Londoners hold vigil for victims of terror attack

ABC News' James Longman reports from London City Hall where a vigil was held for victims of the terror attack.
5:39 | 06/05/17

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Transcript for Londoners hold vigil for victims of terror attack
Hello and welcome to ABC FaceBook life stream from centered on the diamond James Longman. And I'm hale on the banks of the -- hands whack just in a few moments time the matter of London's city colony is going to need a vigil. Full all those who work courts up in the in the attack on Saturday that he concede are huge crowds already. Forming. Remember seven people were killed on south today. 48 injured and a number of those critically injured in hospitals all around London's that people are coming down his tonight. To offer that respects city maybe you gonna pray may be just. Think about what's going on on Saturday and is heading being hand you know that's all sorts of people hay out I had so many different languages. London is such a busy multi cultural city and people have come from and looks like all walks of life. Just offer that respects I think you can see on the platform of the moment we have the archbishop of Canterbury and other religious leaders throughout then Sadiq Khan of course. All mad a matter of London just in front of city hole which is isn't main office he will be speaking. Now obviously Sadiq Khan has come under criticism from doubled from their American president. He said that he united his reaction to what's been going on in London hasn't been discussed but many on the does that feel that way anyway the ones that we speak say they feel. That he has led them is that them while. My president right in the middle of Central London on as the city of London and just behind me that over that that is in the back bay distance Nazis London Bridge that is where the attack took place. Lost. Not on south today. What has had loads of different people have come paying to off that kind of fill some press. It's big. Big representation has to say from the Muslim community we just seem to be procession of people I've become in school of ms. inmates. The big charity and fall hard met his hand as well he's joining me thank you so much for coming. Behind is a member of the equity experiencing. And and split the south wind you felt that you wanted to come maintenance done. Of the sealing the attacks took place who helped us that they but he wasn't obtained but also we knew that a lot of people who have questions they just beat the teaching of Islam we wanted to come. And littlest wearing fancy Nancy and they must mean anything minds is essential humanity yet he's still gonna some of this Muslims for humanity. And you go other friends and goes to come secular Muslim mosque and anything that's about 200 of us who already had. And moral on the way so we wanted to show solidarity but also let people know based on the the next piece. These people who committed madness they have no justification anything that moments on the throne says. You Q1 and thank hitting the whole of humanity. We huddle all the talk about how the united. Big centers in year Brussels Berlin Paris now London you know because it will have these terrorist attacks take place. That somehow. They've got a problem of extremism and the problem has come from Amazon communities in this place is how do you feel about. There's says. The problem of extremism people you meet there is a problem of extremism and reading needs to beat them down. He pitches it dad having. Avenues that they can expose their own views and they can influence people but needs to be handled sneaking we feel that mosques should be open. Almost in the ambulance and community that can be healed for the government LeBron named as everyone. Filled government should be monitoring mosques to see if there is any eight guys being preached that stopped. And also we feel that the government meeting needs to know focusing clamping down to treason because it protection of its citizens is the most crucial aspect of any government. You feel that yes SA Pacific 88 people normalcy in the country. How have you felt in the last couple of days and he felt that they has been indifference towards the way people look at you because. United you're an Asian man you've you've you observe and does indeed know there's a difference. To bail us out in central switching up people what happened was that there was a time McCain stopped. I came out. He hugged us but as London and even back in his tiny trouble. We feel about what people know that the true teachings of Islam or president Clinton's people yet there are some people who need a possibility as well. Those people think we need to reach out and we are trying my best to reach out and seeing if you have questions when you come and ask us we need an everyday. We abide by every single thing that is as. And we know that you don't see anything that is that they have done to chronic he says he must. Defend temples churches mosques and synagogues and boldly selection. So what these people are doing is against. Thank you so much. For joining us thank you. Now what has at the Hodges is one of many many people who are coming down here tonight when we go ahead the crowd was. Kind of small it's now kind of really opened up all along the banks of the river and because people who've really felt. Move by what's gone on. And some of the personal stories as well in the newspapers today and the local London newspaper was talking about. Christiane symbols of the first victim to have been named to. Who died in Saturday's attack she tonight. On Westminster bridge in her fiance zones and have found me for Thomas amazing statement they said. The Chrissie had been working with the homeless and that people should go in her name street also was at times people when they go to places they should say that Christie sending. And that was a wonderful message that I think touched a lot of people hip cool so incredible messages of support full. Those who say it may to bravely let the young man had collected off duty police officer who went straight into the crowd when he saw what was going on he is still in hospital in critical condition. You can just came out that the Donovan who was resulted because I think people are gonna stop making some statements now and I'm so we'll be back. We view just a little later on said he how it's all gone but for now thank you for watching.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"ABC News' James Longman reports from London City Hall where a vigil was held for victims of the terror attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47846175","title":"Londoners hold vigil for victims of terror attack","url":"/International/video/londoners-hold-vigil-victims-terror-attack-47846175"}