It's Morning, America: Monday, July 1, 2019

Donald Trump makes historic step into North Korea, "WorldPride" takes over New York City, and more.
23:41 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, July 1, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and I Jane Harman had a tough I think snow this Monday number one of the deadliest plane crash in Texas and nearly three decades ten people were killed when the twin engine plane crashed into a Hamburg a small airport witnesses say it appears the plane had trouble gaining altitude after take off. Nor to the ground was hurt. Investigators had to hand was empty at the time of the crash the NTSB and FAA are now working to determine the cause of the crash and they're looking into back. Number two the historic handshake on the Korean Peninsula resident Robin back in Washington after becoming the first sitting US president to visit North Korea. Mean what can has set up a new round of nuclear bombs at after the meeting with China's president this weekend. President from says they're closer to Springfield on to number three now some dramatic video from Florida where sheriff's deputy was drafted by an SUV after a routine traffic stop deputy Aaron Blaise pulled over driver for tenth at windows but police say the man drove off after the deputy said he smelled marijuana. Leaving him clinging to the side of the vehicle the deputy was tracked for more than a hundred feet before shooting the suspect in the leg and falling into the median and now. Do it right now he's not. Yeah there. This is a bad. Do. Who almost killed one of our deputy sheriffs on the side of the road. The suspect was caught after an eight hour man hunt and now faces an attempted murder charge. The deputy was treated and released. Hospital we have an MBA program report given to -- is taking his talents to Brooklyn to rant was coveted by knicks fans have signed up here contract with. The rifle that Brooklyn also agreed to war a year deals with the former Celtics guard diary Irving and former knicks center DeAndre Jordan. And finally number five. Yet to see this here my moment in southern India two men on a motorcycle hall. Let's chase drive that a tiger followed for a few seconds before running back into the forest in the case happen. While white part get bad reports say the men worked. Course officials. Checking I'm a tiger sighting I say it was and work. That movie you're. Elements aren't map its July 1 and it's more in America coming your way like that tiger. Good morning everyone quick dissolve the week with the UU unknown Friday will review our. Big hits able you were to fit Sabbath that in Times Square DNA again. And yeah Huddleston down there we'll get and you're there listening. So you know we had that. Look fat. There and that tiger story can you believe it right error probable that you me he you know I've got. We miss you and it's great to have you back this week you got a busy week still edgy. They're probably doing double duty but we had a busy weekends airport on this morning so we're gonna get classic story president trumpets back. In this his historic visit with Kim Jung whom where he became. The first sitting American president to set foot in North Korea the president shook hands with Kim meeting for nearly an hour and he raised the possibility if Kim. Visiting the White House but the question now is. What's next ABC's Andrea the GE is here with the latest good morning Andrea. Hi Ken at the two leaders spent an hour behind closed doors as president trump tries to restart nuclear talks with North Korea. President truck back. In Washington. Tweeting this video of his meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un history made as he became the first sitting US president to step into the country. Friend. President trump made the surprise visit to the demilitarized zone following the G-20 summit. Where he met with Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president she aging paying. Speaking with Fox News Tucker Carlson the president seemed optimistic that the US and China are closer to a trade deal. We have very good meeting he wants to make a deal I wanna make you do very big deal probably I guess you'd say the largest deal ever made and any kind Natalie trade. We got along very well we understand each other. But it was president trumps meeting with Kim Jong-un that's received the most media attention. Which at times became chaotic as the two men walked back. Voters thought. And in a rare move the reclusive North Korean leader spoke directly to American reporters. And boom that's him on what you want wolf I believe that looking at this fact that this is an expression of it's good to. To eliminate all the unfortunate path after opening a new future. The last round of nuclear talks with North Korea failed but now with state media is hailing this meeting at successful. And despite all of the symbolism with this meeting there is still no concrete progress for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. A president trump says they will resume talks to try to get to a nuclear deal and secretary of state Mike Pompeo says those talks could start this month Kenneth. Andrea thank you so much in an unwelcome making you're its morning America debut Andrea so great to have you here in the studio. Om and covered a big story now we want to warn you when you do this show we take nothing seriously. Really. I thought about how lucky and I planned it well because they were yellen I am oh yeah that's. At this morning America is great to have you and thank you again for there. Report on the president's historic visit we appreciate it. Thank you we'll certainly and historic moment there in the DMZ and incredible that a came together and just hours ABC's Brett milky happened behind the scenes story. How it all went down Brad. As he and his historic moment no sitting president has ever done this before so we noticed picture's gonna and in the history books we don't know yet. It's the caption. A Maria. We Kim Jung and some said. He was leading the way for a lasting peace. Critics blasted it is shake hands with the brutal dictator and so this might have an even bigger than your previous two summits. An ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Correll says and it is normally be. Highly choreographed but. This all came together within hours. Brad to me that maybe the craziest moment. Was watching. Of the incoming white house Press Secretary Stephanie Gresham. Literally elbow and shove aside in North Korean security guard. Well this is now like in America does not like an American flak or something this is like a north Turkey and dictatorship security guy. This is one of those guys who's he running alongside the car when Kim arrived somewhere these are pretty scary looking guys. And she I'm you gotta look at the tape I mean she really gives the guy a you know shoved aside. What would that I mean the reason why used you had all this chaos is because the thing really did come together at the very last minute. Remember guys the trump administration says there is more good will between these countries than there's ever been before experts agree Kim's nuclear arsenal remains fully. Intact have a lot more on this visit on start here this morning. Listen on apple podcasts. David podcasting. Genetic and it moving on Facebook's it is working on a plan to stop misinformation about next year's census. The company's policy will prohibit FaceBook users from misrepresenting census requirements met fits or logistics. FaceBook will also use algorithms to find and delete census related misinformation. The former policy will be released this fall. A convicted murderer in Texas is the subject of an urgent manhunt 25 year old Renee Korea was convicted last Thursday of killing a man outside a Dallas strip club in 2017. But he was free on bond during his trial and prosecutors say creel cut off his ankle monitor to fleet before being convicted. Anybody that is associated with a we're going to be contacting him hopefully they can talk to me to come in Baghdad and facing what he is mid says win. And even if he doesn't come back we'll still be looking for. Creel has already been sentenced in 99 years in prison he's now facing additional charges for jumping bail. Funeral services will be held today for the migrants father daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to make it to the US the bodies of 25 year old Oscar Alberto Martinez. The 23 month old ballot Rio will return to their hometown El Salvador the family was hoping for a better life in the US. The latest suspect arrested in the shooting of Red Sox legend David Ortiz says he would never do something like this. Victor Hugo Gomez is the fourteenth person charged in the case and one of the three alleged masterminds. Authorities say Gomez offered 30000 dollars for someone to shoot his cousin who was sitting next Ortiz in the Santa Domingo club. Gomez released a YouTube video denying he was part of plot to shoot anyone. Some people in the south are being warned this could be the summer of super naps giant nest of yellow jackets are starting to pop up in Alabama. They hold at least 4000. Of the insects. One scientist says yellow jackets cause almost all stinging deaths in the US and unlike honeybees the jackets Kensing repeatedly. And generally attack in groups through a normal summer only has two super Nass. Twelve have been confirmed ninety popped up back in 2006. I looks. No one if there are yellow jackets I'm running in Europe here. All of the is run faster than you. Huge different. Coming up. America's favorite pastime of terror is across the bond stood in front I'm guessing it'll and in a way the Yankees to some of Red Sox. Welcome back now to the old boys died after being exposed to E. Coli at a county fair. It's family calls him a little Angel he was want to for visitors who contracted the bacteria the source of the E. Coli is under investigation. But all the children -- contact with animals. This morning an urgent investigation into accounting fear after an E. Coli outbreak killed a young boy. Two year old jet a viking Keba sway love visited the San Diego county fairgrounds June 15. Four days leader he has stomach problems the doctors say a rare complication from the infection killed him less than a week later. He was bundled up in a little ball. Can't even moved you so. He was hurt so much he almost couldn't crime bureau officials close all animal exhibits Saturday as a precaution this morning they're searching for the source of the E. Coli is say likely came from either the petting zoo. The livestock exhibits for the pony rides. Our hearts and our prayers and thoughts. Lots of that family and home while we emphasize safety at the fair we will continue to do so. Jeopardize family says he wants his hands after interacting with the animals three other children who visited the fair were also sickened by the bacteria officials say in at least through Bruce cases the child did not wash his or her hands. After being around animals. Washing hands is very very important so when you're touching animals and livestock always wash your hands very good to get twenty seconds. As for Jared I had known as jedi to his family. He's being remembered as a happy boy who was always laughing. He's up he's upstairs a little Angel led the facility occurred until they kill lord as good. You get your hands full. A fundraising website for the boy spam has already surpassed the 20000 dollar mark. Doctors say when visiting these whose hands advertiser is important but you know washing hands they say actually with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. If you him better. Sing happy birthday that is it a reminder that brings us to the question of the day. Will you think twice before going to a petting zoo letting your kids ten animals at a petting zoo let us know what you think Tulsa the comments. Or tweet us at ABC news lock. While some breaking news C a two from overnight a powerful explosion ripped through the Afghan capital of Kabul this morning injuring at least fifty people. So let's go cross upon out of doing McFarland and the London bureau who's been keeping an eye on this 1 the morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth warning tonight yes that's right at least 53 people have been wounded and are being treated in the hospital and central Kabul this morning off to a rush how it's blaze and decimated admit the diplomatic compound named. As the greens and that's where a bunch of government buildings foreign embassies including the US embassy and the Afghan intelligence agency one of the buildings as that. So far this and they claim of responsibility. Afghan officials are trying to determine. He might be behind this but this comes two days off to the US and the Taliban. Raising tolls on the gay station ZUS really hoping for some kind of result men with that the -- bond. Before the next Afghan elections in sept ten since the key neighmond. In the country right now. Write to and now turning to Hong Kong where we've already advancing those massive protests were few weeks now. They've been picking up again as the city celebrates the anniversary of its handover to China. Now the city's leaders speaking out tell us what she sang. Yes that's right I just have to point out that this comes a couple of days off to that would lodged protests if we can and in favor of Beijing and of the police tens of thousands people. I running supports all of the Hong Kong authorities. But this morning July the fuss is of course they out of that's an old. The Hong Kong hand Dave. To China. Twenty to you is since that historic day. But test is odds of money that carry lomb resigns. There have been thousands of them gathering. In the streets today a lot of them I got an outside the legislative. Assembly. Some of them even trying to break end. And they are demanding the resignation. Of parity laden Hong Kong chief executive here is. Backed by Beijing she has already said that she would suspend that acts not controversial extradition bill. Which caused millions to hit the streets in the last few months but test is I want more they wanted to get. And Julia. Switching gears here. Is imminent and he's gears are not here you're change them out of out of I've heard what you call us here over in the US on you cause blank piece that's what I heard. That it happened and that I am AM when I'm. Love hot how did he knew what I call them yet and I don't. Have you on what's that what's significant thing you got. Up close and personal battle pace of America's favorite past time across the pond this weekend. Yeah that's right it was Major League baseball's clustered foray in two. The European Mogg and the Yankees. Again head to head against Boston red suns with buzz time on British soil. I'm I have to say the atmosphere in the stadium in line at London's Olympic Stadium. It was electric that was a huge a lot of enthusiasm and I want you know you're just. It looking out of the grounds and seeing endless floods of Brett streaming and the state of a lot of them wearing jet Aziz. Of the of the Boston Red Sox though the Yankees all pretty excited thug just like a football minds of course Whipple. And you guys call it soccer but football is the current that's what I did fact that the nation's a big day next but UK was great because a lot of these brands including what was going on but they still enjoyed those two games of the Yankees a continuing stalemate painting the Red Sox on in banks my actions. And you and got kinda yeah I was the only Red Sox. I don't. A lot of good kids in aloe. Mcginnis hello. And very pages. Luckily. Now have a lot of good or even I think. That's the. I thought yeah do you may over the weekend and I thought standing here is give you a little bit of a quiz about having with shortstop so did you figure out what. A shortstop is. Ask dot. That is that is the thing last prayer and I thank hit the bull Monday they data thing. With champagne and our god about Annan bunting yeah I know about me how my bunting you know bunting is. I'm saying it is a whack on the red accountant you go there's little bits and someone like fun. Well Perrier it is one thing. Pop up on us tonight means my front. That's right that's right him. There won't it had tried to give me that. If you drive equipped me on the soccer parents on the soccer terms I would have been released a statement he's about Woodinville community doesn't cut it on our heads. Input. Either way I wouldn't return my. Break it down. That's energizing thanks guys it's a check harder to vacations starting with something that. What abnormal really on the New York city's objective another today yeah you're sitting in the end subways they've got things aren't table and they're going attic look at this. Impressive on the think strange Avant moving. Almost as impressive. Is that moving and military. Very moving. Thousands. It was not an organ that guy is just learn and play. Yeah and he decided. Even yeah one song this. Actually you know I thought it was. Actually not even know what I found it yet. My producers told media that she loved little. And went on Twitter when we need to be able responded on Twitter saying careless whisper and in different charts. Sung the news. And other than to it they are writing consultant I am now asking those who want what are we going to come in here. That's your better than our producer on the slant. All that's yeah he. I. The little kitten that's trying to ferret owner lots at Atlantic she's coming she's from she's from a height hi OK pretty bad real. I have. No security cat right there though and other than Bashar is being called a hero for saving eternal trying to cross the road. As you see here what going down the road and Europe and driver. Waved for head there it is. Per call. Her helped her herd of eight afternoon. And it it's too hot to play outside. Here's the next best thing. His dog is played in the water saying there aren't. They that you. Dairy. Art and out of an excellent to cap off pride month about Victoria comes out in his speech. And the whole class supports him. We'll learn. The city whether crime. Edwards was. And coming up more on the big price celebrations around the world millions of Friday's revelers converged on New York City plus. See who came out on live TV lately back. Hear that the watch out for today closing arguments are expected in the parliament equity. Fuel charge of murder. But captive heights fire special ops chief Edward Gallagher has pleaded not guilty. Charges. The US women's national soccer team is network practicing for tomorrow semi final showdown against England my interest you know has scored the last. More goals for king USA. If they win tomorrow's match they would either play Holland Sweden in Sunday's championship game. Team USA in England kick off tomorrow at 3 PM eastern time and Wimbledon begin today in the London experts are predicting. Roger Federer. Yeah. Rough founded Dell. Could meet in the semi final Serena Williams first match is tomorrow. That's pretty cool plots are readmitted to the report update on our top stories and the breakthrough or breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Anthems of pride acceptance and embracing both yourself and others as you are where the driving force this weekend here in New York City. Cried 2019 hosted by New York has closed with a bang and our will dances here. A highlight with bang I'm still trying to get the glitter and the confetti out of my. Celebrations all over the world this weekend San Francisco Mexico City Chicago and of course. Right here in NYC wrapped up a monthlong celebration of history of unity of love and yet you guessed it a product. For the first time ever world pride celebrated on American soil. An estimated four million visitors hitting New York City to mark the occasion alongside major names like Madonna. And lady got got surprising fans with a speech celebrating how far the queer community has come. It never been so. Visible and the world pop star giving that speech outside the Stonewall and the bar where members of the queer community fought back against a police read exactly fifty years ago the beginning of the modern LG BTQ plus rights movement. LB decades later the NYPD out in full force keeping the millions of people secret New York city's pride march. ABC news capturing this moment during the march army specialist three on Houston just back from a tour in Iraq. Coming out on live TV and stolen out in the military. At this point answers are coming out I guess that as. That announcement met with cheers. And while that support seems encouraging the percentage of Americans who support same sex marriage on the rise since it was made legal only four years ago so are the instances of hate crimes against the LG BT plus community. So while the confetti falls and the music blasts many are taking time to remember the challenges and difficulties the LG BTQ plus community continues to face. It's come along Miami got on my aggressive and I mean this I'm so happy to be parents are proud of what happens. Cell while pride month may be officially over on the calendar of when a quote my friend Connor who said pride isn't just June pride is every day in the spirit of every queer person fighting for their right. To exit swells that. I was in the streets yesterday. I will I will say colorful streets yet and it was futile for they were packed and flowing with love and pride and housing that the pride flag and I it really represents very well that diversity that was out there in the New York City streets yesterday. Well so much diversity in the end it's so much love I think it'll really walking through the streets in just. It is seeing strangers just like yeah it was amazing and the glitter and the confetti that literally was blowing up in the wind it was a matchup that's citywide party yes absolutely well thank you so much we appreciate it. Thanks for joining us from the first saint Joan I. Have a good when you say rabbit rabbit rabbit that's forgive a lot deadlock draft. Cataract spread around tomorrow.

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