MH17 Wreckage Largely Unguarded, Not Secure

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron says that a full forensic analysis will take place at the crash site.
5:44 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for MH17 Wreckage Largely Unguarded, Not Secure
Solemn visit from the president. President Obama at the Dutch embassy in Washington DC today. Saying he is heartbroken by the loss of life on board Malaysian airlines flight seventeen and promising that justice. Will be done 193. Dutch nationals died with others on that flight. Meanwhile the bodies of the victims recovered have begun the long journey home. But the wreckage of Malaysia air flight seventeen still five days after it went down not secure. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. The so called black boxes from the plane have now been officially handed over to the Dutch. Next stop Britain where just hours ago prime minister David Cameron confirmed a full forensic analysis will take place. But we're return -- Ukraine now we are joined live by ABC's -- -- yet who has spent much of the day. Once again exploring the crash site here at most of the victim's bodies now in car -- Seward on their way to the Netherlands but still so much debris on the ground and so little resolved there. You see anything changing on the ground. I'm Michelle that's right it's finally good news that -- -- -- -- those bodies were finally. All their way home their analogy sitting can't give -- but Netherlands or support to an altitude and finally finally -- on the -- All of the ground. Frankly not much has changed there -- no investigators here there is no investigation take -- here there are few international monitors perhaps a couple living. At the site but frankly there's still a lot of concern about the fact that this site a crime scene remains unprotected outside data crash. We've seen Australian prime minister come out today say there is evidence tampering on an industrial scale. Is there any sense that investigators. Aren't getting any sort of chance to conduct a thorough investigation. Well statement that says they don't even have the full team in here yet that is -- the biggest problem. They have couple that it came into the -- -- all from the that it would. But in the larger uniquely to Americans that are the city cute they'd been trying to get to secure their concerns about the security -- State's ability to work here. They have been able to make it yet. As far as the industrial temperate look like they're a bit of evidence that there was some video -- a crane that they brought in to lift apart. Albeit landing gear now the rebels say that they are doing all of that in order to go to retrieve the remains. Of the victims that were trapped under the wreckage space and it was inhumane to lead them out for so many days you don't normally. This would have been done very quickly that would have been an investigation the -- -- earlier but because nobody is able to get them. That they -- rebels went in themselves and and then removed those bodies. And -- -- -- in -- to do so they had to move the wreckage now there are that the OS CE this international monitoring team that's here on the ground. They have complained that they saw. Huge parts of the -- being cut apart objecting to think that moved and perhaps are basing -- -- very significant can search. -- evidence at this crime scene has been tampered. Let's talk about those so called black boxes there are going to Britain for analysis. Did the rebels know that when they handed them over last night. I got to -- lost everything else. We wanted to talk a little bit about those so called black boxes they're on their way to Britain for analysis did the rebels know that they would be going to Britain when they handed them over last. I think that what we would we talked to the community insisted that they want -- -- international investigation into this incident. They were willing to turn over the black -- to international investigative team -- collecting but they would expect. It's -- -- -- -- -- some sort of analysis that would be in their life the world credible. It's like they'll think -- from their perspective that this is a big deal. And wind do we expect the Dutch bodies to ride back in the Netherlands who is managing this. An enormous humanitarian effort at this point. There had been some hope that those bodies would go back as early -- It seems like now they're going to spend the night archived -- that city not for near eastern Ukraine that it under the control Ukrainian government. Interpol says that they have begun identifying the bodies and their that process will continue with a body to finally make it two to -- -- that may happen as soon as. More and of course -- you are on the scene there you were traveling throughout that region. Give us an idea of what you're seeing an experience been out there -- today. What we have been into the crash site many times today we went out to another spot a few miles away that little -- we deal. Where we heard there was another. Budget debris and it was actually all parts of the plane. And it was completely unguarded and that was incredibly striking because that's been the biggest we've had so -- Is that these -- it's totally unprotected and just oral maybe you multiply their there was -- or debris again. On -- we went back to the crash site just after that. And all the gourds that had been there -- gone there's only two people guarded the site right now. And so even if you could consider those courts should be to be neutral it anyway. They're there aren't any of the. You're Roddy -- thank you very much for joining us of course here we'll have more on And all ABC platforms. A reminder that you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happens starting this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24666978,"title":"MH17 Wreckage Largely Unguarded, Not Secure","duration":"5:44","description":"Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron says that a full forensic analysis will take place at the crash site.","url":"/International/video/malaysia-flight-17-wreckage-largerly-unguarded-24666978","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}