Mother tells harrowing tale of escape from Manchester Arena

ABC News' Molly Hunter talks with a mother and daughter who found themselves in a stampede to get out of the concert.
4:00 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Mother tells harrowing tale of escape from Manchester Arena
And good morning from Manchester I'm Molly hunter and this is ABC news did show we are and Manchester in the UK this scene of last night holistic terror attack it was just. Down the road from an Ariana Ronde concert when a suicide bomber just after 1030 blew himself up killing at least 22 people injuring. At least 59 we do believe his suicide bomber was one of the dead police thanked but this city is still on active crime scene is in Manchester is baffling and busy city up in the north of England. But today helicopters are still ahead and investigators are trying to figure out if that suicide bomber had accomplices that we you know from the police that they have me. And arrested 23 of the very few he tells about that we Austin that. British prime minister act to reasoning has at convened a cobra meeting which is essentially. Security meeting of her ministers. And issued an emergency response but actually hears it's coming bear story. Our mother and daughter who were there at the concert last night this is not S and this is Lydia think he's so much for joining us. Madison are aggregates your favorite. Singer. To even remember what the concert was let us. What with EIG or. How old Iron Man. Allen went out there and at. Alison. Don't let your mom estimate. A he really does things can't. A dramatic week. That you're. Has threatened deaths and become out I think they've that we passed headed towards the main entrance that we coming today. Head of buying to think too much of it but maybe speak with you know it didn't think of one minute there was a Bobble Lansing. And then there was just to see if people running toward the sweet shop since him when the other way when you weighs an explosion. So we ran. And bonds says. But we gonna get stampede to Dallas. It was just complete panic. I'll see you holding haven't yet and really aren't in yet really tightening remember that at all yet his mind missing it please sign up if Adam for is as bad as any Matt there any other way what else you average human rather children their mothers those. Moses intelligence screaming. It. It it was just all full trying to get Thomas doesn't he didn't know we didn't know what it was the gunman didn't know whether that would be gunman went out of the box this that she lights flashing. Fully rice and meaningful this Wednesday that comes from comments. Never felt for a minute that this would happen. Immediately that it is something serious ice of lake knowing that we don't think the double B and when he had a good life at some and Cynthia just looks amendment of the obvious supply and you know speak Scotland but Italy's. And it was until the crowds have been towards us that we knew that abstinence is racist. Right at what point so when people are saying run the other way and get away sadly you realize this is if it's something area and you find did you figure out how to get out where the Agnelli pilot pilot of the gas back the other way and we that Lou at 6 o'clock so. And found since that while some just kept coming how many flights as you run down but it was pushing fight saying and you know what it that we would gonna get stampeded on the way down but monies to make outside site today. What caused cooling system and the Arenas had deductibles that weighs into the gaps stating the site. And then there was another attack in the crowds of people had much about downed tools and no known at the box about the crack. So we went across this is the rented two medical effects house site. Very very fortunate he or find him I'm so happy. To see about getting live been talking spent of course on morning and for more updates. On Manchester and an on this attack will be here all day so check back here at ABC's digital and we're what's on of course at I'm Molly hunter and Manchester.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter talks with a mother and daughter who found themselves in a stampede to get out of the concert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47579769","title":"Mother tells harrowing tale of escape from Manchester Arena","url":"/International/video/mother-tells-harrowing-tale-escape-manchester-arena-47579769"}