Mayan Doomsday Dud

Dec. 21 arrives quietly in Dubai.
0:46 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Mayan Doomsday Dud
Good morning -- it is vomit -- held in. So we're calling people all around the world after midnight their time on December 21. To see how they're doing because there are some people who believe that the world is going and so we're calling you and you -- to find out if you're still alive and well and everything's it came back. -- -- YouTube everything is so concerned he is -- that life. Everything's at that's -- Yes everything is still going on so far so good. There you have -- so far so good my -- Tuesday December 21 has arrived without incident in Dubai. Same for points east from Tokyo to mother Teresa's convent in Calcutta. Life goes on.

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{"id":18032126,"title":"Mayan Doomsday Dud","duration":"0:46","description":"Dec. 21 arrives quietly in Dubai.","url":"/International/video/mayan-doomsday-dud-18032126","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}