Kate Middleton Takes on Volleyball in High Heels

Duchess of Cambridge leaves the parenting duties to Prince William as she greets athletes in London.
8:01 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Takes on Volleyball in High Heels
Everyone I'm -- Cutler in New York the duchess of Cambridge Kate -- -- making her first solo appearance since giving birth to prince George. She visited young athletes at London's Olympic park this morning and she is not only. Back after returning the opposite she played -- -- -- in behind inch heels no less. ABC's out restaurants now live from London with all the details on Kate's big day Alex how are -- Tuesday. Get there and get -- good to see you know this is the duchess of Cambridge were talking about so whenever she steps out of course all eyes will be. On her especially today because as you mentioned this was her first public solo appearance since giving birth. To prince George now let's get straight to the video that everyone is talking about the duchess of Cambridge playing volleyball in five inch. Wedge -- -- for five weeks. Wedge -- believe it or not to play with a group of students. And she was jumping high jumping -- believe -- not she did not take a tumble she did not. Injure herself these young athletes and -- athletes are part of a group that she's strong. Supporter of it's called sports -- and what they do is help these young athletes reach their. Goals their dreams of becoming olympians that she did at one point the CEO of the organization that she should have brought possibly hurt trainers her sneakers but she seems to have done. Just well without them now the other big thing that everyone is talking about today. Her amazing -- it's been just three months since -- gave birth to prince George. If she seems to be in tip top shape -- was wearing skinny jeans. And that -- lately there and of course the -- and went -- that everyone around the world is talking about. Today now guess what. Duke of Cambridge prints that William was doing that today again while he what she was out to your business well he was -- -- -- -- any -- he was at home babysitting. Prince George so as you can see he is just like one of the guys has never. -- -- -- -- Just as well and you wonder if he calls her up and says now what -- -- do away knees crying -- -- So he's right -- -- speed down I hope -- -- -- what moment things I think I think a woman that is able to like play volleyball and those kinds -- ethnic and multitask and -- in in vary. Very -- what the people that were there they were hanging -- who -- the questions were asking was it about the baby was -- about her was because it's. The fascination obviously with the royal family just run so deep. -- yet sure of course but she you know she does is interesting thing where she. Is getting only interested in what people are talking to her about -- she spent a lot of time talking to these young athletes about. What -- them about -- sports that they are playing and how this organization has helped them become better so believe -- -- -- she was actually doing a lot of listening more listening that she was. Talking and I think that's one of the reasons why there's such a huge appeal why so many people are just captivated wanna hear what -- -- do and see what she's saying. Obviously and obviously and beautifully well attuned to the public responsibilities that she had -- such -- hectic schedule out for us -- Alex thank you rough assignment today. Rough assignment. Not complain good very are -- whatever again journalist author and royal watcher mark -- -- you know we obviously such a fascination. -- by the royal family and this being Kate's first public appearance. And as -- just -- there I mean age she looks amazing her abilities balancing on the volleyball court is stellar nonetheless. -- what's what's your secret what -- -- By David adjustments you want to -- some crunches I was still at about that and I have named an out of body buried. I think that what's interesting about Kate is she's always been a sporty woman she was part of a rowing crew that was going to -- across the British channel from London from burdensome to -- And she's always been very good with the dies she famously fought with the do you -- to I had which was of the French Atkins. I got nickname the Princess -- I think the secret probably is a -- -- bit more time to look out and the rest of us and -- she's. Always taking care for selfish is gonna bounce back to them off that's -- to -- But the fact matters if there is this -- focus of celebrity moms. As far as what their post baby body looks like. Kate -- has -- to dodge the front page the tabloids. I think everyone is rooting for -- in Britain there are two phrases when you have a baby -- -- yummy mommy or salami bombings and a yummy mummy cave is the patron saint of yummy mummies. Everything is tough bag everything falls into place not a half out of place and -- -- -- are the ones that most of the rest of a -- Off the -- very welcome you just can't coach. Report. Now that we're encouraging that is for for parental guidance but the fact the matter is is that it seems like. Her and and the -- have been able to split the responsibilities pretty evenly as -- and just report. They'll obviously that the ultimate modern couple I think having had the baby was always seen humans are very typical modern couple and I love the idea that he's -- I -- how much he wants to be a hands on parent. It's very much him channeling his mother again she wasn't hounds on -- and clearly -- The Who just want to hand prince George to -- -- insignia taken Arafat. That would but the fact of the matter is that that would indicate it had a relationship with the press before -- -- -- got established since their wedding has that -- respected. I think they all respected I think the fact that they deal very politely with the park press has helped. I think bats. Everyone is rallying -- the baby I think it's an incredible Sowells and also people rooting for takes a look at my -- She's great for the British fashion industry -- -- cycles that out for this is my favorite these now that that outfit as an it complicates for galaxy she wore something very very Samoa. For an Olympic event lost him we all that she is very very budget conscious and I think back again is very relatable bargain hunting right markets that would it is left up. You know but this is I just I just I just wrote a book and one of the my favorite anecdotes from and it's cool -- -- with I was at -- -- village which is the big outlook more in Britain with all the designer labels. I'm labels like Ralph Lauren Russell Russell -- which she was wearing today those heels what Russell and -- I was standing in the -- -- Greece which is the great British fashion -- the -- very fungal I locked the cell system set to meet up. You have no idea I lookup from the register and all of a sudden they have -- to a friends in the 60% off section always shopping bargains. So again she's just like -- That this is exactly there was after having a baby she's planning and in those -- issues in fact we we have some video of her plane in heels last year. -- field hockey which I mean clearly. She's I mean -- so incredibly job I mean. In front of the press in from the public on the field whenever I mean it it is -- that we have this. We have this obsession with the royal family here in the United States -- won the British public. Are are they as sort of hungry for any kind of picture -- -- information they can get. I think the British public interest in the royal family was transformed when Kate realized -- she is everything you want in a -- I think it's not just that she can walk in heels. It's that she's polite she's the -- and she is really really pretty and I think it boils down to that. Honesty and she stays behind jumps up and down on the heels I'm just make sure and she's practice thing about at a breakfast with stunning that sort of -- and one arms to the jumping up and down and high heels to some action already for the next Bardot 60% off section which is -- great great -- great -- -- that. Our mark Kelly thank you so much we certainly appreciate banks and of course have a complete report on abcnews.com. For now -- New York this digital.

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{"id":20614847,"title":"Kate Middleton Takes on Volleyball in High Heels","duration":"8:01","description":"Duchess of Cambridge leaves the parenting duties to Prince William as she greets athletes in London.","url":"/International/video/kate-middleton-volleyball-high-heels-video-duchess-takes-20614847","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}