5 million masks distributed amid India air pollution emergency

New Delhi residents are being choked with toxic air and smog, causing school closures and the distribution of millions of masks.
5:13 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for 5 million masks distributed amid India air pollution emergency
We're gonna move overseas to a city I'm grappling with dangerous polluted air now some major and chat major city in China. Probably came to your mind but New Delhi India is experiencing nothing short of an air crisis of BBC report even saying. The pollution meters didn't have enough digits to accurately record the levels but no one knows what that's actually light more than someone who actually lives there's I want to bring in some of bank. I'm she's a Delhi resident and a friend of mine and she joins us on the phone right now. Son I'm so glad you could talk to us today. Used to live in New York here with me and so you have some level of comparison just how bad is it. In Delhi right now. I can't thank her capping me. On it like you can how to make your you do it your hair. How about a comparison would be in the California wildfires there they their at their peak at least the air quality. Had reached I'm healthy and happy to levels meaning anything above. 8308. QYE a local NE YE equality index. Animated line behind how it measured in in layman's terms the lowered it to light after the air quality. I'm delicate looking New York right now it in this year that if you range is good op art in California during the work art that wildfires we're between 30400. I want to work this morning and deli he would get a July 800. And it capped a week in the U I was thirteen hundred that's more bad. What the air quality it right now with the wildfires in California. That's insane. That's wild so how does it affect your data daylight what do you actually have to do what are people doing when they wake up and go on about their work in all of their aaron's how to they have to. Combat this. I'm like the idea how do you really think about the area that you read you don't you know you kick it for granted but. Hearing in New Delhi you can't he be airy. You breed are granted literally the day to day. You're taking measured that Nolan Jay in that alienate each year you know looking at what bad air here are can get. I you're wearing mapped out by or stealing your windows you're not going for a walk in the park. You know you're caught him he almost and that's about making sure that your air quality at least in doric because your limited indoors. It we had picking yet the clean. Air you're fired you're struggling you know at peak over the weekend the darker our we have a call. Wouldn't even able to reach help you lot because the air quality de bat up side with able to bring it down significantly but even indoors it would have been injured while. While it's unbelievable do we know what's causing it to be so intends like what's making this. Air so polluted. Yeah I think few years now and it. At this time every year that being. Almost pirate Jean get really ridiculous combatants. That every winter and the wind speed slowed down and there are armor in neighboring state they're bringing their luck ever crop and making room forged. Your target. And and because they're bringing that their crop dirty air all the battle over India mean that he did not put hundreds of millions at risk and make matters work. Often coincide laid a Hindu religious holiday called lalique. And during which sparked the activities are for people you how fireworks. Which helped me out cute he already patented air quality those that both those things together RRR a legal mixed at this time of the year. So sun I know you have a family like what are your concerns you know moving forward with. A baby and being in this sort as I'm environment. On you really make you think about the quality of life and he can't do what you go portrait you know our job where I'm near my aunt and here we're basically working here but you really want the reconsidered its option it can't. On the Gailey because you're reading a report about air pollution can caught on the brain damage fertility in our report that ash. You know quite an area connected to millions of depth of Indian already make you. We think about some of the troika that he. Me along wit that many other people that live in the seat we have patenting. Long and hard about do we really need to be here and a lot after exploring alternate option because there's no replacing your house. Again just before we go as your exploring those options is the government doing anything to try to make this better. Adding well India has really struggled to get in front of the pollution crisis stage at the Indian prime minister himself had that stayed away from publicly making any statements about this. A police each state government at the local government in New Delhi has now declared a public health emergency each. Are really the only measures in place are issuing public advisory even schools are shut down and big public construction and they plan to limit that the number of vehicles which. But really to get to the heart of the problem on that it still but still remains to be big. All right son of bank at Delhi president are right there in all of that air pollution thanks for joining us today and try to stay safely appreciated.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"New Delhi residents are being choked with toxic air and smog, causing school closures and the distribution of millions of masks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66742109","title":"5 million masks distributed amid India air pollution emergency","url":"/International/video/million-masks-distributed-amid-india-air-pollution-emergency-66742109"}