Former Miss Venezuela, Soap-Opera Star Gunned Down by Armed Robbers

Beauty queen and her estranged husband were killed while experiencing car trouble on an isolated highway.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Former Miss Venezuela, Soap-Opera Star Gunned Down by Armed Robbers
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and is in new York -- this is an ABC news digital special report. Police in Venezuela say they have arrested the five men responsible for the deadly ambush and murder of -- -- Venezuela Monica spear and her ex husband. -- couple's five year old daughter was also wounded in the attack. The family was stuck on the road side after a small traffic accident. -- had been vacationing together. For more now on this case in the surge of violent crime in Venezuela were joined by my Deanna and you cohost of the morning show. On fusion idea and I good morning to you good afternoon what is the latest from Venezuela and what did -- -- current. What are police saying about the crime. The arrest occurred yesterday the tow truck driver that fled the scene is also being questioned. And the family who live here in Orlando -- to -- Spears' family actually flew overnight. To Venezuela for the memorial services because according to -- -- -- law. If your murdered in that country you need to be buried there as you mentioned the five year old daughter did survive he's recovering. She's in a hospital but she's being held. In police -- Can you tell us about the life of -- -- her time in America apparently she wasn't just to beauty queen. Any beauty queen in Venezuela was ground in this and that's where I grew up there on exactly -- same age. Is looked up to because it's just a huge platform from you for young girls from. Lower middle class families to receive an education. To get journalism degrees to become television centers and -- -- spears case tele Novella stars. Up it would -- case in particular. She -- very particular. Soap opera roles that really made her win the hearts and minds of Venezuelan. She was most known for. A role in the tele Novella where she played a young girl who had Asperger's syndrome and the -- novellus called. The perfect woman. And with that soap opera she tried to sort of revived. National debate about what beauty and inner beauty really was and that's -- people loved -- so much she of course also had American citizenship she had moved here to Florida and was working here. At that -- -- to avoid such a terrible thing happening to her as many of us. Venezuelans have had to leave. In order to avoid the rampant violence and taken over tree -- -- for a minute and talk about that violence an estimated seventy people have been murdered since New Year's -- what is the president of that country. Saying about it. I mean he's honestly he's really not saying much today he appeared on state television surrounded by. State backed artist saying that this shouldn't be turned into a political issue. But that is not what every day of Venezuela's wants to -- that's not what my own family wants to your lives down there and is exposed. So this wave of crime every single day. 24000 people died last year alone and these are numbers that we know. You can imagine many of the deaths go on reported. The -- any rate is 90%. And murder case -- not even a single -- dismayed. So Monica spear could've been anybody and that is what we'll take people to the streets today there's a mass protests scheduled and I'm pretty sure thousands of -- was gonna. Had to the streets and voice their indignation with this situation. -- the family had been on vacation when they have their road in CNN that they -- actually waiting by the -- for help when they were attacked. What is known to be a dangerous area. Really I mean anywhere in Venezuela when you're driving at 10 PM at night is considered dangerous my multifamily they aired just doesn't go out night period -- they -- In -- -- even wealthier anything unique to at least have one bullet proof card you can afford it. What happens in many of these roads is that focus believe big rocks throw objects onto the road. Hoping that cars will get -- down and that is when the attack and apparently that is what happened. In the unfortunate case of Monica -- and we've heard that her family encouraged her to leave the country as you've been describing user. The violent and dangerous time -- apparently been robbed. Six times in the past few years. That's right are Univision affiliates spoke to the family in Orlando yesterday. And the dad said quote she -- Venezuela I try to get her out of there she hadn't been -- as you mentioned five or six times. But is just such a beautiful country its home. She had a sick grandmother there as well as she was tweeting all over the holidays. During the holidays about you know the beautiful landscapes and how beautiful country is. So -- that dichotomy that ex -- have to live with and unfortunately it ended up killing her ambient. All right fusion Diana fence -- thank you so much for joining us. And he can see my piano along with co -- -- drug Friday and pianist -- this every morning. From seven to 9 AM on fusion -- the latest on the investigation into the murders of former miss Venezuela Monica spears and her ex husband stay right here at Has been an ABC news digital special report on time Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":21467504,"title":"Former Miss Venezuela, Soap-Opera Star Gunned Down by Armed Robbers","duration":"3:00","description":"Beauty queen and her estranged husband were killed while experiencing car trouble on an isolated highway.","url":"/International/video/miss-venezuela-soap-opera-star-gunned-armed-robbers-21467504","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}