LGBTQ communities react to the pope’s historic support of same-sex unions

ABC News’ James Longman reports on the major shift by the leader of the Catholic Church and what it means for people in the LGBTQ community.
7:40 | 10/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LGBTQ communities react to the pope’s historic support of same-sex unions
The separation of church and state has been a concept debated around the globe and in a documentary that just premiered about Pope Francis here in the US. The pontiff says that he endorses same sex civil unions. The message has received mixed reactions but American media's jesuit review went as far as saying the Pope Francis has just thrown a lifeline. To LGB teaching people where homosexuality. Is illegal. Present James long an on the world wide impact of the pope's words. Through. Every weekend Michael Dalian and Greg go to church when. May god really gives us such a great feeling and I think it's hard to describe but are one thing I can say is that I always feel better after church than than before this week was no different. Seats on Timmy did fifteen minute goal from their home to a lady of rules in Louisville, Kentucky. Except this process today Michael in Gregg walked into mass with something they've never had been fooled. Support and recognition from the church's highest order to cope. Officially coming out in support of same sex civil unions and his comments were originally made last year but never seen now they've added a new documentary and a rock star power has rocks the world again person almost a car. It took him homosexuals have a rights to be in a family he says. What we have to create is a civil union nor that way deal legally covered the Pope didn't endorse gay marriage nor is he issuing a formal change to Catholic teaching. But France's this statement is still momentous shift the Catholic Church it's less about the words he uses. But the tone he struck. They feel like an earthquake it happens everywhere else is Felton but no one hand we've been trying to get attention from many African officials with communications department anyone it feels like they've. It's taken them a little bit by surprise labor board and charities say that is that just listen to the pope's words and they stand alone and if we did you and we hear him say that. Homosexuals. All the children of gold. The world's one point two billion Catholics have never heard that Pope say was like these before and for those living in conservative regions Americas south. It's life changing. Very very optimistic we're very encouraged because we've never had a Pope who spoken so compassionate late. About gay people and and we welcome back I mean we've been waiting almost forty you know our whole lives we've been waiting for something like this to happen. Luckily Greg met in the eighties and bonded through death faith and we went to church. Those those were some of our first early activities the couple married in Ontario Canada in 2000 fool. Fifty children and have been champions of gay rights to Yates. In 2015 into the main plaintiffs in the Supreme Court case that day to the legalization of same sex marriage in the US and all these years. However never dreamt. Here are. We would have made such an impact that Greg and Michael a comparatively lucky. They did in the country went bad calls the justice was onset and wet for the moment then marriage then union is recognized under mold. He places like Poland. Members of the LGB TQ community frequently face fine and backlash propelled and encouraged by the far right president country due to. Homophobia runs deep in Poland. I saw myself during the 2017 national day in also these books were being sold on church property. What is this one about us because almost six public -- or how about problems at home I Tara finish it's hard to say with the pope's words will have any profound impact hit anyone of his detailed Timmy can't be too optimistic because the Catholic Church in Poland as various condiments they largely act along with the politicians and very homophobic way for. Russia like Ramona is a devout Catholic and a member of the LGB TQ community in Poland. It has been friction with how bishops who don't accept who she is. That's what is accustomed to cool off oneself. The lone wolf others as you look myself so we need a lot oneself. Then. It's my bishops asking did not do so I just think there are on this. I basically I married them. She hopes to see the day with a church is more accepting of and the people in her community. I think I can see and they want to see today's. Six meals four. Big people. And initiatives do not opposing them and saying. Say oh except you seem that there are homosexual will we see you exist. French ray room perera his journey to acceptance in the Catholic Church started with a phone call from the Polk five years ago. He lives with his husband Dario and three children in run off to mis yet Chloe and Jack Capote who joined us on the cool news. He his stories featured in the new documentary but it almost didn't happen he wrote a letter to France is all skiing for guidance. But didn't expect him to cool and he hung up on him twice. I heard that police say. Atlanta. These these trends seized on and you I quote you. The twelve but you are not answering. And so. Excited said oh my the fact. Yeah I mean. You have problems with our roots. An asset to know I haven't even tried. Cool to look at all the Irish. Because I feel. And really. Youthful angrily dollar hole. So they told me. To listen to me I think you're a little bit Irish. So that's what Berber Aaron deed and five years later he says he's part of a loving and welcoming community. When when he was auspicious. And artists that is beset as a child should a mom call do you think. He become more open minded you think the Catholic teaching is gonna chains. I. I personally being. That. Trying to consider people stop you from their life situation I mean. ER IB RO we are married yet he's got to be you know our. We're Bremer says he thinks gay unions will one day be blessed in Catholic church's. Others like Leo real moderates who lives in the manner in the Philippines the hope is that the pope's words go even further into concrete little. I do believe that the endorsement of the pool for same sex civil unions may yet happen this for the passage of bundles. Critical nice seeing the same sex marriages. The church is always emphasize the importance of family life first as a metaphor for a community of faith and in the literal sense of the word. The put to recognize and support gay found he's he's at deeply meaningful shift. So often gay people Acosta these people there will influence caught on quite the next generation that somehow there's something on toward about. Having children if you have a sexual he's embracing that idea and that was very very powerful for me in the pope's hometown of when a series with same sex marriage. Is legal. The endorsement was welcome news. They're not left the poop stains are very good step towards accompanying social changes access to rights for some theologians and religious peiris the. The pope's words are a contradiction. It'll take tying to change the mindset of some people. Had B. Same sex marriage breaks to society down and mainly for the children it's a bad example but not for the first time in his pay to see. Francis has put one very simple truth at the hall took his message. We know because we win it's just about. James omen for ABC news life.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"ABC News’ James Longman reports on the major shift by the leader of the Catholic Church and what it means for people in the LGBTQ community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73846346","title":"LGBTQ communities react to the pope’s historic support of same-sex unions","url":"/International/video/lgbtq-communities-react-popes-historic-support-sex-unions-73846346"}