Moscow cleans up after winter storm

Blizzard buries the city with a month's worth of snow over 48 hours.
10:24 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for Moscow cleans up after winter storm
Good morning my eyes as you read eleven ABC news digital. We're red sweat in Moscow winning fleeing. To one of the biggest snowfalls. In Moscow his history so that we can almost two feet of snow fell idiocy is still holding. And so it. Moscow because the city has used. That's an. Analysts say today had some trouble country without amount in such a short space of time so we gotta go take a walk around reds went. And basically tell you why does it right picturesque place. Just trying to unite the AMA Italy's how much snow realize this is what evidence again right. This is dependent now. At his office would mean pollution that. Oh and read that in I'm coming back into the audience it's on display. Let's take a look at is it. Visit home. Zell reds manager in a win said. They have. What Cindy is locked in. Hey I'm this nice. They've building. Behind me. A slice. Is shopping center. Saturday at least toppings that let stages where. One of Moscow isn't. Wealthiest people and have nothing. The judge they can see that's. Same battles get fear of now exist similar mosque. My. Roads around minus. Twelve degrees Celsius is three degrees Fahrenheit at the moment. I mean for Russians. Not especially code. Some places rush says this Wednesday had temperatures around. When he degrees. Fahrenheit. Minus 45 since degree centigrade. Okay. Okay. See if we can sailor today. MySpace that it's night. Oh yeah. Not make even Cody just about people who. Back around at in the distance. Every editor that they icing on has spent. Friday night and imprudent played hockey on this ice rink a few weeks ago. Nice weekend. Okay. Heavy smoke. Over those violent destruction. In Moscow. This 40000 people left without. Region around duck out cables came down because of the amount of snow. That when he's won best. Entries as well some inches. Because and I travel delays pile on the roads and listen plus gazette bullets. Same time. Russians are pretty pleased that states see this because they've had a very and I usually sanctioning. Baldwin's Chris that's reinvesting those in December and continued on a C was basically completely as wellness and I've. And battles in to come just in the same weekend. You can Anthony C media in this weather people walking around. The kind of enjoying it. So we giving have been a taste of what reds violet site. On the summit. In the winds ahead Moscow. A bacterial breaks the news digital. In Moscow.

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{"id":52888869,"title":"Moscow cleans up after winter storm","duration":"10:24","description":"Blizzard buries the city with a month's worth of snow over 48 hours.","url":"/International/video/moscow-cleans-winter-storm-52888869","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}