Norway set to deport teenager to war zone

Taibah Abbasi has been given immediate deportation orders to a country she has never been: Afghanistan.
8:43 | 03/07/18

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Transcript for Norway set to deport teenager to war zone
For tie they Abbas C. Home is Norway that the government wants to center to Afghanistan. Country she's never been tick. Tie they was born in Iran to Afghan parents she says. As an Afghan refugee in Iran. She wasn't allowed to go to school so in 2012. Alongside her fourteen year old brother yes scene she traveled to Norway. And as soon as she arrived she was granted refugee status. We need some people who. We're days telling us that need gonna take camp you haven't known Tony he any say. Am I need stimulus to a shot. And a cinder and then he he asked me and Gary and that he'll be detained and I think yeah that's right Victorino and my big east to go to school and and I. And I also want to me it up to. Until she came to Norway she never even seen the inside a classroom. And now she's made it as senior at north Germany's. She's one of them. She's also one of 3500 asylum seekers here in Norway. Since 2015. European countries have deported more than thirteen pounds in the silent seekers to Afghanistan. And that's left Friday facing the constant leading threat of deportation. A fake Emmys he you know nights. Anything in Dane and a fake tune. To just me foe photos. To be sent to have guns and. And back in December at 2014. At 3 in the morning. Taipei says the Norwegian police broke down their door he was asked me love my school and be focused us. Then I just human and that's. USU in the bat. Who is about now. There was CIA. I mean how and it expands Finland and I in no way. In this in his country. And T and T and that night I just hit my concerns saying. I just talked to say but you're doing you have a variety in the hot enough for Acton to say much needed. You have Brighton. To go to school. Why are you taking needs from me. It was just crying. She was just cry Ian. Big debt. He Saidi knowing she and that's. My two known and not having future enough guns he's done distracted Damien omen. She says she was then dragged out by policemen. Still on her pajama. My whole life for no one no one Hosni that's hard and then Vincent. While this hug me I was just an elegant down one car and they dragged me to 2 am proud of and it. Final Stennis center Whitney. Some behind me a disheartening mean saw Harden I was just I lived and Netscape. And in the middle of all of this her mother. Passed out and was hospitalized overnight and she says that stop the deportations. Well as a Norwegian and that's generic banner. They got their case I cannot CNN the eagle options within than we've some legal system that we have not Detroit. If these. Try things. Between 2418 and 2017. The Abbas season their legal team lost every appeal they filed. And finally the Supreme Court refused to even hear their case. Dave. It's first of all Afghanistan needs. A safe place or at least many parts of the country are safe. Call bu that's it's a safe place and there are also all of the safe areas in the country. That love in our region government considers parts of Afghanistan safe. A 2017. DUN said almost 100 civilians were killed every single day. And despite repeated requests the Norwegian and Terry ministry. Never gave ABC news and comment. Norway's minister of immigration has repeatedly defended the country's tighter asylum policies. Advocating for more foreign aid in dangerous places in short. Deter asylum seekers before they ever leave home European government. Have the authority and the power to decide. Right now is just too dangerous to retire any of Afghanistan. And it's to put a temporary halt tunnel is returns they have got Hart's death certainly. They're choosing not to exercise. Afghans were potentially an easy target for deportations. That Afghanistan itself is to massively dependent on foreign aid. And that's. Europe would be able to negotiate these returns more easily with a country like Afghanistan. Than other countries. And by dependent were talking more than a billion dollars in the last decade so at the same time many European countries are sitting more aid to Afghanistan. They're also sending more refugees back to Afghanistan. If she needs. To leave. I can imagine. What that will mean for her and not only for her future that we don't even know if they'll if she'll have one. Yeah. It was the teachers and students here who brought the world's attention to her paints. Let Abbas he stands. That was their rallying cry at the demonstration. Back in October 2017. Was need by the student. Attracting the whole city and so many of his kids you see on the front line could never even met tied. Okay. But the Norwegian government remains news it has now been four years. They revoke refugee status. And she could be deported any day. It seemed out hits an exciting night seeking about what's been happening. Tomorrow or next week next month's. Many don't know what's gonna happen and I think ultimately decide. Please Steve keep NN and ASEAN. Two lead when every day. I feel ashamed as the Norwegian I feel ashamed to. Norway is probably the richest country in the world and if the richest country in the world is not able to leftist commonly. Stay here family is Reza audited us they differ sixties. Then what country. Should do the right. If anything happens she's hiding her handling its. Hayward what is happiness. Norway would be response. If no I mean that's people should been can make it. And we Phoenix. What ST aligned. We did what no way ask at five. We have been intimate at and this is our life he says this our home. I mean that's moved to come with. I just this is my fight. It to stuck in no way attitude and you know it.

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{"duration":"8:43","description":"Taibah Abbasi has been given immediate deportation orders to a country she has never been: Afghanistan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"53558098","title":"Norway set to deport teenager to war zone","url":"/International/video/norway-set-deport-teenager-war-zone-53558098"}