The Latest on EgyptAir Flight 804

ABC News' Pierre Thomas gives us the latest on EgyptAir Flight 804.
3:47 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for The Latest on EgyptAir Flight 804
Are you are busy and you've also been following this story that the mysteries surround it with Egypt air flight we keep hearing. Little bits of information coming out day after day what's the latest on that story. Well you used the word mystery and I and I would say that word is. Apropos here in the sense that until you can yet. Really hard Evans. From the plane. I eat a black boxes or more. The plane in tackle bigger pieces of the plane until the analysis can be done on the luggage. And body parts. And other things that they are finding. It's hard to come away with any clear prices and last week obviously law enforcement. Could not ignore the possibility that he could be a bomb or something else it right on the plane because. As my sources said they couldn't afford to waste time if it was that for example you have to look at the flight manifests immediately. You have to look at what to confront them about the pilot. You need to see if there was something that jump out. But so far they haven't found at least to our knowledge in anything that raise a red flag about terrorism in terms of people on workplace. Some so far I am fine found anything. Specific or tangible it's definitely suggest it was a bomb we have on our air one this week over the weekend. Congress who was in the what is known as recently. Having these satellite. Imagery that suggested that was you don't have any signals intelligence and that. Means we're intercepting communications phones computers and what have you with someone claimed responsibility was bragging about it to what he left with. Left whipped the fact that the plane is nowhere. And we need answers. Good care especially as we head into this busy summer travel season I think a lot of people and looking at that. And sort of the lack of information that we have the lack of facts about what exactly happened with a little bit of concern. To think that's about. Exactly mean one of the things his eye you know that law enforcement and intelligence officials. As of right now and one. Homeland security and TSA haven't markedly changed anything since that plane disappeared. If they had specific information about what happened. They could adjust and do something. But because they don't personally haven't seen so abominable acts and there are already hi how level of vigilance. But I can tell you that if there was something specifically we knew that it was an airport insider that. Put a bomb on the plane if we knew that the pilot. You did something to play well we knew it was mechanical you would see the government being able to respond but they're not because they'll have enough information go. An end is it isn't it true though that no one has no group has claimed responsibility. For downing the aircraft it isn't that true. Exactly and typically according to law enforcement officials and sources that we talked to according to the congressional leaders that typically what is what happens. Ices that al-Qaeda these groups they want you to know. That they did what they did. They want to evoke fear they want to they want to people to think that they can do this. When they want to do it and they want to claim credit cards so there's not like that they would raise our innovative. If they did it now it could be that for whatever reason for security reasons if they were involved that they wanted to keep this on the down low and solid four while. Perhaps that's the case but again we just don't have the kind of specifics and definitively when I was in one direction or via. All right two very important story we're gonna continue to follow here thank you so much if your comments for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"ABC News' Pierre Thomas gives us the latest on EgyptAir Flight 804.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"39406034","title":"The Latest on EgyptAir Flight 804","url":"/International/video/latest-egyptair-flight-804-39406034"}