Massive protests paralyze Paris

Protesters take to the streets against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to overhaul the pension system.
4:19 | 12/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive protests paralyze Paris
Day six of massive protest. That continue to paralyze the city demonstrators still angry at president Emanuel my crohn's plan to overhaul the country's pension system and our Maggie really. Is right there right now Maggie if he does give us an idea of how things are heating up where you are. You can you probably hear some of the action happening behind me see some of that have already ends up. We're today's protests are finishing off his head after a climbing the sat just behind me you can hear some loud shouts going off even flash bombs in places. But for the most part Kimberly mother is a large police presence. It's remained very peaceful as thousands of people here on them actually even some people sort of selling food street vendors than music playing so. A while there are these pockets of some protesters that are turning violent there are a lot of people out here they just they want to see change. And they're trying to protests came back. Yes it can you just give us an idea of who actually is making up this crowd in and what kind of change do they want to see. Coming up with and so fascinating because behind me they're inherently up 42 different union group all represented that people like. Rail workers be something of a opera singers who are on strike out but that thing that. I never saw only different types of people and the teachers union is out here in full force as well and they're all and demanding that their pensions are taken seriously right now the government is threatening a pension reform in this country for the potentially raise the age that people are eligible for full benefits off. Many heavy people say that's unfair and working more for less money in the back of the teachers' union in particular is very hot day. He walked in the protest event today balked at one teacher an English teacher who teaches here in Paris he was. Very passionately for so many of the protesters here I want to take a quick lifting into what he had. What is at stake is huge. I mean he's forsake workload is. News four seats used. Vehicles so very big Warren. Five expect sir. Employees. You didn't get that big big question is how when we. After all working. I mean. We don't make a lot of money at Suu Kyi and the other in France we put what Texas. And weaker executives CNN exclusive ticket city program to protect these. Vincent. We didn't make the list. And we'll welcome make listening. Because all pension Levy did raise. It I'd probably. Impossible to understand gritty think of McClellan. And disappointing everybody. But there are a lot of people home village of ram. The hideout people felt let down. Everything we asked them about my prime that the French presidents hearing many people singing protest songs against him. Other things that are blaming the government the government saying they have to do that they have to report penchant the government and data from both of these protests as they say that's not enough. They film that they got how they're going to survive if they don't have their. So it's simply heated. Again and in do you see any sign from the people that the pressure on the government is working in any way. That's what's so interesting it was opened one of those teachers as well off of one of his colleagues and I asked her do you feel like even partnered. And he simply say no even with all of these protests ladies and within sixty days of protests that are loud and they are getting media attention he's still feels like he's knocking her he doesn't have. A much hoped for with the government's going to do. He said that he. Planned to keep coming out here and what happened. So it'll be interesting to see you get any trapped into the unions also have the support of the yellow bastards are almost hour famous protest group. Here in France and and they actually have had some traction with the government so they are hoping that by keeping up with the yellow vest here throughout France that maybe they'll see some. Type of progress but I guess what it's still anyone's got for going to happen. Guests will definitely unhappy here that they are peaceful at least Maggie really right there on the ground in pairs thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Protesters take to the streets against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to overhaul the pension system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67631381","title":"Massive protests paralyze Paris","url":"/International/video/massive-protests-paralyze-paris-67631381"}