1 million species in danger of extinction: UN report

Humans threaten one eighth of the world's species, according to a new report.
4:12 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for 1 million species in danger of extinction: UN report
A new report is Al that says from the EU and the United Nations saying. One million species one million species are facing extinction it's pretty alarming so I want to bring in Susan Casey left glitz she's chief program officer. At the national resource defense council. Susan and thanks for joining us I'm not even certain people. Knew that eight million species exist and now they're saying that one million are going to be extinct what is the reason for this. Thanks so much for having me on. You know at the reason for this is that we've been putting our natural systems under a lot of pressure. Climate change under pressure industrial development puts them under pressure. And we haven't been doing as good a job caring and nurturing but the systems on which we all depend. As we need to. Yet and when you say we haven't been doing a good job what are some of the things that are included in us not doing a good job. Well you know it comes down to the fact that we look across the world we need to have much better conservation. And the habitats the homes. For wildlife. And our natural systems like our freshwater ecosystems are oceans. From our forest. These things are important not just for themselves but because they sustain us they sustain human life as well. Yeah I'm just curious how does a scientist how do scientists understand when a species is about to go become extinct. There's several Maria ways in which scientists can look at possible extinction. One is actual population counts those species I'm getting a sense of where the numbers are in you know at a certain point to species may reach a level. Where they can't relieve breed anymore where there's not enough of them laughed to keep the species going. Another is to look at habitat destruction such as climate change is causing. And how the sense of it that habitat doesn't exist if things change to match for the species they can predict. But in the years to com it's going to be harder and harder about species to survive. Can you can you just give us an idea of some of the species that are actually on the list because sometimes you think okay it's just. You know big animals. That are about to become Eckstein but when we're talking one million it has to be. A wide range of different types of life. That's right we're looking at everything from the smallest birds to the largest whales. Think about bees and butterflies that you see every day in your backyard. And as well as thinking about. Wonderful magnificent creatures like the elephants injure racks. Yen so just finally I mean are there any solutions so we're we're not. Making more species extinct I mean this is one in eight so what do we do. The one piece of really good news in this report is that there are some patients there are things that we know how to do. The question is do we have the political will do them. Part of a disconcerting. At least 30%. Of our land and our oceans. By 2030. So that the habitats the homes. That creatures need to natural systems that sustain us that these can keep on existing well into the future. Irate and Susan before we go I mean what part of this report. Was the most surprising to you anything that stood out to you where you're pretty alarmed. I think what really alarm me the most was taking it as a whole. When you think about one million species it really brings it home. In fact we're the stewards of the earth. And species. Are critical what we think about the birds and the bees and butterflies and how. Everything it's connected also to sustaining our food systems to making sure that. Our water systems are held secrets to drink better food systems are healthy dressed eat. I think we don't give enough weight opt into how interconnected every. Annuals. Irate I appreciate that Susan again a pretty disturbing but good to know we we have to start. Doing something so Susan Casey let go its from the national resource defense council thank you so much for being with us today we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Humans threaten one eighth of the world's species, according to a new report. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62855277","title":"1 million species in danger of extinction: UN report","url":"/International/video/million-species-danger-extinction-report-62855277"}