North Korea launches missile

The missile was fired just days before North Korea was to begin a new round of nuclear talks with the U.S. this weekend.
2:17 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for North Korea launches missile
Removing line on overseas to news out of North Korea. The regime a firing a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan just hours after announcing upcoming nuclear talks with the US this weekend so. I want to bring in global affairs on correspondent ants are we have Louis Martinez at the Pentagon. With more on this. A Lily if you're there what do we know about this launch. Look it really what this is was a submarine launched ballistic missile that means it's capable of being launched from a from a submarine. But what we hear from US officials that they it was not launched from a submarine but instead probably some kind of a platform. Off the coast of south of North Korea by the intense heat here is to test this capability we know that North Korea wants to develop. A submarine capability where they can launched ballistic missiles of course it's a big threat. I beyond the ICBM unit continental ballistic missiles at the United States is truly worried about. But this missile a much different than the ones have been we've seen it and seen in recent months in recent months losers short range missiles and went into the Sea of Japan. Kind of just an irritant to the United States while. Leaders will hold on US and North Korea denuclearization talks. But this is a missile that went it will almost 500 miles open in this guy on an about 300 miles into the Sea of Japan looks different that capability. Highly significant. And so something that really cut a lot of people's attention last night. Yes so what kind of message does a sentence are supposed to be talks scheduled for this weekend. Now you're exactly right this is some thing that is entering his concern among US officials because. They they went there is a joint announcement came out yesterday and North Korea and the United States want to hold. Talks they want to resume what they call working level talks between North Korea and the United States to denuclearization North Korea for the last three months we've been hearing a yes these tax you gonna be restarting restarting this all happened after president child. Met with Kim young on. At the demilitarized zone the DMZ that separates North Korea and South Korea owes a dramatic gesture and they said her and restart the talks but they haven't started back up at all. And so here you have this announcement that they're gonna start up again at an undisclosed location this weekend in the next thing you know on North Korea comes out with this provocation. RA Louis Martinez right there at the Pentagon. I'm thank you for the updates there we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The missile was fired just days before North Korea was to begin a new round of nuclear talks with the U.S. this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66009920","title":"North Korea launches missile","url":"/International/video/north-korea-launches-missile-66009920"}