hear -- audio which we do you have if we can play that just for a moment because it's fascinating. Snap shot 31 years ago. And you can hear we -- -- in the background. In the backgrounds. Jealous jealous of you can see cruises Diana -- is merely. Taking control of the situation and end this things and this was above ground breaking moment. Did not. Yeah. Because up until this point those first pictures of -- -- that everyone is clamoring for. It used to be a highly choreographed event inside Buckingham Palace photographer was brought in a studio with set up. And those first pictures were taken. Yes well and so on school -- -- -- that there will be but they don't look that. Everywhere within the country will be looking at cases thinking. NN Mexico and -- -- back already sent to -- come. -- -- -- -- Thank you about Goldman -- -- back to they've in. -- you can get back at -- fixing case that we know. And it's gonna read a statement from the prince -- wells that's -- following the birth of royal baby of course grandparents. Delighted. Both my Wi-Fi overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild is an incredible special moment -- William and Catherine and we are so thrilled for them. On the birth of their baby boy. -- parenthood is unique moment in anyone's life as -- was -- people have told me in recent months so -- enormously proud and happy. To be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby. In the near future. That of course being written by Prince Charles. And an interest in account I had read earlier mark I wanna bring you into this discussion. Talking about some of those early baby pictures. Queen Elizabeth had remarked when Prince William was born. When one of those first pictures has brought out when Princess Diana was standing on the steps of Saint Mary's hospital the queen said. Well I'm glad that he didn't get his father's -- Us up up up. I mean at least she said while the rest of us were open -- a -- that was to -- was that. I think and they want to get your response to this because the facts we seen this time and time again that the queen. Four. Being the head of the monarch 460. Plus years now. As stoic as she is she has shown signs of humor she is shown signs of humility. And she is shown signs that yes in fact. She knows how to crack a joke every now and that. Tyler you know I mean NHK. -- I think inadequate test the -- I think see. This there's enormous affection in the culture for the clean means it is the -- but the -- -- federal -- -- I mean I think people. You know the less they like the -- of William and ties that the queen is because. You know issues the nation's mothers is certainly the cooked -- chicken -- army ammunition from the -- it has -- -- -- because. I actually even ruled that the bank if you were on the dumping which is quite the -- the fact that the country and I think that was. With the -- -- as yet to be honest. I'm modular home nation not believe me enough of them -- -- the LA want to thank initially thought while others. Grandchildren great grandchildren already that was that silent -- a -- that the -- building. We certainly noticed that she knew she loves her ponies which seems to. Running -- Facies NAC she's fundamentalist clean and I think -- look -- about. And later on this week she begins her vacation at Balmoral correct. Yes he does he -- built Obama -- these days. Proposal this thing might get this William and -- -- because. The place where they can from being patient. -- -- You know K Harris escaped his opinions I think the other thing we're waiting is whether. -- has given its -- month bills -- Really and yeah. You know whether they will be made unity I think he'll be making -- typical fully -- -- -- in this. And so does a lot of speculation about. Is -- very fascinating few largest watching this. The two conventions of Cambridge announcing in fact that -- the Texas and births. To a baby boy eight pounds six ounces at 424 local time. The announcement coming across in a press release. And then of course as we've been looking at some video. And more ceremonial fashion with the official British stationary being delivered from Saint Mary's hospital. -- car to Buckingham Palace where it's reviewed by the queen and then carried out on that you so saying -- that was used 31 years ago. When Prince William second in line to -- around. When his birth announcement was -- -- wanted to ask you about that about the role of the Middleton and speak as. We saw a little of their personalities. In the ceremony when they got married. I think its agents and there's a real challenge about the -- -- because. The British public has taken Kate to that song it's because she's a wonderful fairy -- -- the ordinary Joseph who became a princess. I think the British public has -- less readily to the middle -- And I think that's just as state he was saying I think it would really help to give them -- title and -- ignoble them slightly so that they seem slightly less like. The sort of -- a wrong parents I think -- -- a very difficult position people make fun of them williams' friends very famously when he and Kate started dating. Called his mother DT and all doors to manual because she'd been -- ask -- it acts. So they've had a very tough time getting accepted by the that the great and the good -- which will name wrong. Daisy how does the royal family event incorporates. That the militants weather -- be a tradition whether -- be in child raising weather been spending holidays we know that -- That they have spent holidays together. Yeah unease in defiance I think I -- approved. -- days Queen Elizabeth Lowell -- lady Elizabeth -- that she looked at royal. -- came from an -- nominated to a royal. But at this sad time. You know this -- at this time of the moment it will doesn't have a -- -- -- -- -- Graham. It is great time parents one -- -- with the lineup but it's been really interesting effect but thanks. -- Britain that it. It's an extraordinary times. I think the middle of that done incredibly well output of wrong in Natick -- been filled with dignity. I mean I think Carol Littleton. Eight -- is the world -- case. PR the petition bullet as she kept active in the -- you -- K. Up into the boat rolled between innings meet -- them. Barrington unit and I think many people think it is being -- I think they've done a barricade gel. I think there's a little bit I think the political know based friends but at the royal quote a bit horrified by the middle of it but and -- -- -- Good luck to them you know they'll. -- That the royal family is -- it felt the bill -- the kind of like. -- seeking fishing I can't think that they can't thank you -- It I mean I had -- story about how little some of the Arab world where things somebody that. -- -- -- do you think it's -- well you know it's very difficult because I'm used to being in control. That then there is gone -- -- -- them. You know I think Carol -- the matriarch to. Right now I think those get there -- -- it has completely have been a bit of a standoff might be you know we went we -- here about have been and so there's something. Albania a -- circle at some point I. -- and I I think oftentimes the tree in the queen. -- also. -- -- -- -- But I think how Middleton is this really into being a and increasing. They. Talk a little bit about the fact about raising -- royal and we have an extensive amount of coverage on abcnews.com. As close of eighty guest book where you can. Give your well wishes to the little royal baby now. Just a couple of hours old -- -- 44 local time at eight pounds sixteen ounces. A whole interactive. On the entire royal family. And and there are a lot of them because they easy in markets you know it can be a little confusing to kind of understand. Where the -- go in -- who is the daughter of Hulu and and and just how far back that the history goes for the family. But I wanted to talk a little bit about. Raising this baby because the queen was instrumental in changing a lot of the protocol. Education. Social interaction for Prince Charles. I think that was prince but it ailment I think it's -- with that he NA. He's not going to be educated. Line. -- -- Olympic -- you need is so these days. To public school that they sent into the -- I think that says that and it went it -- to. What happens so the company miserable. When they have kept open up every morning that you may have -- -- have been moving. And I think it's -- I think it's generally acknowledged kind of have offended visible Thompson. And then I think he and Diana just sent back to write bad boys and then -- -- wiring and they sent them this season which -- -- the world -- and even. I think the wolves who was -- Them saying tried by the post time with them as possible and Diana famously. Really changed the roof but taking. And put some -- in almost two both straight and when he was I think eight year -- Maybe youngest six month. With Ron Santo but -- had never been -- the school they -- ways to let you know when will the -- -- says they believe that the baby was -- states. Diana was the first person to bring lol lol -- this community -- them. Daisy mark stay with us for just -- -- we're looking at some live pictures of aerial views outside of Buckingham house for you can see the crowd celebrating at the gates there from the announcement. Of a baby boy for the duke and duchess of Cambridge and I want to go to ABC's Amy robot -- is outside of Saint Mary's hospital. Amy I can only imagine the excitement outside that hospital way. Yes I mean and and we have had a very. Long. Hot period of excitement here as people got the news very early this morning near London time that at 530. This morning William and Kate had been whisked away by a royal bodyguard to besides secret entrance of Saint Mary's hospital here in at 6 AM. Local time she was admitted into the hospital. Ever since that moment everyone -- their cameras and we were awaiting word. Now we know of course -- that baby was born at -- when he for a local time but we didn't find out about it until about three and a half hours later but believe me. Everyone was waiting for. Any movement from this door and then we find out that this new modern royal family decided to tell the world. Via email so is that a watching the -- -- we're all watching our phones until he got that official press release. And then you can hear it'd cheer because we have. Many many people gathered behind barricades. Just screaming and and and celebrating the news. Other new baby boy and it was quite something in and pretty quickly -- after Dan. We saw the Press Secretary to the duke and duchess. Rundown that card stock with a formal birth announcements into that waiting car and -- a way to Buckingham Palace and it all happened very quickly and then he went back up the stairs. Instead of getting in the -- so many of us you were hoping still are helping possibly. That that needs he went back up to William they're preparing to come down -- May be the new father would have a few words it may not happen but certainly we can help we can we figure long enough I think we'll wait a little longer to see if that happens. And I a couple of die hard fans out there I've been watching you -- -- Islamist and showing you the ropes for this royal baby watch. Talking back and forth and and and wondering exactly when he announced it was going to be made -- accidents are talking. You have to be marble by the fact that this was such a well coordinated announcements. -- I mean I think everything the royals do is very well coordinated they are steeped in tradition and history. And it is nice to see them they'll actually deviated -- And take that modern touch and as well as keeping with British traditions -- they were able to create the pomp and circumstance -- -- still going to be continuing. In the next few hours here throughout the streets of London we're gonna have a gun salutes and union Jack flags -- everywhere as was done. For the princes William and Harry so it's a nice blend of the holes in the new keeping with tradition and of course having -- -- so well. Orchestrated oiled machine at work to witness it's been quite fun. Witnessing history. It's gotta be fastening your steps away from an iconic shot where Princess Diana and Prince Charles -- first came out carrying Prince William. Have -- been talking about that as they've been gathering waiting for the announcement this afternoon. Yes and I think all of us remember. That first glimpse of William and with Princess Diana holding him. And a very proud Prince Charles by their side and and how amazing full circle. Us truly for Prince William. To then perhaps -- have that came iconic shot on those very same steps. Where he was presented to the world and now here he will be potentially if you -- chooses. Present his son to the world on those same steps where his mother once -- -- and yes I think we're all waiting to see if if another version of of that same photo from 31 years ago. Will now be something that we all keep in our hearts and our heads as we move forward and I think we're all hoping for that because it would be a very -- morning. Amazing moment. It's certainly -- and I imagine there are some diehards that are going to be can't get outside the steps of Saint Mary's hospital. I don't think anyone is going to feel safe leaving -- if they think they're gonna miss that shot after three weeks of waiting. In a very hot. London sun is sunny day and for many people they've raped all the elements and there -- -- not just members of the press but recent -- we talked to some people. Who just are proud to -- From this great country on this day and they've been camping out they have claims benches and have blankets and it's been quite interesting to see the people who really -- feel the pride. Of seeing a future Marat born and and they want to be witness to history. You can certainly see in this miles outside their ABC's any robot outside of Saint Mary's hospital Amy thank you. I want to go now just over -- Obama Hossa and outside of Buckingham Palace and llama I can imagine the excitement there is just as intense. Well I wouldn't describe it as intent I think it was definitely site saying. All day today we've been watching people arrived here and I can tell you everywhere and not -- people on people are still gathering here -- you -- -- -- -- Historical Keisel has gone off without Beisel. An animation that everybody was waiting for today everyone here is holding a self assigned to trying to capture this moment I just that -- that -- -- One of the major landmarks here -- lungs in the long -- I can see the condos. Of the union Jack on it right now -- that definitely. -- of excitement and -- Harris celebration here. I also sent -- people drinking champagne there aren't here. -- -- -- -- -- of course there's going to be celebration. Of course and you know there's been so much speculation and that -- so many amendments for the cost two weeks off. Three weeks as well when -- the due date that was you know about snow again the great Kate -- and then it became the great Kate did you date debates. So I think there was a lot of anticipation building and then finally today we golf venues are here this morning that the duchess of Cambridge within -- -- -- hospital. And then outside here outside Buckingham Palace the gates of Buckingham Palace. Where everybody knew that the formal announcement would be amazed -- once -- -- gathering you know we bought a group that American tourists earlier today. Who -- -- -- that Kate had been admitted to the hospital and they rushed here and they wanted to know. Now. Was -- everyone was very spices. That -- news had come out and they just want to know as much as possible as quickly as possible. And -- -- wanted to ask you about this because I know that we've been talking so much. A way that does this mean that the announcement was controlled so carefully it it was choreographed so perfectly. So that all media outlets had at the exact same time it wasn't really much of a possibility to be leaked out but I'm curious and now. As we were seen that piece of paper being live from Saint Mary's -- that jaguar and as it was coming through the gates of Buckingham Palace. Did you start to hear some eruption some applause outside from the crowds there outside the gates even before the easily win. Exactly I was just about to -- For the plays -- Buckingham Palace there wanted to thought that was a massive rush to the gates here it was like they knew something was happening because. The gates were open and -- -- -- -- out share. These -- -- even -- being put out to can imagine what it was like this whole place erupted when not historical moment happened when not. -- easel was placed in the fourth quarter about him how to. Behind me doesn't get enough time this easel was used was when Prince William was -- as you want me is -- you can imagine how excited the people here are and what. It means to -- -- that. To be here. And let me ask you -- -- -- do we expect any other announcements outside of Buckingham Palace -- I'm assuming. The queen will not be taking to the balcony or making any kind of proclamation correct. No I'm not quite that. That we do understand that the queen is indeed in residence and we know that because the boils down and -- Is flying high -- Buckingham Palace right now. So we do know this is here but you can imagine what it's gonna be like tonight is divorcing -- amounts of people gathering here now just -- until. Tomorrow morning for example warm more people -- want to take part in this momentous occasion. Oddsmakers had been saying that they thought it was going to be a girl in fact Alexandra was the favorite name and now of course it is -- employee. Eight pounds six ounces. Corner -- fourth when he witness after. No names but as we -- -- it doesn't necessarily come as surprise that there isn't a name announced right way. No no name yet dead -- -- that when Prince William was born it took about five or six days to an -- -- -- his name now. Seeing in this country is very very big it's big business yes and the nation. Had never mind its money on a girl what a lot of people who will be -- of of course happy. At the outcomes today. But the favorite game for a boy is -- not if you. Or if you listened to the but he isn't and what people -- -- -- so that the favorite right now. -- but what else we can expect we didn't think we are gonna get any more announcements tonight we will. Always hold by the hottest that the press announcement will be made when -- duchess of Cambridge would be admitted to the hospital we got up this morning. In the second formal announcement would be about the birth. Then a third and final announcement will be made by the house wants chase and went -- When you the hospital and that's when they expect them to leave saint -- and will have those -- -- images just. Exactly the same as weasel. We Diana and Charles of force incidents in which into the of the world 31 years ago sent up from third and final announcement that will most likely get. When -- again it. Who knows. That is why we have -- staked out in the perfect vantage point right there. One as he will let people -- -- before -- let -- -- -- wanted to -- about -- what about plans. Once -- and the baby are discharged from the hospital -- we now. What of the pounds -- she. We don't have gotten animation just yet there -- there is some speculation that backs the duchess of Cambridge and the duke of Cambridge is laden who is on actually be -- will not be returning to work with duels against two weeks -- even while. There is some speculation that they might head to the middle -- Or they might stay here in London. Had its day in Kensington out of him. But none -- -- has been confirmed and not something that will most likely not here I think in -- get that and image tonight in what will happen is once they leave. The hospital. They'll almost be out of the public life been like for quite some time. But for now we will certainly enjoy the announcement. And recognize the fact there is now a third in line -- the -- ABC. Outside of Buckingham Palace a very celebratory -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeff sent a assistant to the late Princess Diana and Patrick I -- bring you into the conversation because. Certainly. If anyone knows about the intricacies. Of raising a royal it is you. Well let's partially true -- -- I need correct you via. The -- best way to describe -- not as an assistant I was. Private secretary that's like cheap stuff thank you I have I apologize apologize for -- beg your pardon for that. Even more so. Luckily. My it might duties didn't directly involve child rearing. Of royal prince these people are -- Certainly I had -- To take into account all the time Diana's. Conservative as much time as she could with preliminary. And bring something we -- Whelan on the news he's took. She was -- Patrick got your back got to see my boys. And -- -- be very happy coming on the of the plane. If you get back into the domestic routine which as we've heard she liked to make is as normal and in some ways is on royal as she possibly could. You know. The duchess of Cambridge has been compared as you know several times and several different ways too late Princess Diana do you think that she is going to have that same kind of maternal style and maybe -- some of the trends and some of the protocol. Well certainly there have been many comparisons between. -- and Diana I have to say I see more differences than similarities the main one being I suppose that that the age that says Kate is now. Diana had two boys the -- 111 years old. That she was only twenty when she had with him -- she. Was -- -- wing giving the so who that is a big big difference -- as she is -- in many other aspects of of royal career is very much her and women she elaborated. Ideas about how -- you prince will be brought up. But I'm sure -- -- -- will see. The many examples in -- his own life about how to do things well. How to maintain royal tradition while the same time building a -- and secure home life. Children. If you can I don't want -- to make any kind of unfair comparison but look at the relationship that Princess Diana had with the queen. As far as her following her child raising style. And look at the way that that the duchess of Cambridge is now having a relationship with -- Are there any similarities there. I -- -- that there are many similarities between. The way in which. Diana brought up William and the queen brought up Prince Charles is that the comparison you're looking yet. Prince Charles born in 1948. A different era in many many ways and of course the queen a product all of perhaps in some reasonable Victorian. Attitudes of family life nevertheless. By any measure. The queen Prince Charles. By all accounts -- close -- of warm and affectionate. Maternal violet she had within the constraints of the time. Diana obviously. Perhaps -- the more. Demonstrative. Definitely more tactile in the way in which she shared her her love children. So I guess you could say this is a process of. And that's -- that we've been talking a great deal about this afternoon that Queen Elizabeth in fact as over the past sixty plus years. Has made changes the way which things are done and the most notable. If in fact. Little royal baby Cambridge was in -- -- girl she would automatically be third in line to the throne and that. It was a from a big push from the -- Well we don't know the division the complete extent of all of her majesty's involvement in the legislation. Course as you know this is the parliament to decide. The queen and he gives approval to the that is to the the laws that -- puts up to sign. This is it I think primarily a a political. Imperative that -- changed little premature and -- -- -- -- seen to be outmoded there are of course many politicians who would like to show that there. Up but the times there are actually. Some remaining wrinkles in this in this legislation and have not yet been sorted -- particularly as it applies to. The queen's realms and the other countries which which he is head of state so I guess there are some people tonight who might even be breathing a sigh of relief. But that's not a question that has to be examined and in great need help for another generation at least. How do you see you Prince William. As his role as as being a father you know him and -- you see him grow it and and and mature over time. He takes his royal -- very seriously. But -- say brother like Kate has very clear ideas about how he wants to organize his life and his work. And particularly how he wants to make the distinction between his public life and his private life. But I think what we'll see here with them with a new -- that tell his parents will do everything they can make sure that. The right balance is struck the opera -- baby as we're seeing right now does belong to the world not just to a family and we have to be. We have to feel for them in a sense this is the most private of moments and -- sharing with us. Well let's think that's of the story of the future for -- baby every move and its life every stage she goes through. Pretty much every every step of the way we -- be watching and that's both the strength. And the price the the royal firmly pace. -- -- -- I cannot be stated enough Patrick -- and thank you so much for your time your insight and I apologize. Four introduce you chief of staff of the late Princess Diana thank you so much for your time and for daisy Goodwin I was on the phone with us as well. Offering her insights and analysis. Mark L waited and of course they each different llama Hasan -- -- -- coverage from London the big announcement today. It is a boy eight pounds six ounces born at 424. Local time. There is now third. In the line to the throne and you can see the crowds. Growing at this hour outside of Buckingham Palace and just for the left of those gates. That -- that is holding the announcement. That in fact. It is a -- We have a complete report on abcnews.com. Including an opportunity to wish. That happy parents your well wishes and a complete look at the family how to name a royal. Everything you could possibly need you'll impress your friends when you go on line. Every royal bit of trivia all on abcnews.com. For now. I'm Dan Butler New York with this ABC news. Digital special report.

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