Latest on Prince Philip’s condition

Prince Philip is being moved to a different hospital and will continue to be monitored by doctors.
2:16 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for Latest on Prince Philip’s condition
Buckingham Palace in an update on prince Philip's condition the ninetieth annual the 99 year old was admitted to a London hospital as a precautionary measure two weeks ago James Longman is at Buckingham Palace this morning. With the latest James what are you hearing. They're good morning to round was on posting all the good news. We had all been hoping for there was some suggestion if I OJ could be going home this weekend that is not to be. He is being moved from the hospital he has not the last two weeks Charles until across town we sold this morning anchor fossil outside that king Edward the seventh hospital. An ominous is picking up a patient style for doing their best to hide the identity of the patient umbrellas up. The press is been. Outside the hospital for some time we didn't get a glimpse of through walls and now we understand we do see him is the princes is the longest he's ever been in the hospital now being trounced I've got the statement came from the hottest legitimate Ambrose today transferred from king Edward the seventh also to saint Bartholomew is where doctors will continue to treat him for an infection. As well as on the state testing and observation for a preexisting heart condition. They say magic remains comfortable and responding to treatment that he is expected to remain also until at least the end of next week eerie similarity. A statement that we got last week saying that he was going to be in very least another week that is significant thing I think in this statement. We hear about his preexisting heart condition that's not something we've heard about the full the last time we've had a series this year on the king. You commit embers hollow was back in 2011 when he was it minutes before days is for Christmas when doctors had taped. Unblock his coronary archery. There was some worry then but since then we haven't really had much in the way of concern about that he remembers how he's he's a very kind of healthy 99 year old. He's had a couple of colds over the years but by and large. He's remained pretty healthy. The other thing that is the concern here is simple the only means is that much bigger holes but those much more able to deal with serious conditions as the cardiovascular. Cents very important one in Europe and of course. It's got an intensive care unit not something to add to the seventh how site. No reason really to be massively concerned but I think not a great need you know people to see did you come out of the hospital he is of course a hundred in June. So the nation is waiting to be able to celebrate that milestone with connect dot. All right James long at Buckingham Palace thanks James.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Prince Philip is being moved to a different hospital and will continue to be monitored by doctors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76184733","title":"Latest on Prince Philip’s condition","url":"/International/video/latest-prince-philips-condition-76184733"}