Kenyan Foreign Minister: 2 or 3 Americans Involved in Mall Attack

ABC's Linsey Davis gives updates on ongoing standoff inside a Nairobi mall.
5:02 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kenyan Foreign Minister: 2 or 3 Americans Involved in Mall Attack
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm -- company -- -- ABC news digital special report the deadly massacre at that mall in Kenya and now. If -- its fourth day government forces there say they are still. Picking off militants as they are going through the mall. While the terrorists to Somalia -- -- Bob militant group is claiming to still have some hostages. ABC's Lindsey Davis is on the ground in Nairobi with the latest on this and Lindsay where -- -- right now because there's been some confusion over the past 24 hours about. Who in fact does have control of the mall. Right you know there have been lots of conflicting reports -- and if you listen to Kenyan authorities -- very much have the spirit of we have prevailed that we are in control they have been saying that. For several hours in fact even last night that we continue to hear not so much within the last hour or so but throughout the day. I would continue to hear a loud explosions and gunfire it just off in the distance about a half mile or so away. Taking place inside the mall now we've been told that the Kenyan military is responsible for those noises that they've been going through. Floor by floor -- combing the -- searching every square foot. To detonate. Any explosives that were inside the building and also to shoot at anything that they found suspicious at all -- then we heard. Maybe about two hours ago from the ministry of defense. A new report that there may be. More hostages still inside again that was about two hours ago we continue to hear from Kenyan authorities that they are back in control. The ball and they're insisting. Angle to this is that Kenyan authorities and -- Bob the group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Have been using. Twitter and social media essentially to get out the message -- as the situation is developing. Right in -- should not mean that. It's questionable because Twitter apparently has been -- trying to closed down shut down the accounts as they reopen them but. You know there have been some reports that more than 62 lives in -- and planes in this attack and that we have not been able to verify that the only thing that. I could update you with is that the Red Cross today saying dad I'm still 51 people are missing and then we've also heard his son. Reports -- -- in the Nairobi. At bringing in extra stabbed in preparation for additional bodies coming here today. Have Kenyan authorities say that they have concerns about other potential targets either in Nairobi or in Kenya. I know we haven't any -- when we've heard and Kenyan authorities in recent days. Including the president he has been very -- that he feels that there's not be any. Travel advisories heat in here to -- are still trying to encourage tourism still trying to encourage people to come here to Kenya and in fact. In recent minutes -- and we've been told that people have been. -- that they can come back to the mall to get their cars now. We're not sure really how that could happen. This main road which is just one of the entrances into the mall remains closed so again. A lot of conflicting reports in and I might add to what you were saying because. -- Kenyan military. The Defense Department also police have been tweeting a lot of -- -- so again there's kind of some confusion about. What's really real. Did you said -- -- about a half mile away from the actual mall itself have police were worries there have -- expanded that perimeter that they've essentially got on lockdown or shutdown. And have people been trying to as your point out that's the main road there. Have people been trying to -- audiences to either. Go -- looked for loved ones -- get their cars they've been apparently urged to do. If -- could be -- encourage all along to call the Red Cross two record people who have been missing instead they've been discouraged. From coming this way now this is just one of multiple entrances into the mall -- -- reports yesterday that people were going. Just some of the other entrances and that the police actually used tear gas some cases. In order to make the crowds dispersed but we have not seen people coming in this direction. In an attempt to get some. All right ABC's Nancy Davis. Nairobi Kenya Lindsay back of that of course obviously stay safe. We have a complete report on the latest as a development does continue in -- I'm -- -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20358652,"title":"Kenyan Foreign Minister: 2 or 3 Americans Involved in Mall Attack","duration":"5:02","description":"ABC's Linsey Davis gives updates on ongoing standoff inside a Nairobi mall.","url":"/International/video/kenya-mall-attack-americans-involved-mall-attack-foreign-20358652","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}