Mexico’s hidden death toll

Ian Pannell is in Mexico City, where crematoriums and funeral homes are at capacity as the nation’s COVID-19 infections and deaths soar.
5:47 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Mexico’s hidden death toll
Should the crisis south of our border of Mexico is now recording its deadliest day yet in the battle against coming nineteen more tuitions in front line workers in Mexico City are overwhelmed. It is our EN panel reports their questions about the troops hole of the pandemic. At a funeral home in Mexico City every possible precautions taken to protect the living as the last rites that given to the debt. Paris is sprayed as forty bags are removed everyone in full PP. This cemetery used to bury around fight people a day now it's running at capacity 24 hours a day at least 25 bullets. And this is just the latest favorite nineteen victim. To be and since. And Rodriguez knows he brings the police to the crematorium with his uncle big used to bury the dead here now the mostly but the whole. What we're going through it very difficult situation but someone have to do the job please stay at home don't go out if you don't have to. For now the hugs are only from a far. We have no contact with our family and that's a very painful thing. This could in nineteen barrels through parts of Latin America Mexico finds itself at the forefront of the losing battle until there's a vaccine if Mexico has just had its. Deadliest day yet more than 6000 deaths reported overruled and the police opponent in now. A damning investigation by an anti corruption group via claims the real death toll in the capital alone. Is perhaps three times higher than is being reported as in parts of Mexico you don't need to look very far off to see the devastating toll of this virus. Funeral homes working in overdrive and some crematorium and now operating 24 as a day seven days a week. We went to one of them in Mexico City and this is the procedure of people have to go through now. And met with two lead and we need to grimaced of jobs in the hardest of times. Juan Carlos and the two men well lit cousins putting their lives on the line but like so many Mexicans with the economy's so bad. We can't afford not to work. All and the success almost hospitals. In this case it is something very risky for our help and the help of mark and these because it is virus we don't know one date will get it and what will happen to us. But while the death toll continues to rise in Mexico City this little cold of the threatening coat. It's meant announcing that businesses will begin to reopen June the first that cardinal anyway sooner or later we are all going to get infected by current of acts. We all have to return to normal. Doctors say rules a say they're not just fighting the virus the widespread skepticism. So Juan Jose is a community doctor. Patients come here he says and I tell them. It's probably covic they say no the national government may that's out. It may be difficult getting people to take the virus seriously when testing is so learn. Mexico is performed relatively few approximately a 150000. For a nation 120 point million. And though the US Mexico border new Constance that the virus could peak again Tijuana. It is only SI don't stop they don't do anything despite an agreement between the US and Mexico in March to limit traffic between the two countries. Thousands of people have reportedly continued to cross the border daily. Jake sees backgrounds both principal and aren't ready that that there's so much traffic at the crossing makes me afraid. They're going to have another wave of code cases in a couple weeks. Like elsewhere to that nineteen has had a disproportionate effect on the most vulnerable. The who's who work in this emergency operations center say the crisis is not even close to being an open. Somehow we have to solve the immediate issue it's the kind of thing we're doing here. But the pandemic emergency. It's not going to and not next week not next month. Probably not even this year as the country braces for more death Rodrigo takes it one day one boldly at a time. Dreaming of the day he'll be able to hug his family again. And so many are dreaming of that Damien panel joins us now live in Mexico City Ian. We have seen this virus travels from nation to nation they tell us why the situation in Mexico. Is somewhat unique. Get us tries to me in the look there is a real sense that Nolan is who really prepared and we continued to allow the flying flights to travel. And a lot of people to re packed traced. Now we know that extensively the border between Mexico in the US was closed but the reality on the ground is a traffic still flows in both directions are a number of exceptions as we Sorin not reports one truck driver who. It was infected as said that the window checks when he entered America the trucks is still traveling both sides of the border and surely no accident that we're now seeing spikes. Both on the American side and on the Mexican side of that border. Another couple of things UNICEF today this is a UN. Children's charity today said that as many as a thousand. Unaccompanied migrant children have been sent back to Mexico and Central America again. In the middle of this pandemic sending people traveling across borders clearly increases the risk. Of the disease spreading and now we understand that ice is also this week starting to repatriate people events at America illegally. Flung them directly back to Mexico City the truth is you still got this cross border traffic you were talking earlier about the threat of a second wave. Wolf this is always happens when you constantly have to. People going back and full results of the conundrum that all of as a facing around the world is how would you trying get back to some sensible Monta without increasing those risks. Spray a conundrum indeed that's right word for impanel thanks so much for that live report.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Ian Pannell is in Mexico City, where crematoriums and funeral homes are at capacity as the nation’s COVID-19 infections and deaths soar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70824204","title":"Mexico’s hidden death toll","url":"/International/video/mexicos-hidden-death-toll-70824204"}