Mounting tension with Iran after Saudi oil refinery

President Donald Trump said he would "like to avoid" war with Iran.
3:55 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Mounting tension with Iran after Saudi oil refinery
We want to begin with the attack on Saudi oil infrastructure. And it looks increasingly like Iran was responsible we turn to the Pentagon. When ABC's Louis Martinez. The leader does seem to be some new evidence developing pointing in the direction of Iran. That's right Aaron ABC news has learned that and a mostly in tact cruise missile that the US believes came from Iran. As well as a drone an Iranian drone haven't found in the desert area. Around where those two plants were attacked over the weekend. On this is again increasing evidence that points that Iran was behind. The attack on this large facility the world's largest oil or refinery. Oh and hit pretty much impacted by percent of the world's oil supply. So the US has this evidence so in practice and recently two. Other US officials who say that the US is working to declassify. So what intelligence it has that further points to Iran being behind this attack. I US officials telling us that US intelligence. Is pretty certain that it way that these missiles and these drones all were originated from inside Iran. And a social media there's some evidence that he is he is well on so you see some pictures. Remnants of a missile and in the desert. I'm as well as maybe even a cruise missile flying overhead as they were on their way on towards Saudi Arabia but he's heard the president yesterday. He said. He has its immediate full determination yet that it is around behind it but that it is pointing that way for now. It and this new evidence that does seem to box him into a corner a bit over the weekend he was tweeting that the US was a locked and loaded. Then yesterday he said the US was in no rush to confront Iran. When presented with what looks like you're if you double evidence what's the president to do. While the president admitted there's no doubt Aaron and what's going on years of tensions are high between the United States Iran Saudi Arabia this is a tense situation in the president's language kind of seems T. I'll fall back on his earlier locked and loaded it he says that it tweet over the weekend. But again you can be certain that the US officials a high senior ranking ministry officials. Are discussing with the next steps one of the things that we had been told was that they wanted to make sure that Saudi Arabia I took that first step we saw yesterday. Where these just step short of blaming Iran directly saying that these marine weapons bomb and that they did not originate in Yemen but not calling out Iran directly. What they said they wanted was that they want an international groups to come in investigate this C one of the United Nations investigate this. So if you look at with the Saudi Arabia's actions and you look at president Trump's actions it seems like they want he. Let this play out a little longer to see where it goes and it also gives time since his decision makers to see where things go. But in the at this same time this really remains in very tenth century. Yet I want to ask you really about that the mood of the halls of the Pentagon where where you are it is is there inactives. Battle plan being worked out are we at that point. That is always gonna happen Aaron regardless of whether. That decision is made and as we always toll of early sillier the penny on this is a planning organization. So whenever scenario develops there there are always options that are being developed at cent com which is US Central Command down in Tampa. Here at the joint staff and ultimately these are options that are presented the president military options but again been talking some officials. They're seeing this play out they're being very cautious. In terms of their language they know that this is a very tense situation and they want to make sure that. Right choices are made. Com and so therefore. I can't tell you that and there's that attention here in the building when I talk to officials but what I do get is a feeling that yes they. They want to make sure that cautious decisions are made because there can be very long range implications. Based on what actions are made. ABC's Louis Martinez from his post at the Pentagon Louis art thanks to you as we continue to watch the situation unfold with the wrong on the eve of the UN general assembly. Perhaps a chance meeting between Iran's for honey and president trouble seeing.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"President Donald Trump said he would \"like to avoid\" war with Iran.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65669335","title":"Mounting tension with Iran after Saudi oil refinery ","url":"/International/video/mounting-tension-iran-saudi-oil-refinery-65669335"}