Live update on today's biggest stories

ABC News' correspondents from around the world talk the latest on President Trump, a French rail strike and a new Cuban President.
15:34 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for Live update on today's biggest stories
Welcome to ABC news live I'm Kenneth mode reporting from New York where we are following a number of big stories for you on this Thursday on the rundown. President trop is making headlines from monologue oh addressing the Russian investigation. Whether or not they'll be more sanctions are out now in its standing by for a live report in Paris there of them major transportation strike. Mike if any by right there to tell you how with impact the international travel. And for the first time and fix decades. We can tell you that the new leader in Cuba. Not mean Castro while a lot more from Cuba coming out. But birth we begin with new information into the investigation to a deadly mid air incident. Involving that crippled Southwest Airlines jet. RA BC's senior transportation correspondent David Curley at the latest now from Philadelphia International Airport. Tenet the FAA says it is now going to take action it is going to order inspections of older heavily used 730 sevens. Looking at that damn blades in those particular 730 sevens. That's because this week's incident but that emergency landing here in Philadelphia of a southwest 737. With the death on board was not the first incident. There was a second one at 2016. Let's talk about what happened this week as we've learned some new deet tails. That engine ripped apart at 30000 feet. And as it did the play be immediately took a hard banked to the left more than forty degrees the normal bake a steep bank that you may have felt. In an aircraft will be 25 degrees it was 22 minutes to get to the airport here in Philadelphia. And the all the time on that flight the engine is vibrating that left and to because it's kind of broken apart especially the outer howling of it as shredded apart parts of it landing sixty miles away from here. So the crew decided as they were landing to keep control the aircraft they wanted more speed so they touchdown. At a 190. Miles an hour normally touchdown at a 125 miles an hour. Of course a lot of folks still giving praise the crew the captain the co pilot for getting that aircraft down as most everybody knows now. A window blew out over the exit row row fourteen of that aircraft to Jennifer Reardon. Was sucked partially out of that window brought back in by a couple of passengers. We've learned that it was blunt force from that killed her the mother of two from New Mexico a little bit more now on these inspections the FAA. Started to put together in order last year because of the 2016. Incident with the southwest aircraft. That had a very similar incident fan blade broke so both of these cases the fan blade due to metal fatigue. Where the fans latest connected to the center shaft. They broke off so they're very similar incidents. Nobody knows not the end are manufactured nor the regulators or investigators exactly what's causing them to break other than the fact that there's metal fatigue. So FAA was putting together this order last year it wasn't finalized but now with this second incident the FAA's saying in the next two weeks they will issue that order. As it stood. Last year 220. Engines would be covered by this order as I said heavily used. Older 737 engines in the flick fan blades inside we don't know whether the order would decrease that or not but. Think about this their more than thirteen thousand of those engines. In service so the order coming from the FAA in the next couple of weeks already airlines are doing. Enhanced screenings and inspections there engines especially southwest since this second incident American Airlines says it started inspections last year. As his order was being debated. So expect more from the FAA in the coming days Tenet. All right our thanks to David crew reporting from Philadelphia. Return on our president trump who is talking North Korea and the Russia investigation ABC outs Mallon is traveling with the president he's live there. Near mar long ago in south fort of the morning Alex. My morning early afternoon Tenet. And yet the president has just wrapped up that two day summit. With Japanese prime minister's Enzo may. We saw the two of them holding it once is eating dinner and even playing a round of golf for the president's private golf club nearby mar a lot of but the biggest headline out of this two day summit was. Was without a doubt North Korea the president seems almost eager that sit down that he's hoping to have. With North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. And we saw that stunning news that broke on on Monday evening that the CIA director Andy secretary of state. Nominee Mike Pompeo. Made a claim d'estaing trip to North Korea and met face to face with Kym Johnson without any preconditions and injustice stressed that. I'm the idea that he met with and without any preconditions was it was a question that was pressed on the president in that press conference yesterday. Well why would you have a senior mill or senior US officials sit down with the leader of this dictatorship. Without a requesting any preconditions or the release of three US hostages. The president essentially previewed his own meeting and says that he plans to sit down. With Kim Jung and in that he's ready to walk away if he does not think that that Kim is going to give up any. Kind of deliverables in terms of denuclearization. And he also vowed that he would press him. On Japanese hostages that the year that the North Korean regime holds. And it and I think. I think this kind of another thing that the president was pressed on in that press conference was whether he would fire Moeller Robert. Mueller and deputy attorney general rod of rose and Stein. This is something that you can clearly tell frustrate the president the fact that he's still sit standing next to world leaders and getting pressed on the Russian investigation. Now he said. That he has no plans to fire Muller rodents and right now he says they're still here but behind closed doors were seeing. A house Republicans pressuring rod Rosen Stein threatening him with subpoenas. Potentially holding him in contempt over the deal them the Department of Justice failure. To deliver documents I'm through house Republicans. Spurred investigations into. Hillary Clinton's emails so something that's still pressuring the president as he meets with these rule world leaders. Alex will see what happens it's partly comes with special counsel and the deputy attorney general. And whether or not the president gets rid of them so we'll see and we'll stay on top of that but as far as the president's travel on the not in the key for the first time its president right. Yet he is down there actually visiting the joint inter agency task force south. Now this is a branch of the Southern Command. And what they're responsible for essentially is interdiction of drugs that might be coming into the US now this is obviously a big issue for the president he's always talked about since his days backing of the campaign trail. About drugs pouring into the US and so we can expect to potentially hear some of that harsh immigration rhetoric from the president. That we've heard on the campaign trail and as recently as last week. In two weeks ago when he ordered the National Guard down to the southern border. And so we see him right now kind of warring with the California governor who's shown some apprehension with. With supplying those National Guard troops. But he'll be down there meeting. With this DHS secretary Nielsen chief of staff John Kelly will be joining him down there so and so we can expect to see him receive a briefing on the drug interdiction efforts down there. Art RA BC's Alex malice and on top of all things involving the president Alec thank you for that report. Overseas now major strike in France and terrorists to be exact it's called me. Major. Protests then we want to now go get the latest ABC's Mikki K who has lied and here is now. Mikey good morning. I can't good morning records you from a day of very peaceful but a very loud launched. Involving ups and that we just throwing birth of 40000. Protesters protesting. And the main. About SNCF effectively that is the bridge and I ruled of the rail networks and problems on this sizzle because. All of my clones reform promise. Economic reform promise that my president Michael Brown on last year and will be made the fourteenth the first anniversary of the president. Being in power. And there's a huge loss. Today I'm programmed over the next three months because of my crohn's. Policy of a blending of reforming the RealNetworks. What he wants to do is he wants to take away the job security to jobs for life. If you like he wants to basically we look at. The pensions the strong pensions though a comedy been enjoyed by the essence yes. Civil servants the well workers and the students for a long long time he wants though he wants a look at your favorites on the plans basically SNCF. It's about fifty billion. Euros in debts and he wants to do something about it it's something that they run on and that's when he salvaging election. And he's pushing ahead with the Americans like kind of it's really no popular area. My cat that's your houses right in packed the international travel yours in the US or. And within Europe. While the political 40000 people in the main its whole. Delighted by this agency which is the main union. In. And in in the Bronx. The people are effectively puts us because of the essence but other. On other areas all other organizations are piggybacking if you like. That's doctors students. There's Russell piggybacking on the street movement by the ocean pushing kind of the international services from the road perspective. You've got the Euro star one and march right thing by then you don't Tyler's which provides the connections. To the northeast in Brussels on legal detective Mike connections running down and Italy an inch display all of these international services being severely affected. The two days every week rolling over three months until June. If you incredible scene happening behind you there could did show up a little bit about what you're seeing there on that street. I'm. What we've seen today is pretty much been anything quite peaceful kind of but. Earlier on about an hour ago. At all a smaller group of individuals that certain of these protests but Rudy tools on autopilot basically sewn up to fight with the police real. In the sense most want in the sense I would like Pamela and one of those protests about Howard Young critical point massive levels on the flashes going off but in the main. Most people ignoring not on the on the the mosque being very peaceful and I don't don't old. Totals that don't don't don't quote Christophe until Claude as the industry zobel will stay was hopeful a little bit and it's of the particular. Immediate some spending. That meetings. And got them look. Seven victory exit and implement. Right so so basically what what's on foot as saying it is there's that seemed to represent the essence death. But also energy energy is one of the big gas and electricity supplies inside Bronson don't go door here because because why. And that it's related to connect us. It doesn't. But for a and rip facility. Critics noticed it. It's basically basically his uncle's watching today because he's trying to keep the public service. What what Michael saying basically is to is to rein in all of this expenditure Oracle's strategy of course since the F. And what is on there is torn Michael destroyed to make it more competitive. And then he saw an open out to tango. Taking away from from the public sector both the private sector in this obviously is annoying a lot of union workers like let's total. Thank you very much of a crystal. I would have a peaceful that Kenneth. All right thank you Mike you for that incredible boarding and cares we appreciate it. It's a big day and Cuba there's a new leader not named castor we go now live to Cuba to our ABC affiliate a report every PLG's. Calvin Hughes Calvin. You have the latest on the man who just replaced by the pro Castro. Well ten no surprise here no political drama the political script played out exactly like the authors wrote it years ago. The authors being the Cuban Communist Party and former president now Raul Castro and speaking of Castro. He took the podium just moments ago let's check in now at the National Assembly where he was speaking perhaps giving its buy it final speech as president of Cuba. He broke yesterday saying that he wants ago the S canal to be the Secretary General of the Communist Party. A position that is many say more powerful than the presidency. Castro now holds that position until 20/20 one. Three years from now Castro talked about this being the anniversary of the via. Of course that happened 57 years ago the failed military invasion of Cuba by the US under the presidency. John F. Kennedy. Let's take you now to what happened earlier today this happened in real time live on state run television just before 930 today that big announcement the National Assembly vote was ratified. Raul Castro entered the room with much applause for more than 600 assembly members. They stood cheering for the now retired revolutionary. Who chose the blues through today over his military uniform. It and that announcement Cuba's new president Miguel Diaz canal he embraced Castro after walking out. Castro hand picked him years ago a National Assembly members laughing and applauding for him today and like a conductor Castro racist and of course. In celebration yes that now is the train engineer. Who is loyal fiercely loyal and today he cashed in on that loyalty and and his first speech as president. The S Goodell praised the Communist country one party political system and quickly paid respect to Castro and Kendall last of the living revolutionaries we're going to be watching. His ever read blue. Now my question where it at this new presidency. Meeting about fixing Cuba's economy. We're Cuba's economy is it limping along here it is only been growing now for about. 2% over the last several years here and that's simply won't cut it. And the saying here is so go so goes that as Layla. So goes Cuba's economy and so this this country is really hurting but the S canal but not talk about that he simply talked about. What he wants to do as president and that is making sure that the revolution continues and his words and he says communism continues. If you paid homage to those sitting in the audience. Count on him interest that what's the reaction from the Cuban people Molly bear in Cuba but with Miami having the largest Cuban American population. What are you hearing from about their in their reaction as well. Well back across the Florida Straits it's pretty much the same here as I've spoken well of so many people here on the island nation as well and that is there are expecting more of the same. A new leader but perhaps not new hope in terms of things changing and we heard that today from the Cuban president who simply says. Capitalism will not be accepted here would not be welcome here communism in his words of the new president ago the F canal it will continue. All right our thanks to Calvin Hughes from our Miami ABC affiliate WP LT Calvin thank you so much for your reporting and keep tabs on that story all the source recover for you today. But and ABC news app. I'm gonna vote reporting for ABC news life.

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