Nobel Peace Prize winners announced

A Congolese doctor and an Iraqi woman are honored for their work to stop sexual violence in war zones.
2:44 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Nobel Peace Prize winners announced
The winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have just been announced and Julia McFarlane is in London Flores covering the details on that Julia. Pay that yes to incredible individuals being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly awarded failed 25 year old UZD. Survive a night dimmer rod in the 63 year old. Congo les gynecologist. Dennis McVeigh get now they've been a war awarded. The Nobel Peace Prize four that tied us up that's two and the use of sexual violence. And war that just a little bit about these two incredible people not him a ride she is a UZD refugee. And she lost Hamas. When crisis took cave. The northern Iraq and took thousands of busy d.s. Slaves and ever ran. Northern Iraq back into any fourteen she dedicated her why half of the awards. Unto you have mother and her memory and in memory of all you CDs. He's still US still trying to read the bill that lives. Oft the invasion. Of Northern Iraq by I says. And the Congolese Dutton Dennis McVeigh that he is being his team Hobbs has saved them have treated tens of thousands of people. That and he was actually in a hospital when he was first informed that he'd won the prize he was. Carrying on his whack when he was told people's they dropped to their money is whacking and told him to give. News. Can great stories. And two amazing people it's so great to hear them honored funny that he. Didn't know and that that's how he ended up finding out usually they get some sort of secret phone call it the whole team of people behind them. Yeah I mean the nominations I can be out for a number of months. But I think it's a deluxe his dedication that he carried on with his lack. Today but he was told by. He treated his fuss of victim of sexual violence back and 1999. And he's been in the DeOssie treating women Addison sons he has told so somebody harrowing stories about. The grace miss treatment that women have faced in not conflict. And say it really this is a wonderful day of the Hammond four or campaign is that you once and sexual violence and conflict at this with a background to this is that is literally decades of this this largely unknown mind whacking away one of the makes violent conflicts in the wild will call a hopefully these prizes offer. Obviously then and they credit that they deserve and offers some extra confidence to victims and other survivors as well as people looking to help Julia McFarland from London thanks Julian.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"A Congolese doctor and an Iraqi woman are honored for their work to stop sexual violence in war zones. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58312909","title":"Nobel Peace Prize winners announced ","url":"/International/video/nobel-peace-prize-winners-announced-58312909"}