Ukraine Clashes: Riot Police Blocked by Fires

Deadly violence rattles Kiev, Ukraine, as authorities try to break up crowds of protesters.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Ukraine Clashes: Riot Police Blocked by Fires
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with his ABC news digital special report chaos in Kia. Unrest in Ukraine reaching volatile levels clashes with protests and police have left at least ten people dead. Right now you are looking at live pictures from -- -- independence square. The US embassy in Ukraine calling the situation on the ground unpredictable. And telling Americans to stay indoors to avoid the protests. Some of the images coming out from the protests are extremely disturbing like this one of a man engulfed in flames. ABC's cured -- -- has been following all this from Moscow Allen joins us now with war. Here at the deadline has come and gone we have seen the fires and that extreme video coming out of there who has control on the ground right now. Very hard Telerate out as he said there was a deadline that was set by the riot police say that -- 6 o'clock local time that people had to clear out of the square that. Obviously did not happen there are still thousands of people in their right now. What we do know is that these square surrounded by riot police -- have been trying to make their way in. They've been -- by as you can see some dramatic video. Volleys of fireworks and Molotov cocktails and now giant bonfires that are blocking entrance. -- we're definitely seeing the images now of those live -- some of them earlier showing flames and around there. And quite a few people left there awaits many of them look like those protesters. We've heard about the death -- as many as ten what are you hearing on your end. -- and creeping up all day long as you can imagine earlier today there were some clashes with a group of -- writers trying to make their way towards the parliament building. And there were several people killed at that time the numbers have gone -- the -- the day. Should also -- that there are reports of at least three policemen also -- You know we've been watching these protests over the course of the last few months break this down for us you know where it started and where we are today. Well this -- been going on since late November when the president. Who -- aligned with the Russian government. Decided to back away from a deal -- deal your -- and see her pursuing an alliance with Russia and that release at all. Protest. These people have been in the square since then -- really are you this since late November. And it started -- as his major backlash against the idea that Russia that Ukraine would be like Russia instead of the European. -- -- -- it's really evolved since that it's not just about -- it's really about the future of this country whether this'll be -- whether Ukraine will be a European country or one that will look to its Soviet roots in Moscow. Here -- with that said what are you hearing out of Moscow or Russia what is there official or non official comment. Right. So far they had condemned the clouds -- gone but they are blaming the west for inciting. Violence there not to the United States but you're as well. And give me an idea what about here in the US have we heard anything from. Anyone since this has started to well over. Yes secretary of state John Kerry's vision is on -- of course condemning the violence there. You know this -- bit tough situation for the United States going back some time now they did the Europeans were trying to put this -- act together and they have proved so far they can't do it US and trying to broker some -- -- -- their -- Altered so far yeah and some of those deals we heard that the Ukrainian government and promising reforms as are so then you know the opposition parties that did not accept that. You know what went wrong in that case and where do we go from here. Right. If you mention just a few weeks ago there was an off probably table from the government to bring three the or several say. Opposition. Leaders into the government that fell through ultimately those leaders decided that they would stop at nothing short president. Viktor Yanukovych stepping down. And is that exactly what the opposition wants is or anything else that they're demanding. Right that's the big thing right now today there was an effort in the parliament to try -- limit president got to coach his -- to go back to an earlier version of the constitution. But that was eventually -- me and it really was one of the things that led to some of the -- that you're seeing a lot of frustration. That was expressed on the streets. And here of course were watching all of this. Play out as the winter games are also still under way in Sochi -- what do you think the impact of that will be as we move forward. Well it's certainly -- the attention away from so you right now and if you look at those pictures it is the most dramatic thing going on in the region right now enough Olympics are not and and certainly this is something that you know the -- and -- that state law. Even in Ukraine right now -- -- billions of dollars a -- try to bailout the Ukrainian government. And this is not something that they want to distract away from the Olympics which of course President Clinton wants to be his time to shine. ABC's here -- -- joining us from Moscow thank you very much and again watching live images from. He -- these protests and of course the deadline has come and gone you can get a complete recap right here on For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. But this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22570779,"title":"Ukraine Clashes: Riot Police Blocked by Fires","duration":"3:00","description":"Deadly violence rattles Kiev, Ukraine, as authorities try to break up crowds of protesters.","url":"/International/video/kiev-ukraine-clashes-riot-police-clear-protesters-blocked-22570779","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}